Sunday, October 31, 2010

ThEre'S BuGS In mY FrOot BaTs? WhHhaaAAT?

Oh my good friends out there in Catblogland.  I must tell you a SCARREEEE story for this Hallowwweenie timez. 

It all started when I hearded That Woman say 'Tomorrow El, I need you to toss a few treats into Mr. L's house and then zip him up in it for the trip to the V.E.T." 

"v.e... um.. v.... um.... vet?  vet..  vET?????
WHATTTT?  Oh Hellls NO!

                           Oh Noes! I was taken to the "You Know Who"!  Oh I cant'z be tellin you how much I truly hatez dat place.  It's just the horrible!  You can tellz by my face here.  I don't come out willingly; they has to unziiippp me out! 
Can you see howz much I tries to hide?  The Gurl was in charge of me dis timez so That Woman could getz the photos of da horror.

everyfing dat happended next was so icky it could not be photographed on account of scaring all you other kitties outta at least one of yer lives!  That Woman had to help the V.E.T.  since I was making it certain in every cat language and with all my strenghts to let them know this was entirely unacceptable!  The temperature taking is humiliating enough and I'm certain everycat within this county and the next heard what I had to say about that! 
BUT, the worst was yet to come kitties let me tell you!

As I cowered in fear sat there the V.E.T. put a long pointy thing in one of my Frootbats!  It was icky!  I kept shaking my head trying to tell the idiot that long pointy things don't belong in any self respecting Mancat's ears and I'm CERTAIN is says that on the package somewhere too!  But he put it in there anyway and then he smushed it all around!  Ok, so even though I made my bats as flat as i could get them they have ways! I fail to see how goggies find this so wonderful!  As a last resort I used my hind foot to thump the table.  (this was my last attempt at rescue by using morse cat code which didn't work by the way; but the goggie in the next room heard it and started crying like mad!)  

So it turns out that I don't have bugs in my bats after all but(I can't believe she had to pay for that information when all she had to do was ASK me!  They V.E.T. said they were dirty and the I haz a beast  yeast infection.  But that's not the worst of it kitties!  Twice a day now That Woman has to putz squishy drips in my bats!   I'm like "Oh Noes You Don'tz!"  Oh it's just the EEEeewwWWWW!  So when I see her looking for me I hidez way ups high in my spot!

And if she spots me I tellz her; "Talk to the feet!"

So that's my icky horrible no-good storie for dis Halloween time!  She tries to grab me two timez each day & make me 'hold still' and if you could see our wrestling you'd laff!  She tries to keep me from getting awayz by giving me the 'mom cat' grab but I'z wise to that!  I don't holdz still fer nothing till then she tries some danged Sumo wrestling technique on me by wrapping her whole ginormous leg aroundz me and practically mangling my whole poor self!  Now I know what they mean when they say 'manhandling' coz I'm a Mancat & she is "handling" me, "legging" me & even sometimes "footing" me too! 

She gavez up having The Gurl try to help cos all She does is laffs so much she starts getting all wet eyes & That Woman laffs too then den and the whole wrestling thing just gets silly and I end up with the WoRsT of it I can tell you!  Even if dere is treatz afterwards. 

So my wish to all my catzblogger friends is to have a Safe, Happy Halloweenz & Keep the Bugs (And Humans!) outta yer Bats!

I'll be giving out special Halloweenie yowling tonight so keep yer bats up! 

Mr. L

Friday, October 29, 2010

Upside down or Right side up

She's my girl.   

This is 'Dreaming of Bast'
paying respects. 
this is a friends kitty called "kitty"
She was enthrall too
I would have liked to been alive to see Bast; imagine all the kitties
paying their respects this way to you

this is either the Macarena
or gas....

When Ms. Stella looks like this:
all is right with the world.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cat Angels

As long as we're sharing pictures of our cat angels. Here's mine.  She's got red hair and is holding a Ginger tabby (representing for me my beloved Gin-Gin & Taffers) She is standing in my Tiara I made for a quilt show one year.  It has crow feather; peacock & pheasant as well as Blue Macaw. 


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A note from Miss Jengs

Heya all you cute kitties & hepcats! Sharing a 'Few of My Favorite Things' today.

First; you see me laying on my quilt; well underneath is a warmy blanket; She turns it on before she leaves for work for me on chilly days.
Here is the window above my sleeping AREA. There is that orange flower plant that brings the zippy 'hummer' birds in realllllly close. She loves it because on the weekends we can lie in bed and hear them just inches above our heads!

Since I am a Bengal; I prefer my water in unususal forms. This is my 'water pedestal'.
I only don't like it so much after She cleans it but I deal. Ya, I'm like that.

Of course, my food dish with my favorite Natural Balance kibble. I don't like wet food of any kind, I don't eat people food; I don't like treats; I don't even like stinky fish juice... She say's I'm weird; I just like to think I'm not spoiled like some other cats I could mention!
See this sun spot? Well, after a while, it makes it's way down to the floor.

