Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nappin Kittehs

Miss Jack prefers to create a divit on the couch back cushion
*Miss Jack: "HEY, if you wouldn't put the couch right in my sun bar you wouldn't have this issue human!"

Ms. Stella of course prefers to make everyone think she is homeless by laying on this ratty old (like 10 years old) sisal rug.
*Ms. Stella: "Silly Human, it's just got all the right balance of smells, furrs & dirt which create a heady aroma similar to primo nip.--witht he added benefit of being able to bunneh kick the bejeesus outta it!"

Ollie still prefers to nap in the hammics. 
*Ollie:  "ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz."

Miss Scraps prefers to be in and out of the sun so she remains inside on the carpet.
*Miss Scrapps: "It's more comfortable here and I can keep an eye out for that Holy Striped Terror Ms. Stella at all times!"

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Caturday update Cinema scope style!

We have since heard from the vet and he concurred that the steroid Miss Jenga got wasn't supposed to do that.  She did have a reaction to it so no more of those.  Meantime, since I hate having her in the cone of shame, I got her this...

She doesn't seem to mind it too much and at least it will keep her sharp claws from scratching that 'oh so sensitive' skin that's showing.  

**note to dog fashion designers; really?  All the items for girls were ridiculous sun dress numbers that  had so much bling they were completely tasteless.  

This was the only thing that could be called 'understated' and it was for boy dogs but at least it didn't have the word 'dog' embroidered on it. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Evening Visitor

Spitty, we are happy to share our nip nanners but really you don't have to BOLT out the door just because we happen to glance up at the sound of your sandpaper tounge licking the yellow right offa them!

*Jenga update: bad night but much better day.  She's maintaining her weight, staying hydrated and managed to gently play at batting my hand under the covers.  We saw the vet today as I feared it was time, but it's not. Day by gentle day.  ♥♥♥

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday (ya right!)

This small bright spot made That Woman giggle and think of the TTTabbies. :)  

Ms. Jenga continues to nosh a bit, litter box habits are good,  she enjoys perching on her cat tree and in the afternoons comes outside with me so she can warm up on the concrete.  Another good day. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Where would we be without our furriends?

In a tough spot I'll tell ya!  
All advice is taken in, processed and so very appreciated!

Ms. Jenga got a steroid shot on Saturday and last night (Sunday) Ms. Jenga had eaten a tiny bit of her dinner.  By this morning she was waiting patiently by her dish!  When I put in the last of her Fancy Feast (ick) and doused it with Forti Flora she nibbled it but didn't clean the plate.  

Our good buddies over at Trout Talkin Tabbies said we should try some special stuff for Ms. Jenga to see if she would eat more. They said we should try something called Nutri Cal.  It's a gel type stuff (like petromalt-but it's not for hairballs) .  It's loaded with protein so picky eaters or sick kitties off their food can ingest it easier.  I was leery as Ms. Jenga is exceedingly  picky (and I mean that, she will starve herself before making any changes!).  I bought her some Royal Canin as well (just a tiny bag to try out).  I mixed the Nutri Cat, RC kibble & Forti Flora together.  

The bottom of this dish was full at dinner time a couple hours ago. 

This is progress!!! 
(the shiny stuff is the Nutri Cal)
I will also be giving her a 'strip' of the gel directly on her paws before bedtime.  

As long as Ms. Jenga continues to eat, she also seems to be more restful at night time. (trust me, for a few nights we were both up several times with her rumbly tummy and barfs.)  

When I got home from work tonight and after she had eaten a bit, I took her over my shoulder outside to enjoy the last rays of the sun & she loved spreading out on the warm concrete and taking in some fresh air. 

I know these are temporary things, I know nothing will stop the mass now growing inside her.  But it is my duty to keep her comfortable, well hydrated, nourished and happy during this final part as she readies for her next transition... 

I can't thank you all enough for bearing with us during this difficult time; your purrs, hugs and ear bending are invaluable to her and me.  

Thank you all 
We love you

That Woman

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Afternoon with Miss Jenga

Just a quick note to let you all know what's going on.  
Miss Jenga had a steroid shot yesterday around 1pm.  It was the Vet's hope that it would help her regain her appetite and rest more comfortably.  It hasn't done either of those things as of yet. 

I took this video to send to the rescue so they could see how she's doing.  
I know it's hard to watch maybe, but I think when I gaze into those dynamic eyes I don't see the Miss Jenga I used to know.  It won't be long now. 

Love to you all
This will be a difficult week. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Miss Jenga update

Hiya Kitties. Ms Jengas initial test came back inconclusive.  This is so very frustrating. We waited all day in hortoble anticipation and now? No idea.

Our vet will be back in tomorrow and hopegully eill have more ingormation with what happens next.

Meantime Miss Jenga seemed to enjoy her anti nausea shot and twice during the night I heard little crunches.  Alas, no poops yet.

