Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Recovering Patient

It's Sunday morning. Miss Jenga woke me bright and early to tell me she had an important date & as she'd all ready missed Friday & Saturday she WASN'T going to miss today too! "GET UP! Take this conflabdulated thing off me so I can go meet Ra! He's out there waiting!" At this she even gave me some kitty muffins on my arm to hurry things along.

As her penthouse is high, I was skeptical about letting her jump & climb up there in her 'tender' condition but I can assure you; SHE had no problem at all and once there, immedately sat down to take a leisurely bath all round with those giant velvet paws and purred so loudly I could hear her from across the room. I mention her paws alot; they are milk chocolate on top but when she opens them they are semi webbed and all dark chocolate underneath. Yummy!

All of you who donated can feel secure in knowing that you helped out in the most 'pawsome' way possible & this little lady (*& me too) are purrrrrrever grateful! Her stones are gone; she's able to urinate finally which for her I'm sure was pure bliss! And she now has special food *Prescription diet c/d* that's really no more expensive than the regular premium cat food she was on. She will have a check up in a week.

As some of you asked; our cat Ms. Stella O'Houligan had the same problem the same day! I had to take them both in to the vets which was quite fun~NOT! Ms. Stella gets really carsick with fluids leaking from both ends no matter how short the distance & she is so loud that you'd think she was being skinned alive in that carrier!

Neither Ms. Stella nor Miss Jenga really like either other that much so keeping them in the same examining room apart from each other was tricky but luckily they were so occupied with where they were they didn't have much time for aggressive behaviour.

Stella ended up having crystals (which is different from stones) and hers were aided along by a shot (something they give horses & dogs to reduce inflammation in the bladder) and her diet food changed immediately to the canned c/d (something I can't get Jenga to eat at all!) She came home with pain meds as did Jenga that day, it was rather fun going from room to room dosing narcotics and watching each of them get all relaxed & trip out on these stupid tiny moths we seem to have been inundated by! *we've since found the moths source & wiped them out* The reason I couldn't foot the remainder for Jenga myself was that Stell's bill was nearly $400 and that sort of wiped out our 'Emergency Cat Funds' savings.

So again I say, THANK YOU!! to all who donated. Each one of you that has provided me with an address will receive a special tree ornament this year that I'm making (18 of them so far) and for those larger donations; I'm making your art starting today and those will be going out over the next couple weeks.

It's been my honor to take care of this special girl and watch her come through this with all her big giant purrs intact. She requested I not embarass her by photographing her bare tummy parts so here you have her.

Thanksgiving week indeed!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Update S.O.S.

I am truly speechless!

GREAT NEWS!!! Jenga's Surgery is scheduled for this Friday! From my blog post yesterday and the power of the web via Tweets, re-tweets & Facebook Jenga has received $259.00!!! That coupled with the generous donation from her prior owner of $400.00 puts us nearly there!

I can't thank all you of enough for the generosity of your hearts & pocketbooks! You truly all will have done something remarkable for our little girl & I KNOW she'll be so happy after her surgery (well, not the part with the 'cone of shame') to be able to stretch out on the bed & play chase in the house again and be all chirpy!

Thank you again for everything!!!

Next week I shall be compiling the list of things I get to make & send out. I'll be emailing those of you that donated but didn't leave your physical address to receive your art!

Meeeyaow! Tonight we rest..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A quick update on the kittens first! We gave them to MeoowzResQ here in Orange County who rehomes kittens & they have all found loving homes as of this writing!

Now for more serious news and an artful proposition...

Our foster cat Jenga had to have a toe removed which involved many return trips to the vet for bandage changes, etc... This travelling didn't agree with her at all and she has developed stones in her bladder. They are too large for her to pass them so she will need surgery.

The surgery needs to take place as soon as possible as right now she's urinating blood and I can tell this causes her great pain even with the pain medication I give her every 8 hours.

The surgery will cost $723.00 to $782.00. Bengal Rescue said they couldn't pay all of that as their resources are tapped in aiding 45 cats from a Lancaster cattery. I contacted her previous owner and she has graciously volunteered to pay $400.00. I'd like to raise some additional funds to help save this cat's life.


First! Any and all donations no matter how small will be heartfully accepted! Every penny counts!

So for donations from $1.00 to $5.00 You will get the satisfaction of knowing you helped save a life and a personal thank you note from Jenga.

For donations of $6.00 - $12.00 you will receive one pack of my hand made(5x7)cards *see here

For donations of $20.00 you will receive an 8x10 frameable art quilt in any colors you choose!

For donations of $30.00 or more you will receive an 10x12 frameable art quilt in any colors you choose!

For donations of $40.00 you will receive on of my Catnip quilts suitable for your own feline or as a gift! *see here

100% of your donations goes to Bengal Rescue for Jenga's Surgery. Please use my Paypal account and make sure you put 'Jenga' in there. Or just email me privately at

Thank you so much for reading & helping out if you can. And even if you can't donate; thank you for keeping Jenga in your hearts!

This just in! Pictures of my little Catnip Quilts complete with cats! Thanks Sharla!