Thursday, June 19, 2008

Home to roost

As new works come back from shows & are put back into the 'stable' as it were, it gives me the opportuntiy to share them on my blog.
'Afternoon Sun' will not be travelling further. It is currently being 'auditioned' however, at a friends house to see if she wants to keep it.

I liked making this piece and my favorite part was the narrow 'bookmark' insert actually. It is hand beaded and embellished on fusible tyvek. (can you say bloody fingers?) This piece I think represents my first major move from what I was doing into the more elegant Asian aesthetic. (not that I have arrived there by any means) It's very hard sometimes to keep the dicipline of 'less is more' and just place the single element without trying to 'express' each nuance in the work and over doing it.

The tree is commerical batik fabric fused on; overstitched with rayon; metallic & cotton threads. It was lots of fun adding drama with that bright copper metallic thread into the tree bark. There are fancy yarns couched into the background parts of the tree. The sun rays were created with narrow strips of pale yellow tulle; they are held in place by tiny clear fully cupped sequins.

Monday, June 09, 2008

The coolest picture ever

Here's the orginal that Ellen took of herself with our cat Stella. Don't ask me how she managed to hold that cat still long enough to get this shot. If you look into Stella's iris; you can see the reflection of Ellen's camera. Then she altered it with her voodoo skills & came up with the bottom image. This needs to be a quilt. if only...