Will let you know more when I find out more. 

Here's our girl. You can see how large her head looks compared to her body.  She has gone grom 12 lbs in November to just 9 as of yesterday.  That is too much over such a short period. 

Ok then. I need to eat dinner now. Thank you all for your purrs,  hugs and good thoughts.  Hope I habe better news tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

But it pours...

I'd like to just let you know we are going to be 'off air' for a short time. 
The reason is that Ms. Jenga is very ill.
She has stopped eating and no matter what I try or prepare she is simply not interested in food.
She is drinking water which is sort of good.
After a trip to the vet where her tummy was shaved she had an ultrasound.
Kitties, they found a mass in her instestine. 
They got some of her poops so they can do a test and find out if it's cancer.
We don't get to know until tomorrow.

If it is cancer, the Rescue group will request that she be put down.
I must honor their decision.
I will most certianly let you know the moment we find out.

That Woman

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

OMCods & Starfish!


I'm speaking to you indoor kitties; you know, you guys who are inside kitties & you like it!
I need your halps.

I have been informed that I must remain locked in against my will  indoors now too.  I don't know how you stay sane.  

In fact, I been tellin That Woman like 4 ever  I'm all stiff from layin around all day! 
She don'tz believe me.  I gotta do somethin!
I can't take it! 
A Kitty can only take so much and then there's gonna be crack! A crack I mean... A crack.  
No matter how I use my lazers on that back door the invisible forcefield stays in place. 
I even go over there and give it my toeless paw of doom, for hours, and nothing... ka-dink, ka-dink ka-dink ka-dink ka-dink ka-dink ka-dink...you get the idea...

 It's inpregnat, inpreggo,  I can't open it!
That Woman threatens me with by reaching over and just touching the liquid lava squirt bottle and I know I gotta high tail it outta there (though I ususally wait for the Ornj one to come over cos he's really spasi-modo over flying water!) 

I will stand at the foot of her otherman and meyowl at her, non stop, for like; HOURS!
She just gives me The Look and tosses one of them fishie shaped treats *that no other kitty gets!* and tells me to 'go lay down'.

Go Lay Down?



My ouchie footie.
I swears it's cos I'm locked up and can't go excersize it!

Just the other day after I ruthlessly chased that Ornj Mutant Mancat through the house, ran skidding on the little rug you see behind me there on the shiny floor, chased that hissy b*tch Tuxie (ok, that one was kinda fun cos you should see her when she 'runs' and she's all so short and so her body looks like a litte brick on a train track all chugga chugga and no choooo choooooo) but nothing... NOTHING, it's still ouchie. 

Ok; I gotta go lay down, more laters dudes.
Thanks for alla loves, treats & headbutts, I surely could use 'em and they felt nice.

Ms. Stella
***prisoner X***

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ms. Stella Resting up

So intrepid explorers, Ms. Stella survived the car ride of doom and there was footage but I didn't feel it very nice to given that on the way there she vomited in the box and on the way home in the nice clean box and towel she pooped poor thing.  It was pretty horrible.  

When we got home it was straight into the bathroom for a quick wash up and then she was released to the rest of the house.  (I did want to spare her the indignity of having to clean herself up in front of all the others) She is a very senior kitty and I now must start really giving her more quarter in that.  

Here she is this morning napping away on her favorite woobie.  She's mad that she is no longer allowed to go outside but I just have to say 'tough kitty' to that.  I know very well she's made it for 18 years coming and going but that time is over. 

Doctor says she mostly likely has tendinitis and that is exacerbated by her age.  Now I don't want y'all to feel all sad or anything, just last night she was rippin through the house after the Ornj goon! Her tail was straight up and so was Ollies.  They are too adorable together.  When she's had enough she lets him know.  (course then he runs after Jenga or Miss Jack and THEY are not amused) MOL!

Waiting for Glyco Flex Treats (not very patiently)
I think she thinks if she keeps an eye on that camera there won't be photos.  HAAHHAHhahahahahah!

At the vets, showing NO signs of limping!  Such. A. Brat! 

me 'n her
She purrs so much that under the written report where they put 'Respiratory' notes it just say's 'purring'.  LOL
Thanks for all your well wishes & Ms. Stella will have some things to say about the whole experience I'm certain, after she's rested up I'm sure she'll have some pages for me to transcribe.  

Happy Caturday!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happiness Is:

Update 01600 hours. Stella is home and resting. She was sent home with anti inflammatory pills and she was told *No more sneaking out at her age* to which I replied "She is grounded now given her age and recent joint pains. " Ms. Stella will issue a statement later this evening after she cleans off my blood from her furrs and is more presentable. TW
UPDATE: 014:00 HOURS... at 013:00 hours Ms. Stella will endure the ride to the Vet.  We'll keep you posted!