She comes home at lunch nearly every day and this is where I am when there is sun. Sometimes I get so tired of waiting for Her that I simply collapse!

You may pet me now. Extra scritches make me purrrr reallly loudly when my fur is all toasty!

Here is my tower. It is placed each day in the sun when she pulls back the hangy things.

And last but never least; a clean box!

What more could a girl ask for? I give it err 'one thumb up'

Well, a forever home would be really nice but since I've been here for 19 moons now I think I've sorta found my forever home; I just don't let Her know that. She may get ideas above her station and the last thing I need is trouble with the help. Judging by the state of this room you can see that for yourself!

I mean honestly!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A visit with Ms. Stella O'Houligan

One of my all time fave pictures of Ms. Stella
she was about 6 here.
You can see she had a collar (with bell) & a lovely pendant with her name & our phone number on it. This was probably one of the 6 or 7 that she has gone thru owing to the fact that she figured out real quick how to go get them off; the neighborhood kids would sometimes find them & bring them home.
To look at her she's nothing special really, just another tabby cat. To live with her has been something quite special indeed.
I'm happy to report that now-a-days you can mostly find our 15 yr old gal snoozin on the sofa

I make no bones about it; she is the Queen of our house. She gets the most treats; her own woobie; the lion's share of the wet food (she is the skinniest & prone to urinary issues); and when I can get a hold of her: the first to be brushed & have her manicure. A couple of her claws don't retract anymore and I think it's to do with the arthritis in her shoulder. In winter I give her the treats with glucosamine to ease her stiffness. I wish she was a lap cat; or she would let me slobber kisses all over her; or just cuddle and snuggle her to death; but alas... That is not the fur she is cut from. And I wouldn't have her any other way.


Friday, October 22, 2010

makin' sure

the whipped cream is the right consistency for when I meet up with Mr. NoFurNo. I will have much on hand in the fridge and when he gets to his ideal weight we will celebrate oh my yes~ The way that only a beautifully furred Female cat such as myself can celebrate with such a Studly, gorgeous naked Mancat such as Himself. Who says humans have all the fun?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This rainy Sunday

When even the snails are running *er sliming* for cover! This one is finding respite on our sliding glass door. He looks funny.

That Woman & The Gurl have their afternoon activies lined up

This is a sight you may NeVEr see again! Do you see the nerve of that drool monster Scrappie, sleeping on MY quilt! I am on the ottoman so That Woman can sit in HER CHAIR, but Scraps really feels it's her turn. ya.....right......

This is the pied Miss Jack on her beloved fleece tiger blanket (that is over 20 yrs old!) It also happens to be The Gurls favorite blanket so they 'share'. What you can't see (as the photographer was threatened within an inch of her life) is The Gurl kickin' back on the couch under the blaket *Miss Jack is actually in her lap*

In this kind of weather, it gives That Woman migraines; so for most of the morning she was in her room in the bed where her own personal guardian kept watch. (good job Jengs)

This has been a new(ish) development around the place. This is the door that separates that part of MY house where that mancat yowls. He is on the other side of this door; when he knows That Woman & The Gurl are in the living room with US watching movies; he will take all his favorite toys and shove them under the door to this side. OFTEN you can see his paws under the door too (very halloweeie I think) but it makes That Woman feel horribly 'guilty' and since I am a C.A.T. I have no idea what that word even means.

You may be asking yourself what in the heck these are? They are straws. Mr. Mancat is a collectorl Any way he can; be it right from your drink cup; stealthily from your desk (from your glass) and many times from the trash itself now matter how far down & buried they are. He apparently has a thing for them. As you can see in this next photo; most times he 'hoards' them in his house. (isn't there some dumb TV show about this illness?)

If he suspects you are near to his precious things; He will fly in from anywhere he was, turn in a tight circle to make sure his 'nest' is safe & dart right back out again (in a vain attempt to 'lure' any would be theives away)

Here he is being still for a nano second (as he's eating)

Later in the afternoon; I needed to go outside as That Woman was out taking photos of things and must have forgotten I was still inside adn therefore not available to be the sole subject and purpose of her pictures. (She is getting older & tends to forget the order of importance of these matters, I consider it my duty to gently remind her)

WHY she feels the need to photograph things like this when she can take pictures of me *which vastly increases the value of the photo* I'll never know.
Happy Sunday kittehs!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Private Conversation

That Woman: *moving toward the sliding glass window to pet Miss Jack*: *sigh* Hi Miss Jack! "

Miss Jack: "oh... it's you."

TW: "Don't you just love fall? The cooler air, the pretty colors, the rain?"

MJ: " Well no, not exactly. I prefer it very hot so I can lay directly in the Sun and get my belleh all toasty! "

TW: "But Miss Jack, when you lay in the sun your fur is so black it absorbs all that heat, I can barely pet you your fur is so hot to the touch!"

