Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas photo ops

Bruce and his pawrents. I will miss them all when they move (not anytime soon luckily)

Our accidental Christmas Tree. 
I wan dere by a second hand street and found this topiary at half off which made it only $

Ellen said to my black and white doll at the top (after I had to resting the lights)
And I got to use my favorite ribbon!

It's 4 ft tall. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Under Construction

As you all may know (since I seem to live on facebook and see most of you there) this has been a long year indeed.

Ms Stella left April 17th.  Two weeks later to the day, April 24th (3 days after her diagnosis of lung cancer) my mom died.

In September we had to let Miss Scraps go due to her quickly failing health.

So I find myself wanting to share my Secret Paws news and realize it's been since July that I've posted last.

I need to completely revamp the blog.  My Ollie deserves it.  We have had a foster kitten come back to live here after her adoption nearly a year ago.  Little mezzer Misty girl.  And completely had a 'Foster Fail' in Master Bruce (who my daughter and her boyfriend adopted  the moment he was brought into the house. (I was just to 'cat sit' him for a few days till his permanent foster could be found.


And so it goes.

I want to rename the thing and use a different email log on but can't see how without starting completely over.  But maybe that's a good thing. I still love to blog and seem to do very well with micro-blogging on facebook.  But facebook will never be this place.  So I will re do it and make it more comfortable for alla us and hopefully alla you too.

Thanks for reading and hangin in with us during this difficult period.

Be back soon!

That Woman
Miss Jack
& Bruce

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Ode to Ms. Stella

Sun on my fur
scents on the air
Birds chirp, wheel and zip!
Leaves crackle and blow

I am instinct and action
 blood and bone

no quarter given
the thrill of chase
capture and consume

I am lithe, elegant and graceful

 Quirky, goofy and ridiculous

the crook of my tail
the tilt of my head
the swiveling of my ears


My coat is invisible
my eyes disappear 


I am all 
and I am none
but I was briefly

Ms. Stella O'Houligan 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lucky 13!

Ollie: "I win the interwebs!!! I entered Miss Nellies 'finish the sentence' game (so what if I entered every single time?) and I was THE CHOSEN ONE!"

Miss Jack: "Oh Cod, the'll be no livin with him now!"

Miss Scraps:  "What? Seriously?  Like there was livin with him before?"

Ollie: "That's right ladies and this here certificat says you gotta know now that I AM the King of alla you!  And I gots this way coolio crown too!"  
        *looks at mom* "is it still on my head? it's on my head right?" 

Mom: "Yes Ol it's on your head ya big Ornj goof. But I don't think it gives you license to be mean or lord it over the girls." 

Ollie: "They just gotta be nice to be now no matter how much lice I got, or whatever.  And I'm a Viceroy too; King Spitty says so.  Now I just need a Lord to waive over them. Must be some kinda stick or something.Wonder if I can get that on amazon?  

Thanks Miss Nellie! If you was here I'd kiss you!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hi! I'm Zack!

I yousta live wif That Woman's mom.  But hers got really sick. And even tho I visited hers in the weird smellin place, she didn't get better and didn't come home.

Its ok tho on accounta I know my VERY LOUD PURRS was all vibratin on her and she feeld 'em. She's livin wif Ms Stella now.  That Woman says theres two old cantankerous broads rasin 'you know what' cept I dont really know what on accounta I dont like rasins.

So then there was a looong dark and kinda scardey ride (it's ok-I meowed to That Woman so she wouldn't be scared and she singed to me in the car) and then I was here.

You can sees I'm not myself even layin on That Woman's pillow an all. Like right next to her there. On her pillow...and I'm a kinda droolie since I don't gots one of my fangs. I ain't let her see which one tho! Heeehehe.

So wees gettin to know each other and in betweens we cry together and her brushies me reall good too! I only yacked a little bit when I first was here last night cos I was so nervous wif all the other cat smells in this room. I even can see some cats under the door and I hissey faced 'em so they know I'm not a big baby.

Imma full breeded rag doll and imma BIGBOY! like 18 poundes. Whatever that means. That Woman says I gotta cut back on treats alla time.  But not just yet. She says we iz both stress eating but I dunno what that is either cuz I never tasted a stress and I think I would remember eatin a bunch of somfin like dat.  Or maybe not.

So I lives here now and I reeeealy hopes I can be friends wif the other kitties and we can all share the bed together pretty soons.  But not the same pillow.  

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Nellies mom did a fab job on her painting of the queen. 

I love the paw print of our beloved toeless one.

Thank you to all for the kind words and thoughts during this awful time.


Sunday, April 19, 2015


                                                         I miss you love, with all my heart.

Friday, April 10, 2015

A final note from HRH

Heya Hepcats and Killer LadyCats out there!  Pour yourself a strong one and pull up a beddy next to me... I gots somethin to tell ya.

Alla the time I have thought about how I would write this post and now it's here and I just gotta 'cat up' and do it. You can't imagine how difficult it is knowing how much each of alla y'all means to me (and That Woman) and how, paws down, tails up; you are all just the best furiends a crazy ol' bat like me could ever have.  (Raises her Niptini in salute)

(ya; mine's extra dirty!)

