Friday, October 17, 2014

Bring on the K F C!

Oh kittens we miss you so much. Today though, That Woman brought some offerings from the Golden Bucket of Chik Hen...

Omnomnomnomn oommmmmmm

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Today's the DAY!!!

It's been a long journey this.
From May
I came home from Blog Paws so enthused and instantly signed up to be a foster mom
Six kittens materialized the very next day

Two were painfully lost and I learned so very much (trial by fire) and knew then that I wouldn't be able to do this ever again.  BUT I could do my very best with the ones I had left.

Winston, you were so very small but always full of love and trust

your sister Cosmo was more fearful...

It was love at first cuddle and we knew you were the most special of felines

So inquisitive, open and fearless
You were the leader of the pack

And still a mama's boy

such a giant world to such wee tiny beings

And this face...

 and this motorboat

still sometimes wary

and eventually full immersion to my 'mom lap'
And now with utter JOY I am happy to report that you both will be furrever together
on your way to your new furrever home.  I know they got you all new stuff, A climbing tree, new litter boxes, food dishes, new toys!  You will have so much fun ruling the roost with each other and your new pawrents.   
***reaching for kleenex box now-damn***

I have no other words to give you
no other things to teach you
(Winston, please remember to stay out of plastic bags even though you love them)
(Cosmos- remember to stay open with your heart and give those tiny mews to your new mom who will melt instantly as I do every.single.time.) 

And if ever you need to come back here; my door is always wide open to you.
I love you both so very much.


Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Kitten update

 So most of you read about our little drama with Winston being adopted one evening and then promptly returned the next morning due to anxiety separation which kept him yowling when left alone.
(Well of course he did poor baby!  Removed from his company of 5 other cats including his sister is bound to be a bit traumatic for any kitten no matter how old they are) I was concerned about this and let the couple know there could be issues but with patience and  a little time he would be the most awesome kitty they could have.
Sadly it was not to be.  They discovered they didn't want to spend the time to get through this stage and so 12 hours later he was returned to me. For that, I am grateful.
He is now at home (as you can see below) resting from his ordeal and tonight I have a prospective adopter looking to take both he and his sister.  Please keep your purrometers on and steady as I would really love for this to happen. 
Love this shot of my Cosmos
My little mancub happy to be home 
gray mancats are too adorablz.
We'll keep you posted.
It's been a very trying time.
Ms. Stella
NONO Oliver 
Miss Scraps
Miss Jack