Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Smitten Kitten

dis my one claw; it r hooked on U

whattaya mean I'm too little for the 'Big Cat Tree?" 

You callz me your 'Little BIG boy!'

such a big world for such a tiny thing

no wonder we like to hide

or just nap

always with a buddy is best

Monday, May 26, 2014

Snoozy Tuesday


*snort/ wha? hey...what are you doing Mom?


whatevs; I'm busy

Ms Stella allows a 'photo shoes'

 wha? (I think I can smell Mr. Greyson; meeewowza! )
 *sigh* oh if you must; but be quiet and quick
 *eye roll* I imagine this is what Angelina goes through alla time...
Foot fetish freak Woman! 
But she gets all leaky eyed when she looks at my feets to long. I think she's worried I haven't left deep enough paw tracks across her heart. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Furriends in need

Just so ya know; Ms. Stella has donated two CatNip quilts to this cause.  One limited edition Blog Paws and one custom.  

If you were thinkin of gettin one, here's a way to do that and help a furriend out!  They are items 11 and 12.  

Further, if you'd rather not do the bidding thing but still want to help; order one and I will donate half the proceeds to The Baby.  

Email me if you like or leave a comment below. 


Ms. Stella O'Houligan 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Fostering Kittens

That CRAZY Woman did volunteer to kitten sit (foster) some kittens during this current kitten season.  What on EARTH was she thinking?  Well she WASN'T. 

The wee Russian Blue (ya right...) 
Not only did she not ask my permission
Not only did she completely disregard my privacy
She commenced with malice and aforethought to completely RUIN 
what would have been a delightful, relaxing three weeks leading into summer! 

The story goes like this:
**rescue site**  
all you need is a an extra bathroom and some time; we provide everything else

This one I call my 'Little Big Boy' on account of Ollie was in earshot and of course is my BIG BOY!

What really happened
Two darling older kittens (lets say 5 weeks) were delivered with litter, a 40 lb bag of dry kitten chow and a case of wet foods (Natural Balance good stuff too!) 
One litter box
One scooper
This darling, dainty Tortie Vickie nicknamed Gemini but I call her
Princess Buttercup

Can you take 4 more?  They are from a private party (whatever that means) and are healthy.  They are about five weeks old also. Their Foster mom will bring your supplies.  

That Woman thinking
Oh that's fine!  The two will have company and six would really be all I think I could handle
Mini Spitty Tot always has gerber foodie face~

The reality: 
Four kittens were dropped off; their bums were covered in dried on diarrhea; so much so they needed to be soaked and their tails and bottoms 'massaged' to get the gookies off.  ICK.  There was no food; there was only a bag of KMR which is sort of like powdered milk with protein and stuff. 
No litter box; no scoop; no foods, nada. 

It took three days to get them to look like this: 

cleaned up after much soaking; now resting and soaking up sun.

So off That Woman goes to the store 
(the first of at least 15 trips-- NOT exaggerating for wet ones; then back for actual baby wipes as the wet ones are not for babies.)  The kittens are more like 2 to 3 weeks old.  So back to the store for baby food.  Regular clay litter. They all have gut issues which then infects the other two healthy kittens. Now all six are pooping machines.

That Woman smiles & gets baby food and baby rice and her good friend and Vet brings a bottle of fluids and shows That CRAZY Woman how to do subq's on tiny, squirming balls of dryer lint. Because diarrhea in tiny kittens is deadly.  They become so dehydrated they can fade in days.  This prospect scares That Woman more than the thought of 'hurting' the kitten by using the needle.  Srsly; the needle is nearly as long as the frickin kittens!  She is terrified; but sucks it up and in the hope of saving lives 

and I would like to add something here that may be a bit dark but I'm guessing every.single.foster.parent. has this running in their heads at some point; 'Am I just prolonging the inevitable?'  My friend Vickie the Vet does spays and neuters all day long; sometimes 80 in a day but that is not even the tiniest grain of sand in the Sahara desert. There are so many kitties.  So many older kitties who will be put to sleep because of the influx of so many kittens. There simply isn't room for all. That thought leads down a very dark path indeed and That Woman can well understand the pathos that drives those who dare to save all they can but also those whose job it is to make the hard decision when during a spay, on a pregnant female ready to give birth they chose to abort the litter.  

THAT is brave and takes the kind of balls That Woman hopes she never has to have.

But She has volunteered.  And Good, Bad, or otherwise, she will keep these six and take care the best she can until they are placed honoring her commitment.  But she won't be doing this again. She's promised me.  The other night I was yakkin and she had just sat down from bathing, feeding, cleaning, littering, towel changing kittens and though she came and gave me pets (and some gerbers) she realized that she only has so much energy and if I were to get sick she would really lose the very last bit of her mind. Plus I put the toeless foot on her and she nearly got leaky but understood I still loves her.  

Littlest Siamese (Smidget) who sits in my palm with room to spare.  This is after butt bath; fluids administered.  I take my thumb and rub from nose to forehead and instantly she's asleep. 

'Runt' aka Smidget watching Raiders of the Lost Ark with me. #notspoiledonebit!

The kitten wheel
(Those are 1 foot tiles)
Note little SpittyTot's head shoving Little Big Boy out of the way even though he's got more than enough foods right under his little gob!  He gets very growly and must endure 'time outs'  while the others eat and he is not a very patient soul!  MOL

More kitten antics later.  I've been posting vids on FB and may upload them here as I get better.  They are hard to video! 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our Visit with Quill and Greyson

 look at that kitten face!
 we had to tempt him with his nippy birds his mum was doling out
 every time they would hear the camera click they nearly bolted!!
 it was a treat to watch them wrastle.  I love Quills expressive face!

 a long time ago; Ms. Stella expressed her displeasure at me for some minor offence by peeing in this shoe.  I can no longer smell it but obviously the Quillster can!

He's a giant love bug ( to his mum & dad) 
The rest of us can leave anytime! 

He is truly large and in charge and gorgeous! 

Thanks to mom Meg and hubby for tolerating our (Wally's mom too) squealing

That Woman

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Flats and an Anniversary!

Ginger Jaspers folks Carol & Barrie celebratin their 10 year anniversary! 

Ms. Stella with the plush CK 

The real reason we now have kittens! 

Yes they were a dynamic and fun couple! 

How much do we love this??

First fly by of the flats

More flats & Miss Coco keepin it real!

whew! I think we are almost done with Blog Paws photos!  

Ms. Stella O'Houligan 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our Catio Visit!

oohohoh! it's the mom's leg
her gams are unbelievably taasteee

hey! where'd she go?  



The elegant Mr TJohnson 

I love this shot; you can see CC's face and his paw of 'i'm so outta here!'

The Baby gettin some warm sun on her furrs

The SSM Ling

Thank you so much Trish for the tour!  Loved seeing all the kittys again in furson AND seeing both you and hubby! 

Ollie sends his undying gratitude for the Valerian fix and now refers to you as his 
'main squeeze pimped dish!'


Here's a shot of the quilt hanging up and with the camera flash.