Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Un Real!

We were given a lovely award from Mr. Brian!   THANK YOU!!!!

It was way cool of those lovely kitteh's to bestow this upon us!   
We is supposed to do a coupla tings now: 

1. To Thank the person who gave it to us.   CHECK!

2. We is supposed to list 7 about ourselves but just a coupla weeks ago we did dat.   CHECK! 

                                           ~intermission of blog post for cute baby Cheetah photo~
                                                  Please to take a moment and bask in mind sploding 
                                                                          WILD CUTENESS
           "i haz a rawr!"

3. Last thing is to name 15 blog's we want to give this award to.  

Well;  many of you all ready have this one!  So in true Cat fashion; we will add a twist to this requirement  & list some blogs we like that we think you other kitteh's might like too.  

From That Woman's googlie reader: 

The Birdchick for when you wants to see pictures of beautiful birdez and learn stuff too

We Three Ginger Cats  some Welsh lovlies whose slave is the aweome writer/illustrator Jackie Morris

Drawing a Line in Time is Jackie's blog and the words will melt all yer hearts.. promise

Neil Gaiman's Journal for all you fellow fantasy lovers  The purrrsonalities of his Cat characters are spot on~

Disapproving Rabbits this is the Birdchicks other site and honors lovely, lively and cantankerous rabbits! 

Kimberly's Kittens  Hers  rescues the wee tiny babies who needs bottle feedings.  WARNING:  the squee level on her site is off.the.charts.  Especially fun to see the wee ones thrive, be rehomed & see photos of dem all growed up along with video clips of nose goats milk bubbles; beginning yowling and muffins galore!

Lastly; That Woman's favorite Tiger of them all
Mr. Hobbes

What are some of your favorite blogs ?


  1. I LOVE disapproving bunnehs! I only wish I could express my contempt so perfectly. Alas, my features will not be drawn into such disdain. Sigh.

  2. I just love that littel rawr! Look at those new bloggers to visit...those disapproving rabbits are so cool!

  3. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Congratulations on the award! Thanks, for the links I really enjoyed visiting each of them Hugs

  4. Oh that rawr...I am enchanted.

  5. Concatulations on your award! We love the little rawr-er!

  6. Congrats on the award - I got your purchase payment but had another buyer earlier and had not taken the hat off the blog. I will issue you a refund - I am so sorry. Please do stop by again!

  7. Bravo !!! You've done it again !!!!
    Congratulations on the award : )

  8. Congrats on your award! It's been ages since I've checked the We Three Cats blog - so thanks for the reminder! When I get some time, I will check out the other blogs. And love Calvin and Hobbes!!!


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