Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Cat People are twitchy...(suckers)

Because it starts with hundreds of dollars (and several of these) 

 and ends up like this:

 Sir Clyde, the boneless (aka, Mr. Dryer Lint)

Riddle of the day: 
 How do you get an 11 lb cat into a tiny space where water could come flying out at any time?
 beat's me... (maybe we should ask Schrodinger)

'Old Toeless' thinks this is a riot! 
BTW: That is a seamstresses' cutting board she's on

and yes

it's cardboard.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Oh but when it rains...

Doesn't it just pour?

My beloved Ollie was found like this a week ago:
sound asleep in the bag
 which isn't like him at all.

So upon closer inspection I could tell the left side of his face looked a lot bigger than the right! 
OMCats! *worry, worry, fret, fret*
after staying up all night watching him I finally fell asleep for an hour only to wake up and find him in the living room, on the floor rolling around chriping and happy & not swollen anywhere.


Naturally, he went to the vets.  After many tests, a poke & prod here and there he was uncerimoniously returned to me and I was informed me was the picture of health.  At just 12 months old he weighs in at 11 pounds.  Teeth, gums, coat; everything fine.  No lumps, no  bumps, no fleas, nothing out of the ordinary.  He was sent home with clavamox drops to fight any possible internal infection just to be safe.

Couple days later he started perking up, wasn't sleeping all day and even had a paw whapping good time with Clyde his little buddie.

Then, Friday night,

 back in the bag, and same side all swolled up.
Again, I stayed up with him all night (with tears in my eyes at his obvious discomfort and my utter helplessness)  I did have some pain meds that I adminstered and he drifted off to la-la land but stayed in his bag.

Next morning: right as rain
a small hard bump left where the swollen area was. 
This time I called the vet rather than commit another *gulp 500* to the cause.
The vet said he didn't honestly know.  He felt it was a gland or lymph node reaction to something. I think it may be the new treats I gave them.  They are the Natural Balance Rabbit. 
Ollie wasn't taken much with them but he did eat them.
Now we are undergoing a scientific experiment

It was Friday night when he last had a reaction & I'm pretty sure I had given the rabbit treats that eve. as opposed to the Salmon Temptations. 

Per Dr.'s orders I am to wait a few days and give him a rabbit treat and see what happens.
I hate to do it; given that he will get all swollen again, but Dr. is right (and so is Missy Teri) that it's better to know for sure even if it means a little discomfort. (and I still have a couple syringes of pain meds)

In other Drug Related news:

Here is  Ms. Stella,
this should serve as a warning to bb kitteh's everywhere, when you hit the ol' valarian bag
you may find yourself on some fringe of the carpet with a piece of cardboard as your only friend. 

I don't think Clyde was paying attention:
note the position of his paws (as if he's the victim of a hold up in his sleeps)
and the closeness of the valarian bag.

I think some kitty re-hab may be in order here. 

Terrible Tuxie Toesday Tude

Go Away!
That should cover it...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Our Sunday tradition has been off long enough. 
This morning Miss Stella will enjoy her first outing in more than two months

Think she's a happy girl? 

 I can hear you ya know?
 I'm ignoring you on purpose
 The grass, it calls to me; I must re-anoint myself
 might need some spit on this one
 oooohhhhh yyaaaaaaa;  dat's so niiicceeeee

What's that gawdawful noise?

Oh; it's just the baby

glad he's not old enough to come out with us yet.   I needs my rest!

Happy SUNday to all 

And to all 


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

Construction zone!

Sunday's construction line 

was held up due to *unforeseen circumstances.  The delay did enable the worker to get some lunch but upon her return she did have to remove the obstacle so work could continue.  

Apparently the Island Cats Quilt needed 'paws on' inspection.  Miss Jenga was rather miffed when she was eventually moved but there was no blood loss from either party. 

Later this week mailings will all go out.  So far the mailer table looks like this:

Ms. Stella

*unforseen here having the meaning of : That Woman got out the Catnip to put into the quilts during their construction and didn't really give much thought to marauding cats.  Rest assured Miss Jenga's efforts paid off for everycat given the only way to remove them was put Catnip out for all of them in the living room!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Monday ManCats Featuring Ollie & Clyde

the second one is short cos my phone battery ran out.  

stay tuned for more adventures of this pair!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sunday Spoils

Caturday Silliness

Since the kittysitter was resting, 

That Woman was called into action  by the Great Grey Menace
PPffffTTTTtt!!  I have your feets!

now you must bring me

the ornj flyee thing!

 yes; dis da one; now make it GO

 OOOOO I haz dat ting!

  dis some good toe diggin action!

i tryump's again!

 hoookay; pant pant pant,  gimme a sec...
 it's really hot in here?  are YOU hot???

 for Cod's sake turn on the a/c Mom!

 TW:  It IS on you goof.  
You is too plushie for your own good! 

 Let's take a break ... what do you think?

"ooooo, did beryy nice n'coolll on my middle section..." 

 HEY!  Who is THAT good lookin mancubcat?  

 TW:  Oh dear, another Drama Club Cat
Clyde, you go take a nap now.  I've got CatNip quilts to make! 

Whatever, I'm hangin here to stare at that Studcat somemore, mabee he will come over and hang out wif me!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Oh I could hang here!

MS: Oh, I could  get used to hangin' out indoors alla time but I love to make your life a living death. 

TW:  Fine with me you old bat; but your wandering days are done.  Get used to it.  If you wish continue on this path of being so stubborn, yowling at the door for hours on end, I will simply need to get another kitten...just. for. you.   What do you think about that?


TW: Ms. Stella?

MS: Be quiet, you'll wake up Miss Jenga.  She'll just get all hissy cos I'm on her the bed. 

TW: Aww; I love that little face!  She's so beautiful and peacful and not demanding and irascible like somekitties.

MS: I really wish you'd learn to speak your native language.   You do brutalize sar-CAT-sum so.

TW: Very punny. 

MS: Tell my peeps why you are such a loser and haven't posted ANY of my awards!  I'm sure they are curious.

TW:  Well I'm sorry Miss Priss.  What with your auction, your footie care, your baby rat that I have to feed every 5 hours, this horrid 1000 degree heat and my ear infection I'm pretty tapped out.  You're going to make me want to do this:

which is one of these

so back off hissy face.

MS:   Well, at least we could ALL play with you then! MOL!!!  

TW:  *sigh*  What have you done with Clyde?  I can't find him.

MS:  Seriously? You think I would get near that holy terror?  Have you see it lately?

TW:  No, that's why I'm asking you! *snicker*

MS: Very funny; check under the bed.  He gets all hot with his plushie coat.  Sometimes he just crashes out there. 

TW: *looking under bed*

 TW: Looks like you're right.  Crapped out.   Well, I gotta get busy making your Thank You cards, CatNip Quilts, CatNip Birds & Note Cards.   You know where the food is right?

MS:  Very funny.  I'll come get you when it's time to eat.


Ms. Stella O'Houligan