MJ: *laughing*"And your point is?"

TW: "Oh very funny! You get the blog for the day & you want to waste it being a smartycat fine for you!"

MJ: "Seriously, you're totally interrupting my daily ablutions"

TW: "Hey, remember when you were outside the other day and The Gurl was taking your pictures... remember doing this?" *snickers*

MJ: "HEY, that is sooo uncool! I mean I have allergies! The danged plumeria is all bloomy and smellie & makes me all sneezie! NOT very nice to post such unflattering pictures, don't you have someone else to torture today?"

TW: *throws hands up* "Now Miss Jack, stop being such a drama cat for pity's sake~!"

MJ: *to herself* DRAMA CAT??? She lives with the Bengal B. Queen, The Torbie B. Queen , The drool monster & that psychotic Mancat & she's got the nerve to call ME Dramacat? Well, let's just take it up a notch...

Now This is High Drama!

*all photos courtesy of The Gurl*

Friday, October 08, 2010

In Which We Take The Day Off...

to travel to the Magic Kingdom and see the World of Color

I received a wonderful gift from a client of mine who works at Disneyland. She gifted me a day pass so I could take Ellen (who has a annual pass) to go see the new show 'World of Color'. The show was the most breathtaking thing to see to be sure; but more on that later. Right now let me take you on a photo essay of our day!

Halloweenie Colors!

First things first, as you can see it was pouring down rain when we left our house at 11am.

We went to Polly's for breakfast & had one of their To.Die.For. Freshly made hot, slathered in butter, cinnamon rolls.

One of our favorite things to do is try on hats! Here I am at the first stop on our Journey! The Jack (Skellington) store in the French Quarter. El thought this was cute; after seeing this picture I can only wonder why? Good grief! This hairstyle is NOT conducive to hats!

What's really funny about this is that the 'hot' costume is of course the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. You could get the top had complete with bright orange frizzy hair attached! As you can see, I'm not trying that hat on as I have my own orange frizz to deal with on this rainy day!

Some 'formal' shots in beautiful courtyard with the lovely fall colors.

The first ride we went on was one of my favorites Indiana Jones. But sadly no photos of that. Next ride was Splash Mountain! (In the rain is way fun too!) Here we are 'before'

This is my favorite picture of us! (even out of focus)

And 'after' the 50ft plunge into the water flume. We were both soaked from the waist down!

The still they take of you. (Note the expression on El's face; she's ridden this ride so many times with her friends she's got the camera flash pegged!) I love the little girl sitting behind me; she was a doll!

I will share with you that we did go on Space Mountain and I learned that this ride is off my 'dance card' forever more. :( Within seconds of the ride starting, the speed, and tight turns instantly set my head on fire and not in a good way. I had to close my eyes during the remainder of the ride and try to just breathe slowly and silently pray that it be over quickly. Thank goodness it's a short ride. I was never so relieved to stop moving & get off. It took me nearly a half hour to recover.
Next ride we went on was Buzz Lightyear! We love the competition of zapping the evil Emperor Zurg & competing with the final count! (I won last time and this time El won!)

After that; refreshments!

One of my favorite guilty pleasures; the humble Churro. I'm holding mine & El's. Note the diet coke for balance... I did start to feel human again after this treat.
Off to try on more hats! Here is El trying on the newest hat line from the movie 'Up' .
how appropriate

"Hi, my names Ellie!" (and it is!)
I really wanted this but El said 'Uh, No...' but she did like this picture.

She didn't buy it either; for the hat and goggles it was $40.00! So we just tried them on, took pictures & left.

Off to California Adventure for our dinner reservations at the Wine Country Trattoria. You can get reservations there for the 'World of Color' show. The dinner comes with two preferred standing passes to the show; front & center. I was happy to sit down & enjoy the lovely restaurant.

First they bring you fresh bread and butter. I could have stopped right there! Never being so happy to see carbs!

So for $40.00 per person; you enjoy beverages; a salad; your choice of entree (there were six to choose from); and desert. El ordered the seafood pasta and I had the Braised Beef Tenderloin. It was the b.o.m.b.! El & I didn't recognize some of the choices for desert so we asked the gal what some of them were so we could make our choice. She said they would 'bring the tray'. She wasn't kidding. You get ALL the deserts on the one tray! I just delighted in my first cup of coffee in 5 days! It was wonderful!

Tiramisu; berry tarts; chocolate lemon mousse; and some vanilla gelatin thingy with strawberry sauce & fresh basil. (we didn't like that one) I had a tart & that was it. Since the Space Mountain incident I wasn't about the antagonize a migraine with chocolate!
After dinner; we wandered over to the boardwalk at the Paradise Pier to find our area to watch the show. I'll leave you with these pictures that don't do the show justice at all.

The Cheshire Cat was brilliant!

Goodnight from the Happiest Place on Earth!