Monday, May 23, 2011


Dear Ms. Stella,

I am truly sorry that you found out we will be gone for a couple days this week.  I appreciate with all my heart that you slept next to me on the bed last night (something you never do!) but must tell you it won't stop me from leaving.  I am teaching a Calligraphy class and on the way home me & The Gurl are going to stop here:

                                                      click the picture for the linky

I would like to share with you though, something I think you will be happy with.  Since you are the chief quality control expert I've decided to do this:  The new label for your CatNip Quilts!  Please review and let me know what you think!  You are going to be famous! 

Here it is:
I have made 6 quilts to take with us and I'm hoping to sell a few to fellow quilters who are possesed by their beloveds. 



  1. Stella,
    Hold out for the good stuff. Exactly how does a business card benefit you? Insist on a purrsonal attendant and a semi load of treats.

  2. We think the new label is great and certainly fitting to have Ms. Stella on them! Our mommy wants to go to that feline center!

  3. love it!! What a great card! Can't wait to hear all about the Feline Center!

  4. Oh...Stella on a catnip mat....pant, pant says Disco!

  5. Ms. Stella, Well, I hope you are not going to fall for THAT! That's just some Human claptrap to try and appease you by distracting you from the fact that She is going to DESERT you! Yes, YOU. Some freaking little label credit does not BEGIN to make up for THAT.


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