Thursday, August 09, 2012

Oh I could hang here!

MS: Oh, I could  get used to hangin' out indoors alla time but I love to make your life a living death. 

TW:  Fine with me you old bat; but your wandering days are done.  Get used to it.  If you wish continue on this path of being so stubborn, yowling at the door for hours on end, I will simply need to get another kitten...just. for. you.   What do you think about that?


TW: Ms. Stella?

MS: Be quiet, you'll wake up Miss Jenga.  She'll just get all hissy cos I'm on her the bed. 

TW: Aww; I love that little face!  She's so beautiful and peacful and not demanding and irascible like somekitties.

MS: I really wish you'd learn to speak your native language.   You do brutalize sar-CAT-sum so.

TW: Very punny. 

MS: Tell my peeps why you are such a loser and haven't posted ANY of my awards!  I'm sure they are curious.

TW:  Well I'm sorry Miss Priss.  What with your auction, your footie care, your baby rat that I have to feed every 5 hours, this horrid 1000 degree heat and my ear infection I'm pretty tapped out.  You're going to make me want to do this:

which is one of these

so back off hissy face.

MS:   Well, at least we could ALL play with you then! MOL!!!  

TW:  *sigh*  What have you done with Clyde?  I can't find him.

MS:  Seriously? You think I would get near that holy terror?  Have you see it lately?

TW:  No, that's why I'm asking you! *snicker*

MS: Very funny; check under the bed.  He gets all hot with his plushie coat.  Sometimes he just crashes out there. 

TW: *looking under bed*

 TW: Looks like you're right.  Crapped out.   Well, I gotta get busy making your Thank You cards, CatNip Quilts, CatNip Birds & Note Cards.   You know where the food is right?

MS:  Very funny.  I'll come get you when it's time to eat.


Ms. Stella O'Houligan


  1. Oooh, TW is brave posting Under the Bed pictures! My humans' UTB is so crowded with cr*p that we wouldn't be able to fit under there!

  2. Oh it's a fun weekend at your place!

  3. Oh Ms. Stella, You need to love on your Mommy a little bit. After all, she did take SUCH excellent care of you and she was so worried about you and she fed you and petted you and took care of your hurty foot and .... Oh yeah, I know, I wouldn't give the Human any lovin's either, but you know, I would know that I *should* -- ha ha ha! Stand your ground, my sweet girl!

  4. Yous guys can see under the bed!?! ours is jammed with stuff! And Ms Stella, me is glad yous is back to ordering everybody about!
    Yous is the Queen of your Universe!

  5. You two are like an old married couple! Srsly :p

    the critters in the cottage xo


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