Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eulogy to a Stray Cat (NOT the one that's been visiting us)

I'm certain you enjoyed the heat of the sun on your lovely bi-colored furs; but alas, no more. I wonder if you had a special place somewhere near where you made it safe enough for yourself to indulge in a purr or two for your own comfort.  I'm positive that you took care of yourself even as those we humans who could have done something wandered by in our smugness that you belonged to someone else and weren't our responsibility.  

I am morbidly grateful for the semi-truck driver who slowed down and gave me a small smile when he saw me in the middle of the eight lane road, there with my black plastic bag blowing in the wind and mist;.  In that moment of eye contact he acknowledged my grim task and I appreciated the fleeting moment of an odd sort of belonging. 

You aren't the first I've taken from this road.  A couple years ago it was a ginger.  He wasn't nearly in as bad shape as you though.  I'm certain that however you met your end it was instantaneous owing the grisliness of your remains. Beyond the task at hand  I couldn't let my imagination wonder as to the circumstances as truly; that way madness lies.

Tonight when I get home I will pet my four cats more; I will drink in their gorgeous eyes; I will close mine in contentedness listening to their purrs.  I will not delude myself that you are in some mystical fairyland with multitudes of other stray cat waifs over some unicorn bridge now enjoying 'happily ever after' just to ease my own conscious.  We don't deserve to have our collective conscious' eased with such superstitious hyperbole.   We aren't children who need syrupy bedtime tales and warm fuzzy, feel good platitudes.  We need the hard truth to slap us out of our collective fantasy.  There are simply too many of you; it is impossible to save you all.  That is such a heartbreaking reality for all of us who love and care for animals.    

I wonder if you had any chance at happiness.  Possibly someone had let their female have 'just that one litter' and felt righteous that they found homes for her kittens.  Did they do you the courtesy of looking into your tiny bright eyes and tender whiskered face even as they passed you off to someone else (while feeling that much more relieved)? More likely as soon as your mom was found to be pregnant they simply disowned her; if there was a 'they' in the first place.   I wonder what color your eyes were. When I came upon you; your face had been completely impressed down into the pavement.  You know recently a celebrity died in a horrible car crash and within hours his dead face was plastered all over the Internet.  There was a huge, mortal gash but you could still see who it was. I had initially recoiled at the spectacle of it.  But I will tell you that image is in my head now and I can't forget it.   Had I thought about it; I would have taken your photo and posted it all up and down the street.  The sign would read "Have you Seen Me?"  

You deserved so much more from this life.  I hope you had known some kindness.   I saw no collar on you.  I didn't wait for animal control to come as where you ended this life was too precarious and wasn't about to leave you there for further target practice.   With my hands and arms in a  plastic bag as gently as I could, I gathered you up and into the bag.  I had a bit if a struggle with the bits of bone and innards that were no longer hidden inside your body but still attached; but slowly I manged to collect all I could.  I'm so very sorry, precious. 

I truly, truly am. 

Be at peace.   


Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Heya Hepcats.  Blogger is not cooperating with us lately.  We have many posts from That Womans phone that appear to be 'saving' but then never allow access from either the laptop or the phone to publish.  In addition we are unable to delete  them.  WTP? 

What does this mean? Well for one thing- That Woman has to email the photos to herself and then post blogs. This is not convenient.  (also her smartphone seems to have developed a  sense of humour and asks her things like *talking to yourself again?*) we can vouch that she does in fact, do that: but still...the implied sentience is disturbing even for us.

The only upside is that she's not in our faces (auto correct inserted the word feces MOL!) alla time with the bloody camera!  Uninterrupted naptime is bliss...

Well... except this time of course. 

A quick scan of facebook has lots of our dearest feeling under the bed... (well SHE says 'weather' but since we are cats I think UTB is more accurate) so we have all our motors on high. 
Ms Stella O Houligan

Saturday, January 25, 2014



Resistance is futile

Friday, January 24, 2014

We interrupt your nightly schedule

So kitties;
what happens at night is that we wait for Her to get done in her "no-no get off that fabric!" room see.  Then sometimes we get treats while she eats her dinner and we all bathe and hang out in the living room while she does quiet sewing with just her hands.    

After a while she gets up and goes into bed.  We know it's time so we all gets up and goes in there too. 

Except the last two times; she's locked us out!  
I mean; WTC?  (what the cod) is she thinkin?  
And we had to stay out all the whole night!  
When asked she said she can't sleep at night sometimes & 
tosses and turns (don't WE know THAT it really messes up our sleeps)
and so if there's no kitties on the bed she said she slept a little better.

The nerve!

So tonight we fixed her we did; long before she came in to go to bed; check it out! 

we is already there!  We tricked her!  HA!!  We knows she won't kick us off cos everyone knows it's waaaay bad luck to move a sleeping kitty.  

Only scraps wasn't on the bed yet but she was hiding under the kitchen table.  I know cos I chased her there earlier and got the squirted gun for my trouble 
(but it was totally worth it cos she screamolined to the rafters! )

Looks like SHE has to sleep on the couch tonight!  

Ms. Stella 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Get What I Want

I'm the Queen; 
I gets what I wants.  
And yes King Spitty; SHE is very stingy with the milks cos she says the worst thing is being woken up by my grumbly tummy and the paint peeling stinkies I leave in the box.  

You can tell She is the typist because she has flatly refused to type what I'm tellin' her about her noises & litter box... hurumph!

nitey nite kitties!
Sweet dreams of tuna
Ms. Stella 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mancat Monday

This is our other visitor.

A giant male Siamese who is a bit cross eyed. 
The flash didn't seem to distract him at all from his nippy toy.  
Normally a ghost, the second he hears or sees a human he's gone! 
But what to my wondering eyes should happen tonight?  After watering the back and letting the kids out for a bit;  I see a cat out of the corner of my eye playing with one of our toys.  I turn to look and am astonished that its this kitty!  

