Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Cat People are twitchy...(suckers)

Because it starts with hundreds of dollars (and several of these) 

 and ends up like this:

 Sir Clyde, the boneless (aka, Mr. Dryer Lint)

Riddle of the day: 
 How do you get an 11 lb cat into a tiny space where water could come flying out at any time?
 beat's me... (maybe we should ask Schrodinger)

'Old Toeless' thinks this is a riot! 
BTW: That is a seamstresses' cutting board she's on

and yes

it's cardboard.


  1. I laffed at the top picture cause that's what is happening here. That expensive cat tree and after a month..I won't use it.

  2. Cat love and expense are inversely proportional. It's a rule.

    Sir Lint-a-lot is getting BIG!

  3. OMG!!! We're cracking up there.
    Boneless Sir Clyde is killing us!!!
    : ) Katie & Glogirly

  4. Bwaa! haaa! Haa1
    Sir Lint-a-lot, cats in sinks and on cardboard! yous gots the cat world in you palm!

  5. Haha! Clyde, you crack us up!

  6. Soooooooo true and I loved the pics! They sure told the story just right!

  7. Ha ha ha! Do you know, the Human says *I* am the first kitty she has ever had that LIKES all the beddies and things she buys me? I don't like boxes and bags and stuff that all the other kitties liked. Crazy, huh?

    "Old Toeless????? Hey, That Woman is a-l-m-o-s-t as MEAN as my Human! Almost

  8. Great pictures and had the Mom laughing out loud. Love the picture of the Lint boy. Boxes and bags are sooooooooo much more fun. This is one terrific post. Take care and have a super weekend.

  9. MOL! Those all made us laugh!
    Our nippy quilt has arrived. It is so pretty and we love it! Thank you so much! Mum put it on the floor for us to see and then she was going to put it on our ham-mick, but I (Flynn) have decided I like it there and I'm not moving from it!

  10. I don't think Clyde can be just a regular cat, can he? I think he has a little Common Gray Furry Snake in him. That's a variety that sometimes mates with very near-sighted and not very particular LadyCats. I'd look into Clyde's paternity if I were you.


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