Thursday, February 28, 2013

Finally Friday

I forsee much rest and relaxation this weekend!  That womais is all aflutter...

She is taking the plunge and getting her very first laptop!  It should be delivered on Caturday! 

As for us? Well we will just have to find somewhere else to show our displeasure with her in future seeing as how she's getting rid of our favorite litterbox (the keyboard) and our favorite peemail station (the flat panel monitor). I can assure you, dear readers, there will be some soggy shoes in retribution. 

Heh heh...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I gotta tell yaz

Me n' Ollie haz an understanding...

*pay attention to the tail communcations*
he get's all... 

and I'm like...  srlsy?  WTF?
and he's all
WHA?  I was juss comin to get me yellow chew toy  that I stole from the neighbors goggie  just founded layin around in the yard
and I'm all... "Ya, you better!

But he's ok.  We play chase at night sometimes,
He doesn't get too worked up and all I gotta do is give him 'the look'
I should sell tickets

A tale in 3

Viewed while waiting at the drive thru of the crazy chick- hen. This kitty was there hangin with his homie.  There were lots a noisy cars in line and even when the man went inside for something, kitty stayed put. I longed to get their story but there was simply no time.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Keep, Scan or Shred!

The great house purge continues... 

Good thing I have my own personal shredder!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Witch is in back later

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do...

And I am so wantin' a pair o them ruby slippers!!! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Eight years ago today I started this blog.  Initially it was mostly about my art and there were some cats thrown in; most notably Ms. Stella who made her first appearence May 18th with this artsy fartsy photo op

Eventually as these things are won't to do, there were more posts about cats and it became clear that they needed their own space. So the Art portion was moved to my professional blog 

Over this past eight years we've adopted cats, had them adopted out (The Bengal Rescue) and sadly, oh so sadly; seen a few over The Bridge.  We've made tons of furriends! Shared our beloved's antics, their attitudes and idiosyncrasies.   And they in turn have shared ours.

It is my hope to continue to chronicle Ms. Stella's journey (she's 18 in March!) and the journeys of Miss Jack and her sister That Scrappie Cat who are both 13, Miss Jenga who is 14 and our two Boi Toi's Ollie & Clyde who are just 1 year old big giant babies each. (Clyde's birthday is March as well though I know for a fact that Ms. Stella has no intention on sharing her special birthday... "Oh, what's that Stell?"   Oh forgive me, Birth MONTH with any other kitty no matter how boneless or cute.  

So, in the words of the immortal Dr.  

And thank you all for reading, commenting & lurking alike! 

Watercolor Wednesday

That Woman is taking a watercolor class online.
She has been cursing a lot
But it's fun to see the progression so 
here is lesson 4: Flowers
step one, pencil sketch
step two go over in .005 ink pen
step three, start painting 
( my favorite part, when the painted part leaps off the page!)  
I chose to do the flowers first, then the greens

 then greens then the hairs on the poppies
(totally my favorite part of a poppy)
And done.
I have so much more to learn about shading.  
But there you go. I'm enjoying it a lot and 
Ms. Stella is a resident on my ottoman 
tempting me to 'do her next'
maybe after lesson 100 squillion LOL


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday night...No School tomorrow means...

Ms. Stella say's That Woman is really losin it.  
Case in point:  

That Woman is determined to 'put on a happy face' and so she and The Gurl have been cleaning out the garage in preparation for The Gurls upcoming College adventure. 
That Woman kept referring to herself as 'Hobo Kelly' whoever the heck that was...

Ms. Stella just shakes her head and goes back in the house for a lie down. 

Later in the evening...
The Gurl  and That Woman try relaxing.  They are catching up on the BBC series 'Cracker'.  They celebrate cleaning out the garage with some well earned treats of Ben & Jerry's
 Ms. Stella takes an interest... 
"What you careless Gurl!  You nearly knocked that off to the floor! That Woman would brain you!"
While The Gurl goes back to  watching thru half closed eyes, Ms. Stella feels its' the perfect time to inspect... 
(just lookit them tippy toes diggin in! could you die!!)

Hummmm... If I can juuuuuust reach over and....
Lickity..mmmggggg...lick lickty lick, hummffffhpffmggg lickety, licketylicketylickety!

HEY! Danged pawparazzi!
"WHAT? I worked hard too! See me standin here all stealth like on my tippy toes?  Think that comes all natural like?  NOT!  I am a trained professional stealth cat! DO NOT try this at home bb kittehs.. TTTTP*!"

