Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas photo ops

Bruce and his pawrents. I will miss them all when they move (not anytime soon luckily)

Our accidental Christmas Tree. 
I wan dere by a second hand street and found this topiary at half off which made it only $

Ellen said to my black and white doll at the top (after I had to resting the lights)
And I got to use my favorite ribbon!

It's 4 ft tall. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Under Construction

As you all may know (since I seem to live on facebook and see most of you there) this has been a long year indeed.

Ms Stella left April 17th.  Two weeks later to the day, April 24th (3 days after her diagnosis of lung cancer) my mom died.

In September we had to let Miss Scraps go due to her quickly failing health.

So I find myself wanting to share my Secret Paws news and realize it's been since July that I've posted last.

I need to completely revamp the blog.  My Ollie deserves it.  We have had a foster kitten come back to live here after her adoption nearly a year ago.  Little mezzer Misty girl.  And completely had a 'Foster Fail' in Master Bruce (who my daughter and her boyfriend adopted  the moment he was brought into the house. (I was just to 'cat sit' him for a few days till his permanent foster could be found.


And so it goes.

I want to rename the thing and use a different email log on but can't see how without starting completely over.  But maybe that's a good thing. I still love to blog and seem to do very well with micro-blogging on facebook.  But facebook will never be this place.  So I will re do it and make it more comfortable for alla us and hopefully alla you too.

Thanks for reading and hangin in with us during this difficult period.

Be back soon!

That Woman
Miss Jack
& Bruce