Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday night...No School tomorrow means...

Ms. Stella say's That Woman is really losin it.  
Case in point:  

That Woman is determined to 'put on a happy face' and so she and The Gurl have been cleaning out the garage in preparation for The Gurls upcoming College adventure. 
That Woman kept referring to herself as 'Hobo Kelly' whoever the heck that was...

Ms. Stella just shakes her head and goes back in the house for a lie down. 

Later in the evening...
The Gurl  and That Woman try relaxing.  They are catching up on the BBC series 'Cracker'.  They celebrate cleaning out the garage with some well earned treats of Ben & Jerry's
 Ms. Stella takes an interest... 
"What you careless Gurl!  You nearly knocked that off to the floor! That Woman would brain you!"
While The Gurl goes back to  watching thru half closed eyes, Ms. Stella feels its' the perfect time to inspect... 
(just lookit them tippy toes diggin in! could you die!!)

Hummmm... If I can juuuuuust reach over and....
Lickity..mmmggggg...lick lickty lick, hummffffhpffmggg lickety, licketylicketylickety!

HEY! Danged pawparazzi!
"WHAT? I worked hard too! See me standin here all stealth like on my tippy toes?  Think that comes all natural like?  NOT!  I am a trained professional stealth cat! DO NOT try this at home bb kittehs.. TTTTP*!"

 ..Ed.note: that lid was licked clean so fast.  I am surprised the shots are in focus I was laffin so hard! 

*Talk To The Toeless Paw!



  1. Ms. Stella, you TOTALLY earned some ice cream! It is shocking that you felt you had to sneak it!

  2. Ms. Stella, Kudos to you for standing on tippy toes for so long !
    Must be really YUMMY ; )

  3. That is a truly amazing stretch, Stella. Glad you got the licketies in.

  4. LAFFIN!!!!! And That Woman proly needs medicating.

  5. Jeez, Ms. Stella, The Woman made you work for that Ben & Jerry's. But we bet it was worth it!

  6. That long stretch was well worth the effort.

  7. Ms. Stella! That was a most impressive display of ballet-like prowess on your tippy-toe(less) paws!! Verreh impressive! But really, don't you think that your Humans could have put it down where it was easier for you to reach? Or at least put an extra spoonful or two in there for the kitty. Why, it's an outrage! XOXOXOXO

  8. P.S. My name is Spitty the Kitty and it has been two days since I caved.

  9. Ms. Stella we would likes to fanks you fur our booutifur quilts. They smell so yummy, and are so warm for our bums to sit on, our bellies to lay on. Mine mommy sais "The fabrics are amazing!" (whatever that means...) Me does loves the fishies on the one, even though mine mommy keeps turning it over to sees "the lovely" art on the other side.
    Fanks you 'gain fur our blankies!
    Love, TK

  10. Oh what a smart and stealthy kitty you are, I a'mire your technique! Mine mommy was all "awwwwww" about your tippy toes stance. Gud job, girlfriend!!!

  11. Ice cream and cats! A Purrfect combination that yous has demonstrated purrfectly!


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