Tuesday, May 03, 2011

So there we were kittehs, ME, Miss Scrappy Cat and That Woman
sitting watching the Gurls computer
(see me lovez her; see my paw dangling down caressing her arm?)

That Woman was happy cos The Gurl was in a cram session for her AP Calculus test so WE got to use the shiny new laptop to watch the instant play :)
The netflix que had the show on  with some guy called David Attenborough and was all about birds

I was watchin

and droolin

 this lovely yellow canary was singin up a storm

 this redheaded bird looked especially tasty
Just ME and HER and we was having a NICE TIME!  THEN... 

alla sudden like, you-know-who comes strollin in and get's all nosey rosie!

Miss SmartySkirts Stella O'Maul-again had to spoil it ALL

We were watching this pair of Grebe's doing their mating dance and it was soooo prettyful to watch! 
and do you know what she said??? 

"Oh Look, Dinner and a Show!" 
Then there was this guy who was blowing up his red pouch and makin a lotta noise to attract more females 
He's a  Frigate bird! 

Do you know what she said then? 

"Oh DUH! Ms. Scrappy Cat, They are all friggin Birds!" 
I swear I don't know why That Woman puts up with Ms. Stella.  She's such a....
she's sooo...... she's just a big BABY! 

That Woman just laffs at me (but in a nice way and I know she loves me) and she say's 

"Oh Miss Scraps, you just don't understand Stellies humor and I just love that twinkle in her eye!" 

So we were done watching & The Gurl came home & now we're all off to bed. 

Hope y'all are having a nice time with your peeps too. 

Miss Stella:  "Oh Scraps, you are SUCH a suck up!" 
Miss Scraps: "Oh why don't you just go hack up a hairball!" 

Miss Jack: "JEEEZOOOPETE U2! I'm trying to sleep here!" 

Ms. Stella & Miss Scrappy in unison: "OH MYCOD!  IT LIVES!!RRUUUUUNNNNN!!" 
nitey nite!


  1. Mom and I loved this bloggie more than ever. Scrappy, we loved seeing that dangling paw loving on your mom and the smile on your face AND that you did the blog!

    We enjoyed you girls at the end because that reminds mom of her sons and what it was like! It make me wish mommy had gotten me a sisfur so I wouldn't be dependent just on her for entertainment.

    Mom loved hearing about the AP course. Her boys entered Universities of their choice as Sophomores because of those. Good on The Gurl! xox to her.

    Me and mommy have as many of Sir David Attenenborough's works as we can lay our paws on. Did that one have the hummingbirds in it?


  2. LOLOLOL!!!! :D
    Such a cute photo of love, yay.
    I didn't know netflix had that type of stuff-neato!
    I will have to look into it more.


    We're in stitches! Why is it whenever one of us is getting a little Mom time some OtherCat has to horn in?


  4. Oooh ooh ooh! The girls at my Human's school took the AP Cal test today too. And tomorrow her students take their AP English Lit test.

    I am glad I don't have to take any tests! Phew. It's hard to be a Human.

    The Human hopes the Gurl did well!


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