Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In Which Ms. Stella has the night off

Good Evening! 
Miss Jenga here.  I'm in the sewing room with Her helping.  Apparently Ms. Stella is indisposed getting the rat outta Her bedroom from under the nightstand.  

While She has been super busy making NINE CatNip quilts in two days! 
One for each of my lives! 

Here is me sitting on the 'stack' of them.  

These don't have the nip in 'em yet.  But the one I'm lookin at???
OOOoohh  YAAAAaaaaaahhhh  BABY!!

She's still got two more to quilt tonight so I'll let her get back to work. 
We'll be visiting all around soon. 

We wish best fishes & better health to Mr. Puddy's mum who is under the weather.

And Ms. Stella sends her best to her 'sistah' Ms. Admiral and encourages her to come out from under the pillow & eat hearty! 

Peace Out kittens!  
Miss J


Stealth Nap

this may appear harmless

but I assure you

I'm NOT letting her outta my sight~ 

Monday, May 23, 2011


Dear Ms. Stella,

I am truly sorry that you found out we will be gone for a couple days this week.  I appreciate with all my heart that you slept next to me on the bed last night (something you never do!) but must tell you it won't stop me from leaving.  I am teaching a Calligraphy class and on the way home me & The Gurl are going to stop here:

                                                      click the picture for the linky

I would like to share with you though, something I think you will be happy with.  Since you are the chief quality control expert I've decided to do this:  The new label for your CatNip Quilts!  Please review and let me know what you think!  You are going to be famous! 

Here it is:
I have made 6 quilts to take with us and I'm hoping to sell a few to fellow quilters who are possesed by their beloveds. 


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh Really?

I need to lay down the paw.  

I read on your blog that you intend on abandoning us for 3 days.  

This was not authorized.

There will be consequences.  

Be warned.

Easy Sunday

Oh how I love this kitty 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

She's a Hottie

her ears reach critical mass but she stays in direct sun! 
That Silly Scrappy Cat!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well, we fear we've lost sight of That Woman for bit.  We've seen food reappear in the dishes and occasionally there is a chin scritch but that's it.

We are going to submit an add for a new slave, human with thumbs, someone we can really adore.

We'll keep you posted friends and hopefully will be able to get visiting privilidges restored

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Friday, May 13, 2011

Loco for the Pollo

(please excuse the blurry images; when it comes to El Pollo Loco I'm to quivery with excitement & don't sit still)

Um.. excuse Me?  Is that what I smell it is?
oh sheeesshhhh I cansht help myshelf I'm all drooooly now

Oh! The tender morshuls jusshst inshide der...  oh pleash great goddessshh of pollo... jussshst a tiny piesch to schtop my drooling schalivating schelf 

*note; there are no morsels showing; by the time I put a handful down & pick up the camera again, they are GONE!  She might be a 'Cat of a certain age' but she is FAST especially when it comes to her favorite widdle yickkinAaarrrrIIIIBAAAaaaa!

Happy Friday & Saturday to all!  Now that Blogger is cooperating we'll catch up on our visiting soon!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

A Visit with Miss Jack

Ahhhhh; Sunny afternoon spent warming my furs 

Oh NOES!  Here comes That Woman 

"What the? Jeez Woman! Can I help you?  (after you back up a bit?) 

"Oh, well, ok; ya; all right; oh mmmmmmmzzzzzzzppuuurrrrrrrrrrrr" 

"Oh ya thatsa niiiiiice!" 

Happy Tuxie Tuesday Indeed!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Tummy UP!

We would officially like to enter the OK Cats Tummy Up Competition

These two SoCal babes will melt yer popsicles! 

Here is Miss Stella O'Houligan showing her creamy, nougaty center

And Miss Jack sporting her 'oh-la-la bikini'! 
We wish much luck and good fishes to all the entrants!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

So there we were kittehs, ME, Miss Scrappy Cat and That Woman
sitting watching the Gurls computer
(see me lovez her; see my paw dangling down caressing her arm?)

That Woman was happy cos The Gurl was in a cram session for her AP Calculus test so WE got to use the shiny new laptop to watch the instant play :)
The netflix que had the show on  with some guy called David Attenborough and was all about birds

I was watchin

and droolin

 this lovely yellow canary was singin up a storm

 this redheaded bird looked especially tasty
Just ME and HER and we was having a NICE TIME!  THEN... 

alla sudden like, you-know-who comes strollin in and get's all nosey rosie!

Miss SmartySkirts Stella O'Maul-again had to spoil it ALL

We were watching this pair of Grebe's doing their mating dance and it was soooo prettyful to watch! 
and do you know what she said??? 

"Oh Look, Dinner and a Show!" 
Then there was this guy who was blowing up his red pouch and makin a lotta noise to attract more females 
He's a  Frigate bird! 

Do you know what she said then? 

"Oh DUH! Ms. Scrappy Cat, They are all friggin Birds!" 
I swear I don't know why That Woman puts up with Ms. Stella.  She's such a....
she's sooo...... she's just a big BABY! 

That Woman just laffs at me (but in a nice way and I know she loves me) and she say's 

"Oh Miss Scraps, you just don't understand Stellies humor and I just love that twinkle in her eye!" 

So we were done watching & The Gurl came home & now we're all off to bed. 

Hope y'all are having a nice time with your peeps too. 

Miss Stella:  "Oh Scraps, you are SUCH a suck up!" 
Miss Scraps: "Oh why don't you just go hack up a hairball!" 

Miss Jack: "JEEEZOOOPETE U2! I'm trying to sleep here!" 

Ms. Stella & Miss Scrappy in unison: "OH MYCOD!  IT LIVES!!RRUUUUUNNNNN!!" 
nitey nite!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Love; in a jar

I owes it all to my buddie Spitty Kitty
Him knows the way
of the Samurai

That Woman got me some of this

I did never have it before but since she's a worry wart concerned owner of an aging kitty
she thought it would help  my er... digestion

and have more nutrition and moisture that the OTC catfudz

first; I sneaked up on it, smelling it carefully
it don't smell like birdz or even mouses but I humor Her
She is thinkin it might not go over well, when...

OMYCOD!  Spitty!  Can you see my tounge^^ going lickety lickety split! 
Dis right here! Dis is some of the best stuffs I ever did eated! 

Well, not next to mousies; they a really are perfectly balanced for what anykitty needs.  BUT, dey is not always easy to come by.. So, I vote dis stuff the next best thing!
That Woman says this is Chicken & Gravy.  Next time I think we just needs the chicken. 

MOL!  Remind me next time to tell you all the story of the giant White Chicken we had in da freezer one time ago. It's a good scary story! You will laffs

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Devil Wind

We haz had the Devil Winds blowing this weekendz. 
We don'tz get ta go out cos we no likes the trees flyin over our headz all crazy like
(although we are just sure Ms. Stella ordered the winds so has to have her beloved flippities released from the trees branchie grips)

At night tho
it's a different story
the wind calms a bit
and only then do we venture out...

that's when we discovered something terrifying
The Devil Wind opened the portal and basement cat was LOOSE

Worse still That Woman coxed it inside with treats!
It came in and we could tell it had been to the very depths of the basement and much had clinged to it's back
we haz photografic proofs

Later after it was brushed off we realized it was just Miss Jack
Thank goodness
But we still sleeps wif one eyeball cracked!