A Three Layer Cat Cake 

Having the Pink squooshie robe all to yourself 
(and it's toe-spreading deliciousness)

 and then of course this is self explanatory
Ms Stella has been heavily favoring that right paw.  She will put weight on it but mostly keeps it tucked up.  I have started to give her Glyco-Flex III treats.
If she doesn't get better she may have to endure the *gulp*
car ride of doom

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Bengal

She's just so lovely.  NO idea why she would be given up.  You know the previous owner say's her young son still asks after 'his kitty'.  His sister still has the boy cat.  Jenga's been in rescue for over 5 years now.  Who wouldn't want that face???  She's the sweetest, softest, most demure girl.  

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Oh my Lolly!

It's like there's so much Gingerliciousness it's just ooozing off the couch!

Monday, April 08, 2013


Poor kitties!  No outside sunning session today.(no big given we didn't have much sun today anyhow)  When we open the curtains and see who's outside this morning...

For inquiring minds, this is a Lavender Crowned Amazon Parrot. 

I love that he's all ruffly still in the early morning like me... 

P.S.  Don't nobody tell them Trout Talkin Tabbies about this post.  We know how they hate them burds! 
Birdy say's ' OMG this is the best Loquat I ever did haz..."

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Son day

So today was the day That Woman decided since she had finished a very big art deadline, had a clean house & didn't have anything else to do today(that was really important); she would cover the otto-man.  First she had to take it all apart, which meant un-sewing so she could use the old one as the pattern. 

It was really dirty and taking the buttons off was a real pain her old fingers. 

Here I am on the cushie part, just makin sure it stays safe & doesn't get all shredded or anything...   


you can see how hard my job was

Here it is all done.  After breaking several needles on her sewing machine, a trip to the sewing store for a tougher needle.  The buttons had to be recovered in regular material since the buttons were too small to cover with the sturdy upholstery material.  

She did get tricksy and even did the piping.  (didn't come out as good as the original but she is not a professional) 

I don't have the heart to point out that the stripes are going the wrong direction.  
I'll just make sure I lay on it alla times to cover that up.  



Caturday Dreaming

ahhhhh; the good old days.  When there were books and shelves and hammicks.


That Woman better make some Stella Friendly spaces soon or Stella won't be so Friendly

Thursday, April 04, 2013

I suppose we should name it...

We've had this wooden kitty for some time now.  For some reason ever since I moved it to the floor it's getting some real attention.  This cracks me up!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Oh No She Di-ent!!

I don't know about you kitteh's
But I don't like change too much
That Woman has been overcome by some manic desire to suddenly take MY whole house
and turn it upside down & inside out!!!
On top of THAT nightmare she can't even make up her MIND!
(which only gives further evidence that she's lost hers)

Here's part of my living room, this photo was taken from MY chair (you know, the one she FINALLY had new cushions for my old self to enjoy)
well, off went she & The Gurl and when they came back again That Woman did this!


What in the H.e.l.l.o. kitty is THAT?  Some kind of grunge, tin can alley color on MY wall!  
THEN... (note how my napping shelves have been sort of s.l.i.d. over to the side?? WELL!!!)

The VERY NEXT MORNING I got up late and came out to THIS!!!

That psychotic Banshee of git completely repainted the entire wall again!!!

Youz can kinda see it's a dark purple color
AND the bookcase  my afternoon napping shelves are GONE!
That's right!  In it's place she put some el fake-o tree!!!  And if you look just to the right of that, there's an El Fake-o CAT! AS IF we need another one of them! **I will say that it was HEElarryous when the Ornj Mutant came a running in the other day & noticed it sitting there, he just FROZE SIDEWAYZ!!! MOL!!! He was all stiff and pouffy and was moving like the 6 Million Dollar Cat!!! All slo-mo and his nose was goin' like mad but nothing else was moving!!!-- Now kittehs, I tell you, I laughed till I started hackin up Nip outta my nose!  I was sittin on the chair watchin this whole thing and That Woman saw me gettin' all pouncy like I was gonna charge at him from behind and REALLY give 'em a fright & then she YELLED at me!  By then the spell was broked & Ollie ran off in search of poor Miss Jack to chase around.  But I still was laffin to myself later that night every time I remembered him all pouffed out by some silly wooded kitteh... But back to my dilemma....

What is a kitteh to do? 
 Well I'll tell ya,
I gave her the ole lazers on high! 
The only thing I DO like about this change is that she put the Doofus' Cat Tree in a corner so now when
he hauls up all 14 lbs of hisself at high speed it doesn't rock back and forth and give us all heart palpitations.
If y'all want I can have her post the rest of the atrocities she's committed lately but really,
it would prolly just put you off your kibble.
And THAT is saying something!

All disheveled in The OC


(and you thought I was all lazer eyed at That Spitty Cat didn't you?) 
I'll be dealing with that trifling annoyance later...