Thursday, December 29, 2011

Da Boyz

 Brotherly loves


 The Bitey~!

 Oliver: "Whudda you wanna do?"
Elliot: "I dunno, whudda you wanna do?" 

Ornj repose

 Dis hammick is da best tastin' one!

 Oh Tail, only YOU understand me! 

 Da Boyz chillin

Oliver:  "Dude, you need to work a bit harder on cleaning behind yer ears."
Elliott: "Well, get busy!"

Happy Birthday My Love!

A Baby Photo of my Great Love!
Did you know he's only S.E.V.E.N?
That makes him less than half my age!
Know what that makes me?
You guessed it-

well duh!

norty boy! 

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Monday, December 26, 2011

Truth in Advertising

I laffed and laffed till tears ran down my face

Holy Cod is this the truth or what! 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Elliott gets a Christmousse Gift

Sandy Claws brought us a surprise this Christmouse morning...
Elliott's brother! (more on this story later, but here's some eye candy)

Let me introduce, Oliver!

He's so tiny!

Oh look!  Double Back of Disrespect! 

 His lovely tail is sooooo long!

No word yet on how Ms. Stella is taking this latest development.  She's out soaking up the morning rays in the backyard under the Finch feeder.  (I'll be joining her shortly)

Merry Christmas to you all! 
    We will now have SIX  (OMC! I'm halfway to the Lounge count!) kitties to bring you reports.  This ought be fun.

That Woman
The Gurl

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To The Point

what the? 
Oh HELLS no! 

Go ahead, put that bow back up there woman, and you'll get more than one claw in your back!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

She haz officially lost what little remained of her mind...

She came home early from works today (something tells me we get less treats when she does this) .  We wuz all, "Hey! She's home!  Must be time to eat!"  But NOOOOOOO, she and the Gurl flew into The Gurls room carrying this!

Something told me this was rather unplanned as That Woman was sort of flustered and she seemed kind of upset. 

So I guess she and that gurl went to check on the 'kitten & kaboodle' and found only two kittens there left.  There had been 8 cats taken in, one was taken immedately by an employee I guess, two were in the infirmary and the others... well.... That Woman wouldn't say, she just sort got all wobbly and went for the kleenex box.  

So like I was saying, she & the Gurl went to the shelter with the express purpose of seeing how much it would be to now 'adopt' these two remaining boys.  $140 each.  Which is a bargain  given they come neutered, chipped and vaccinated but it is too much for our household at this time so we could only choose one.  That Woman said quite a lot of things that I shall not utter here.  Both boys (WHO authorized HER to bring a BOY home???)  were in treatment for some kind of 'upper respiratory infection'.   That Woman was furious (like I've never seen her) as when all those kittens went in they were healthier than spit and had glossy coats to boot!  

So, after much budget finagling and agreements from both her and the Gurl to give up a couple gifts they really wanted, they decided to bring this home instead. Cod help us ALL!  
who could blame them? 

*well..ok, like I know I totally could but even in my ebil kitteh heart I cannot imagine what this little guy haz been going thru let alone his brother who is still there. 

So for a story with a happy ending (as it is the holidays) 
Please meet 
 he never stops doing the muffin thing
his tail twitches and vibrates with such excitement!  I promise pictures of his floof soon

yes love,
you are home.

From That Woman,
Elliot has a respiratory infection and must be treated (by us) for 10 days.  Then he will go to have his surgery. 
They say he is contagious so he will be in quarantine in The Gurls room for quite awhile. 

We had to leave his brother there as they wouldn't even consider a discount for us taking two and I do sort of understand but we did just give them quite a bit of money to take them in the first place only to find out that 5..
well. i have no words. 

This one is a doll and even though I didn't want any more cats since we lost our Coco, I couldn't risk losing one more. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tuesday Tickler

humanss can be sooooo sllooowwwwwwww
(eben backwards sometimes) 

Ms. Stella

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmouse Photo Shoot

That Woman: "hey Stel, ready for your Christmas Photo Shoot?"

Stella: "Oh Holy Cod, are you serious?"
TW: "Oh come on Stel, your admirers would like to see your gorgeous self this Holiday Season, ALL the CB bloggers are doin' it!" 

 S: "Really?  Well all right then, what do you want me to do?"

 TW: "Oh it's easy, just act natural"
TW: "Well, okay, how about a bit more than that?"

S:  "  Well I wasn't ready! Give me a break! Howz this?  Cheeeeeeeeze!"
TW: "Oh VERY FUNNY STEL!  C'mon!  I don't want to sit here all day! I have a tree to decorate!"

S: "STOP YELLING AT ME! Can't you see I have a bit too much Christmas stress already?" 

TW: "OK FINE!  I'll come back later then!" 

S: "Really?  You're leaving?  I'd have to endure this torture a second time?  No way, hows this then?" 

TW:  "Awwwww, perfect Ms. S. !" 

S: "Whatever, come back tonight with that camera, I need you to take some special after-hours photos for Mr. D." 

TW: "Oh Stella, you minx!"

Seasonal Sunday Easy


"What? Well you shouldn'a put my woobie here if you didn't want this to happen"

"a Cat's work is never done! "

Friday, December 16, 2011

While Visions of Mousethumbs...

danced in her head


Note from That Woman:
 Every. Day. Is. Precious.

Sail On Sweet Admiral
Until we meet again
your sistah
Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Thursday, December 15, 2011


We are completely in shock and bawling

We simply can't bear losing our beloved Admiral

Monday, December 12, 2011

Holy Cats!

There was quite a lot of excitement today at our house.

it rained A LOT all DAY so we were stuck inside.
That Woman was at her all day working place so we was home with The Gurl who was just reading all day so we had lots of places to snuggle down.

That Woman came home and she checked the mailbox & there was something big in there from our furrriends in Canada! Ms. Penelope sent us somefin!!! We was all like 'Open it!!!' and That Woman was all 'I AM, HOLD YOUR TAILS ON!'

And then!

She showed us!


go ahead; click to open it up all the way.

Isn't it just gorgeous???  A one of a kind original painting!  We is soo amazed and can'ts get over our good fortune to haz such an amazing piece of art! 

We also gotted this:
 A 12 month Calendar of prints of Penelope's mom's hand painted feline portraits!  Isn't that just the PAWSOME!?

AND, if that weren't enough she also nom (oh, that reminds me I'm all hungrified now).. Nominated our blog for a

Tomorrow or possibly the next day since That Woman is a bit overwhelmed with a couple Christmas Party Lunchie things to get organized; she'll post our nominations for this award & do all the linkys.   

But we wanted to say a sincere and from the bottom of our ebil little Cat Hearts THANK YOU to Miss Nellie & Kozmo & the Hairy Slobbery Sisters & Nellies Mom & Dad!  
We are truly honored by your gifts! 

Merry CatMas to you too!  
ppEssS: Miss Nellie, when I readed the story of you going in the moving box and locking yourself insided it I was heart stopped with terrors!  I am so glad that your Daddy was able to rescue you and you gotted home safe and sounded. 
Ms. Stella O'Houligan