 ..Ed.note: that lid was licked clean so fast.  I am surprised the shots are in focus I was laffin so hard! 

*Talk To The Toeless Paw!


Friday, February 15, 2013

A little digression... and That Woman is weird

Um, so like a while ago some kitty who was havin troubles in the nether regions went to visit the vets office.
And while that kitty who shall remain nameless on account a they was just foolin and the whole ordeal was FiCATsco from the word GO and still ended up costing a gillzzillion doll hairs and That Woman chose to rather forget the entire incident...
While she was there they had our regular kitties we liked to visit,
There was the blind boy Forrest who is always a charmer

They also had a couple kittens who were up for adoption. 
That Woman nearly traded our "entire kaboodle of ungrateful, food scarfin, treat whores" in for this model:

now I ask you, does the above cat-i-date look like they is even remotely suitable? 
Good thing The Gurl was there and smacked That Woman in the head a few times (heehee, we woulda liked to have that on video) .

That Woman said she is rather enamoured with the Trout Talkin Tabbies & took these photos just for them

we dunno what kinds of fish these are but they was a lot and we bet
the kitties who is boarded (their beds are right on the other side of the glass so they's can see the fishies alla time they is in their apartments) LOVE watching and plotting

Oh, the little goon again, That Woman was all 'squeeeee....he's so cute" and 'squeeee... he's so Meezer' and her last straw 'squeeeee I BET HE WOULD LOVE ME AND BE SWEET TO ME AND NOT EVER, EVER IN A MILLION SQUILLON YEARS MAKE ME WORRY MY HEAD OFF FOR NO REASON AT ALL!"
To which I added 'Lady?  You is bonkers if you think that Meezer would be better than alla us combined!  Meezers is HIGH maintenance & you don'ts buy enough Cheez-it's!  (All hail ScreamOline)
She hurumphed and went back to her underwater photography
(which is quite horrid but this one isn't so bad)
I wonder if he tastes like lemon?  I don't like lemon as a rule... It's usually a side thing they put with fish...
We bet that black & white stripedy guy is tastey!

And we don't know what in the heck this is but we want someone to smash it with a shoe first!
Then we might take a snif.

Ollie says :"I can't help it that you got all worried over me & rushed me off to the vets only on accounta me squatting in each litter box & then runnin off outta there like my tail was on fire...
I like rollin in the litter boxes too
you may want to reconsider all them slobbering smacks you insist on
covering me in alla time

As an FYI
Our house is going through some really strange things right now; The Gurl has decided to finish her college in some place called Lost Wages or Lost Vegans or something and will be moving there in May.
And while that is a great thing for her
That Woman is really, well
kinda nuts right now.
She and The Gurl been alla they only had each other  (well, aside from us) for waaaay long time.That Woman is wanderin the house all leaky and picks things up and puts them down & yesterday while The Gurl was at school she put the grab on Ollie & didn't let go till he was sopping!  (He was a trooper and didn't struggle through the whole ordeal.)
We try tellin her that there is six of US and we ain't leavin and so what's the big deal
but she is not doing well at all.  She is so weird cos anytime The Gurl is around she is all normal...No leaks, no weird acting, but Cod!  As soon as The Gurl goes out somewhere it's like Niagra Falls!
So we asks you to send good thoughts
and maybe a CatPreserver or two (since there is six of us) so we can ford alla them flood waters!

Ms. Stella & OhLollie

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day

Because nothing should come between The Queen and her Mancat except maybe some beaded hearts! 
MEEEYOWZA Big Daddy!  


Monday, February 11, 2013

Nosey Rosies

iz there treats?

Ms. Stella: "WHA?  Treats?"

psycho ornj mutant teleports in:  "did someone say treats?  was that a crinkly noise from the treat bag?"

Ms. Stella: "WELL IS THERE????"
Miss Jack: "ZZZZZZzzzzzSNifFF..sniifffFFFFFFF??"

Friday, February 08, 2013

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Washed out

*calls from other room* OLLIE?

Ollie: "mmphru p?"

"OLLIE? have you put those clean clothes away and made up the bed?"

Ollie; "mmm u pp *snort*? Wha? why would I need to make up a bed when there is a perfectly good one right here? *yawn* mmmmmmff? Zzzzzzzzzzz"