So here's my news: it's time for me to move on to my next adventure.

(damn I was cute!)

I came here to That Woman and The Gurl like 8 or maybe even 9 lives ago and I been here; watchin over 'em since that day, 19 years ago now.  I been thru times with the 'Little Gurl', when she thought baby ducks were better 'n cats and she found out when they grew up into BIG ducks that they really were vicious toe biters (merciless to wee little pedicured tender toes stickin out them jellie shoes)!   

 And we played lots o' games together, and when I say 'we' I really mean
 Then when she thought chickens might be better than cats! While they was kinda all right n'all given I got all the rats I could catch  *looks wistful into the middle distance* OOOohhh kitties; them were the days:  I remember when I could leap from sitting still; 7 feet straight up in the air after the menacing hummer birds! The Little Gurl would squeal in laughter!  Aaahhhh. (sips her niptini demurely) And even when later she found boys... but I was always there, even when the boys were brats and made her cry, I'd turn on the motor and give her purrs to sleep. 

That Woman said I would only allow The Gurl to do this to me!

Back then I would occasionally take mini vacations and be gone for a few days, but I always came home again, right as rain.  The Mini Gurl would be playing with her friends or going to Brownies or doin her growin up stuff and then finally it was really just me & That Woman.  

See, we wasn't all that close those early years.  She was still broken over her losin her GinGin , her heart cat that came before me.  And I'm not really the lap sittin, cuddly type meself (you couldn't guess that right?) so we sorta kept our distance.  She was all busy with her job and bein a mom and bein the Brownie leader and room mom and well, a cat could see there wasn't really room in her heart yet so I just waitedpatiently.  

Then she went thru a sorta dark time; you know kitties, like some humans get all sad alla time and nothing really makes it right.  During that time, she would sit out on the back porch swing and cry. Oh she was all quiet about it so The Gurl didn't know, but anykitty could see.  So one time, late in the evening she was out there I sidled up next to her and curled up right next to her. She was all kinda startled at first but then she pet me, and I didn't run off, I just stretched my toes and turned on my purr real loud. After that, anytime she was out there I'd be there too; purrin right along. Oh I know she got help from a doctor too but kitties, we ALL know it was really my purrs that helped her find her way again, and we been besties ever since. 

Oh kitties! The kitties I've seen!  I been here through lots o' cats.  Foster cats, adopted cats; visiting cats; babysitting Bengal cats! (they is pretty exciting) and even wee kittentots. Sadly, we've lost cats too and every time she'd swear "no more indoor/outdoor kitties!"  But ya know, I ain't no housecat and I would pester her for months until she would relent and let us out with her in the backyard again.

Course now we iz all old and don't wander off anyhow  *Sigh*  I thought I lost her again back there to the great sadness when we lost Coco but she rallied after a year we got the Ornj mutant.  Even though he's a stinky boy; he's really special ta her on accounta he lays all still when she's holdin him. Sometimes it's for a really long time and I can see she'd been cryin too but he just lets her get all soppy all over his bright Ornj furs and he don't even care. I think he loves her.  He's quite the gentlemanly mancat. I'll give him credit for that. 

It's been a hell of a ride and anycat couldn't have asked for a better run!  Giant backyard trees to climb (and ambush birds-and scrappie) lizards, rats,

mice, bugs, and inside all the peoples!  No one was ever mean, they all pet me if I was around and gave my straight up tail a gentle tug now and again. (I loves that) And there was treats!  Holy Cod kitties was there treats! And Blog Paws buddies

and Secret Paws Christmas'

and love letters from my 'special mancat-SS'

and toys and CatNip Quilts!

I truly love testin them out and makin sure they are all filled with lovely scents and some of my furrs too! I have loved seeing all they happy kitties who have ordered them and all the other happy kitties who one auctions!  It means a lot to me that That Woman has copyrighted my name for all time!  So now even though I'm not here they is still "Ms. Stella O'Houligan's Premium CatNip Quilts!" Who'd a thought an irascible ol ladycat like me would have a legacy? Whoohoo!  

But even this smokin fun ride's gotta end.  I'm down to just fur and bones and grit!  While I'm still enjoying sun puddles I can't hear stuff anymore.  
(can you hear meow?)

When I gets up my 'get up and go' takes a bit to catch up. And ya know, these old bones and teefs is just givin me grief.  I done my best to hide it all from That Woman but damned if she can't just see right thru me! So we been havin talks and I been tellin' her little by little that I think it's time. 
By the time y'all read this I'll have moved on, back to stardust, just like we all is.  And that is such a comforting thought. When ya look up tonight at the stars; I'll be there!  Tail swishin, butt wigglin, ready to pounce and romp with all them other stars up there, like The Admiral and Sparkle and Squashies and Skeezix! There's so many I'd need 10 other blogposts to name 'em all!   *raises Niptini*


The ones that come before who live in starlight, the ones still here feeling the sun on their furs; and as for me? 

Second star to the right, and straight on till morning.