Saturday, October 23, 2010

A visit with Ms. Stella O'Houligan

One of my all time fave pictures of Ms. Stella
she was about 6 here.
You can see she had a collar (with bell) & a lovely pendant with her name & our phone number on it. This was probably one of the 6 or 7 that she has gone thru owing to the fact that she figured out real quick how to go get them off; the neighborhood kids would sometimes find them & bring them home.
To look at her she's nothing special really, just another tabby cat. To live with her has been something quite special indeed.
I'm happy to report that now-a-days you can mostly find our 15 yr old gal snoozin on the sofa

I make no bones about it; she is the Queen of our house. She gets the most treats; her own woobie; the lion's share of the wet food (she is the skinniest & prone to urinary issues); and when I can get a hold of her: the first to be brushed & have her manicure. A couple of her claws don't retract anymore and I think it's to do with the arthritis in her shoulder. In winter I give her the treats with glucosamine to ease her stiffness. I wish she was a lap cat; or she would let me slobber kisses all over her; or just cuddle and snuggle her to death; but alas... That is not the fur she is cut from. And I wouldn't have her any other way.



  1. STELLA! (insert Marlon Brando bellow here!)

    You are indeed a beauty, we have a soft spot for tabby girls. xoxo

  2. Oh, Mrs Houligan, you have completely taken my mommy's heart away. She is deeply in love with you anyway and now that she has seen you..I know (and don't mind) that I have a rival for her affections.

    LOok at you so regal and sure of your Queendom and servants. It is only as it should be. That photo of you at 6 yrs. of age is precious. Kitty kisses all over you if you'd only let mommy.


  3. I myself do not do laps, and I tolerate only the very occasional kiss, and NEVER a slobbery one. Yet I do lubz my Human in my own way and am glad to have her around. I guess I am following in your footsteps, Ms. Stella, even though I am a manly-mancat!

  4. A sweet dear creature,

  5. Ms. Stella, you are so beautiful and so special! We see why you rule the roost!

  6. To answer your totally reasonable Nip question: Well, when she first planted it, it was just eensy little seeds & sprouts, and there's a greenhouse at her school. So she took it there to nurture it along. Now that it's big, she brought it in her office, but she's gonna put it back in the greenhouse. She does bring some home, but she's also supplying three other people's kittehs (she's a dealer now, I guess) so she decided to keep it there. I don't really approve. I think it should be HERE and ALL for ME!

  7. You sweet baby girl. MUAH!

    The Admiral's Mom


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