Monday, May 02, 2011

Love; in a jar

I owes it all to my buddie Spitty Kitty
Him knows the way
of the Samurai

That Woman got me some of this

I did never have it before but since she's a worry wart concerned owner of an aging kitty
she thought it would help  my er... digestion

and have more nutrition and moisture that the OTC catfudz

first; I sneaked up on it, smelling it carefully
it don't smell like birdz or even mouses but I humor Her
She is thinkin it might not go over well, when...

OMYCOD!  Spitty!  Can you see my tounge^^ going lickety lickety split! 
Dis right here! Dis is some of the best stuffs I ever did eated! 

Well, not next to mousies; they a really are perfectly balanced for what anykitty needs.  BUT, dey is not always easy to come by.. So, I vote dis stuff the next best thing!
That Woman says this is Chicken & Gravy.  Next time I think we just needs the chicken. 

MOL!  Remind me next time to tell you all the story of the giant White Chicken we had in da freezer one time ago. It's a good scary story! You will laffs


  1. MOL..I'm pretty sure it will works for your er... digestion !
    Because your woman have a ton of it for you...heh..heh..Enjoy !!!

  2. You know, we can't get that here in our city in southeastern Ontario. Seriously. When Annie was sick the mom went around to grocery stores, Wal-Mart, etc., but the only Gerbers we get here are veggie ones (possibly fruit too). And the only meat ones are other brands, with spices in them. So you're lucky (Spitty too) to get this for a treat!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  3. Oh yes...they have had that here when not feeling too good and loved it too. It's a great stand by to get kitty's eating again. So glad you enjoyed it. Love the lickety-split tongue.

  4. Wow! That looks good! We hope it helps with your er... digestion!

  5. wow I am getting hungry now watching you eat...time for a snack for me too...liverwurst!
    Guess what? we have a kitty name Scrappy Kat too!!!!! She is a stray and comes to eat at our feeder outside that we keep just for hungry kiddens...she is real mean to Miss Hunny Bunny and beats her up all the time so we have to watch close when we let her outside.

  6. hope it helps! That Spitty is one great guy!

  7. So, does Spitty know whereof he speaks, or does Spitty KNOW whereof he speaks??? It's like the Food of the Gods, no?
    It's even better when your Human puts a dollop right on her finger and lets you delicately lick it off. Mmmmmmm.


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