Saturday, May 03, 2014

Getting ready for Blog Paws

I thought it would be fun to have sort of 'collector CatNip Quilts' at the conference.  NO idea if it's even a good idea but I didn't want to miss an opportunity to share my quilts in person.  I created all these using (sort of) the Blog Paws theme colors of spring green & brown. 

This one is extra large; about 24" x 20".  I simply couldn't make them all this way in time. 

My favorite thing is the tag labels.  

I love the paw print! 

There are five normal size ones below: 
Here they are wrapped & ready!  

This is before quilting and before I wrote Blog Paws 2014 on them in permanent gold marker.
I don't know why this one makes me think of Sparkle's mom.  It's all quilted now with hearts all over.  In the photo of them all wrapped you can see the hearts quilted on this one in the upper left corner of the photo. 

I love the pop of the tags

I feel in love with this darling cat fabric! 

I still have more of this and the other fabrics so if you want one; let me know.  I'm happy to make them when I get back. 

I'm leaving Monday morning to go visit my mom & 97 year old grandmom in Arizona where I will stay until Wednesday morning.  I will drive to LVegas airport to pick up Miss Teri & Miss Coco and we will head back to the hotel from there. 

Can't wait to start snappin photos of all our furriends!!! 


  1. OMC, those quilts are super-gorgeous!!! My human will be flying in late Wednesday afternoon and she is very excited!

    P.S. Maybe that quilt reminds you of my human because the pattern is kind of wild and feral, and so is she.

  2. What gorgeous quilts! We may have to dig under the couch cushions for change so that we can have one come back from BlogPaws for us!

  3. Those are terrific! Have fun, fun, fun at BlogPaws!

  4. How beautiful! Have a safe a fun trip. Teri is awesome, I'm sure you ladies will have a blast.

  5. See you there!

    Pee Ess - the quilts are lovely!

  6. Those are lovely. Our mom is so upset that she isn't going to be able to go this year.

  7. We're gonna make the mom bring one of those quilts back for us! She says she can't wait to meet you...though she won't be arriving until Thursday aft.

  8. Mes so wishes mes could goes....
    Oh well, me knows mes will sees lots of pictures.
    Kisses and has fun

  9. Fabulous quilts, just love them! See you soon!

  10. I love all works!

  11. WAY cool! We love the pawprint tag too!

  12. oh those are wicked cute.. if i were there I'd so snap one of those up!


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