Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Midnight in the kitchen

When the kitten tots are in their beds; and Miss Jack & Ollie have turned in with me; Miss Scraps is locked in her room (for her own protection)

as I lie awake thinking of everything I apparently couldn't bother to think about while awake the last 14 hours drift off to sleep I hear it

a gloinggg, gloinng, gloinggloinggloing....

feetfeetfeetfeet, sllliiiiide, gloingggg, gloinnggloinggloing.....

And then as I peer over the edge of the bed (moving Ollie's head out of the way) I see it!

It's so fast I only get a swish  view as it flies from the doorframe from right to left!

Then left to right!   Then back again!

gloingg, gloinggg,  feetfeetfeetfeet, sliiiiiiiide


The Ol' Bat's at it again.  She's found the ping pong ball the kitten tots left under the table and now it's racing across the lino kitchen floor, the diningroom floor around the table legs (all 24 of them) and back to the kitchen where it becomes trapped and then released.

Ollie is no dummy; when Ms Stella is playing like that it's best to stay out of her way.

Cod luff her

Monday, September 08, 2014

Friday, September 05, 2014


It's a good thing That Woman isn't the vet!  

Methemezole is what I'M taking for my thyroid.

The OzMan was given something else. 


That is all.

Except this gratuitous photo of Moi

Ollie lollie

Soooo... Mr. Dementornj...(ya, give you a minute to say that in your head)
Has limited vision in one eye and practically NO vision in the other.
You would think that any normal animal would then compensate
by say:  not trying to jump on things when they have virtually NO depth perception wouldn't you?
Well, you'd be wrong
Lookit my big Ornj Sun!  I lovez him soo much
Well for a few days he was lying in his hammock.  He only lays in there when something is wrong so I gave him three days and the carted him off to the vet.
Dr. Horn's first question to me (while he was perusing Ollie's chart) was 'have you gotten insurance on him yet?'  And I was startled a bit thinking 'how did he know I was getting quotes, man he IS good!"  So I asked?  How did you know?  He said
"Oh I didn't but given is rap sheet is already longer in three years than most cats their whole lives I guessed you proabaly should think about it."
I laughed so loud Ollie startled!
So after watching Ollie gimp around the room he was wisked off for exrays.  No foreign objects (you know like the time he tried to eat wasps...twice.  No broken bones (like the last time I had xrays and $500 worth of blood work to find he was perfectly fine) and nothing untoward to tell Dr. that anything was wrong.  Except that clearly something was. 
Ollie was sent home with Methemizole for three days (over Labor Day weekend) and three days after  that he finally got 'out of hammock(bed) and got up on my bed in his ususal spot. 
All the while yelling at me that he really DID want to go out with Stella and how HORRIBLE I am since he's been couped up for two weeks! 
(I love this photo, the foreshortening makes him look so kittenish. You'd never guess he was 12lbs with a 14" tailio!
I can't trust you IN the house let alone OUTSIDE even where I can SEE you!
 I have gotten rid of one 6ft cat tree and when the kittens are finally gone I will get rid of the second one.  I know he loves to play chase with me and we play hide and seek even, but we'll just have to tone it down I guess.
As of today he's doing much better.
Happy Caturday (soon!)