He sorta gave me a cursory 'nose in the air sniff' when I said 'heeey?'  and he didn't quite flash flee outta here when I got up and (sneakily crawled behind my couch so he wouldn't see me coming with my camera) snuck the last shot of him leaving. 

What was very funny is that as he skeedaddled out the back he ran headlong into little miss Hissy Pants Grey stripey girl whom I haven't seen in a few days.  I think his vision must be pretty bad and was surprised given cats sense of smell that he would actually run into another cat.  Course she was all hissy till I slid a dish with leftover foods in it for her.  

Here I was worried about my cats & found them all snuggled on my bed in the fresh from the dryer laundry.  


Sunday reflections

Firstly, That Woman created this collage on her pizap app.  Not bad for a first try. Not all the best photos but she was doing it from her phone images.

So yesterday The Gurl came over with a rental car & they spent the day shopping and running errands that are too pesky on just a bike. 

(how cute is that???? and the little duo is in the center of the bottom of the dish too)

That woman has a thing for cat dishes. We dont have any dishes that are metal or (dreaded) plasic. 
(which most cats find cause the dreaded chin breakouts)

I Myself wouldn't mind a metal bowl but She says no! Apparently when her parents would feed their BIG dogs (think GShephards, Rotties, Standard Dobermans) they would have metal bowls, the noise they would make while simultaneously being pushed across the tile floor while being hoovered out of with dog tags and chains clanging against the side of damn things is just not. .happen!

I assure her that it wouldn't and I refute all her points saying that firstly, CAT metal bowls have non skid rings on the bottom. Second, the CATS who live here don't wear chains *shudder*.  She looks at me then and I know I have lost.  Alas, we both witness The Ornj Mutant eat. He may as well be a dog.  Right down to snarffling up all the dish remainders after we CATS have daintily first lickitied up every drippity drop of gravy. 

And The Gurl knows how much That Woman loves coffee cups from Starbucks (she doesn't like their coffee, just their crockery).
The Gurl surprised her when they got home with this
Happy CatNappin Sunday to everyone!

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Friday funnee

That Woman was given a quote to interpret.  This is her first drawing.  The cat eyes are lampglass and she's keen on seeing what color the kitteh might be. 

We think it would be fun to hear your suggestions!

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Holy Feral Break in CatMom!

THIS is not one of mine either!  I came home, closed the slider to find the screen had been pushed open.  I proceed to start to feed four cats...
Then I turn around to see one come out from my room. (He was all warm and sleepy and he wolfed the food down I put before him.
I was able to pet him the whole time he was eating and he didn't misbehave once.  Then I picked him up, food dish and all and placed him outside.
Am now feeling like a horrible Catmom.  Thank cod its not horridly cold here at night.  I have made makeshift shelters out of an old cat tree in the back yard. Also there is a double porch swing.  Its the raccoons I worry about.  *sigh*.  He's already been injured somehow and walks with a limp. In these photos I see some irritation in his ears.  Poor little guy. 

I know we can't save them all but he would be an awesome pet if he were fixed.  I have to give this more thought. Right now I only have a bike for transport and no extra cash for neutering even if I could secure a lift.   It's ok if all we can do is feed and provide a reasonably safe place and for now that's what I can do. 
i love how he looks like a saber tooth in this photo

Ms Stellie's new fudz

A couple nights ago,  Ms. Stella and me were kickin back in bed; she lays next to me (on my left) and just within scritchin distance. 
I play candy crush on my phone till I run out of lives just before lights out.  
All the sudden I hear some serious noises!  Not from my phone, I play with the sound off; I'd rather hear all my kitties purrrrrrin n the bed before sleep.   At first I thought it was my own stomach gurgling but alas, it was coming from Ms. Stellie!  It was SO loud.   Later the next morning she had runny sort of explosive poops, ick.  Next night, same deal.  So without waiting another day I went off to Petco and bought some new food for just her.  I know she loves her 'meaty bits' by Friskies but something must be just not right for her erm..mature constituion.  Other kitties all fine.  So after consulting Miss Teri about Mr. No Fur No's IBD (irritable bowel disorder) I settled on getting her some of the Instinct's Rabbit (limited ingredient) meal formula.  I also got some wet food cans - That are holy gods kinda pricey at nearly $2.00 for that tiny can! But nothings too good for the ol bat.
You can tell she's pleased. 
So far we are both sleeping quietly again and no more icky poops!
Oh, and cosequin?  She sits patiently until I open one and put it on her food, then she meticulously licks it all off first, then eats the food underneath! MOL
As opposed to Ollie who gets on the counter, practically head butts the can out of my hands in the morning before I can even open it and he has wound up with food on his head for not waiting for me to put in the dish! Boyz! 

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Double Take

So I saunter out of the studio this afternoon and find this:

WHO let this STRANGER in our HOUSE???  (i know, how cute is she??)

O, I C
really Ollie?  Can you see her waaay back there just looking at you??? She musta put a hypno spell on him.  Well for now she can stay, I mean I can't boot a feral  kitteh out of her sunpuddle (and safe spot).  No one else seems to care so I guess she'll take off when she's ready.
Now I'm seeing cats everywhere
And a duck


Scrappy Cat Froot Bats

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Madcap Monday

Heya guys!  Me 'n mom had a tussle in the sunpuddle! 

Here I am windin up the ole tounge & fangs!
'come on mom!  I won't get you again! 

what?  what are you sniggering at? 

Wow this sun puddle feels so awesome on my tummy--care for a snorgle or two? 

Sunday Shenanigans