Friday, May 31, 2013

The TriFecta of Feline Affection

That Woman had a cyst removed from her noggin today, she gotz 20 stitches!  Here we are, attending to her every need.  It's been a couple of really hard weeks for her.  Just as soon as she breaks open the stinky goodness we will be right back here (and we will finish the LOTR Two Towers).  Our mom is too weird, she likes Gollum best.  

Thursday, May 30, 2013

To All Our Furriends!

The outpurring of spirit from the CB has completely overwhelmed us.
We'd like to share this badge that Ann (From Zooaltry) made for Miss Jenga
It's so beautiful, Thank you so much Ann!
Such a beautiful tribute Ann, Thank you so much
 We will be writing back to alla you soon, right now we are just piling up on That Woman who needs us now a lot that The Gurl is moved out & Miss Jenga has gone to The Bridge.  Dearest Ollie spent the night in her bed and didn't get too sopping wet, Miss Scraps hasn't left her side since she got home yesterday!  Today she's back at work but will be off for the next two weeks and we will crack the whip and make sure she helps us post and visit!
Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Missy Jenga

Buenos Dias Mi Gatos!

Here's our girl.  She is growing ever smaller, she's now half the size she was in November. That's 7 lbs less in 6 months.   A couple nights ago she lost control of her bowels (mostly liquid) on the bed poor baby.  We were out at the movies and upon returning home found her all curled up on my pillow as far from the mess as she could get but still be on the bed.  A few minutes later the bed was stripped, she was cleaned up and when I went to put the new top sheet on she was all up for playing under it silly girl.  

She has trouble with her food and lately I haven't seen her water intake do very well either.  But for right now she's alert, nibbles during the night, she's sometimes playful & always ready to purr and be brushed. 
That's good enough for me. 

Getting some sun

Thank you to everyone for your generosity of caring and concern.   I appreciate it so very much.  It's hard these days what with Miss Ellen getting ready to leave the nest (later this week) and watching Miss Jenga's declining health.  At times it feels as if the whole world is being ripped out from under me but I remember to take deep breaths and remind myself that letting go is ok too. I just wish it didn't hurt like a bitch. 

That  Woman

Mom's Day

The Gurl got this T-shirt for That Woman

Look closely at the nimbus.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Sorry we've been absent for a bit. 

Here's some photos to catch you up with.

First some Cat Tails

belleh spots

And the goon who thinks he has camoflague

I love how that one branch looks like his tail!

Best cat tree ever, I especially love watching him come down backwards.

I bet in his mind he's Tom Cruise

Ms. Jenga got a new shirt (one that fits better) and comes out infrequently with me to get some fresh airs & check her peemail

my little lima bean

She wanted to stay out the other day & sun in her chair on the patio that's right up against the slider.  

somewhat later we looked up from the movie to see this

Miss Jenga: "guys... guys... what's up? guys?" 

She waits there till I go out and carry her back in the house to her room.
spoiled much?
you betcha!  Every day is treasured

Here she is inspecting my newest quilt top.

out of courtesy we cut the tag off that said 'pup club'. 
The clothing for cats they had were three items & they were all horrific.
I just wanted a comfy, soft tshirt for her.  Her owies are all gone but as long as there is bare skin
I don't trust her to leave it alone. 
She doesn't eat a lot but still drinking water and using her box.
day by day

And as for Ms. Stella
Well, there is a bit of a mystery going on.
She wandered out on the patio the other day looking for her woobie and
it's gone
She turned right around and came in to give me a piece of her mind,
I had no idea it was missing!
Apparently the gardners thought they would do us a good turn & when they cleaned up all the tree branches we trimmed they cleaned up the patio as well.

Ms Stella:  "I can't even look at you!"

so that's it for now.
We do visit everyone but with all this activity around the house & new
daily care giving tasks for Missy J, we don't let That Woman have much
leisure time.  And if she is permitted to sit

well, you get the idea...


Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Miss Jenga

Miss Jengs is still doing reasonably well, she isn't crazy about her shirt but I only make her wear it when she goes outside with me so it will protect her baldy skin from outside irritants.  (As well as her own hind claws scratchin the heck out of it till she yowls at her own self). 

The bald patch seems to be growing so I may have to take her in regardless.  The vet said they could give her another 'allergy' shot which is also a steroid so that's no bueno. 

Thank you all for keeping her in your thoughts.  She's such a lovely sweet girl, I truly hate that she has to endure her situation.

That Woman