Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Private Conversation

That Woman: *moving toward the sliding glass window to pet Miss Jack*: *sigh* Hi Miss Jack! "

Miss Jack: "oh... it's you."

TW: "Don't you just love fall? The cooler air, the pretty colors, the rain?"

MJ: " Well no, not exactly. I prefer it very hot so I can lay directly in the Sun and get my belleh all toasty! "

TW: "But Miss Jack, when you lay in the sun your fur is so black it absorbs all that heat, I can barely pet you your fur is so hot to the touch!"

MJ: *laughing*"And your point is?"

TW: "Oh very funny! You get the blog for the day & you want to waste it being a smartycat fine for you!"

MJ: "Seriously, you're totally interrupting my daily ablutions"

TW: "Hey, remember when you were outside the other day and The Gurl was taking your pictures... remember doing this?" *snickers*

MJ: "HEY, that is sooo uncool! I mean I have allergies! The danged plumeria is all bloomy and smellie & makes me all sneezie! NOT very nice to post such unflattering pictures, don't you have someone else to torture today?"

TW: *throws hands up* "Now Miss Jack, stop being such a drama cat for pity's sake~!"

MJ: *to herself* DRAMA CAT??? She lives with the Bengal B. Queen, The Torbie B. Queen , The drool monster & that psychotic Mancat & she's got the nerve to call ME Dramacat? Well, let's just take it up a notch...

Now This is High Drama!

*all photos courtesy of The Gurl*

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  1. You all have MADE my DAY and NIGHT and weekend!!! MOL! I love this. I am going to ask my mom to tell her human sons to look. Mom will be smiling for another hour at least and will come back to read the adventures of...DRAMA CAT!


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