Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Sorry we've been absent for a bit. 

Here's some photos to catch you up with.

First some Cat Tails

belleh spots

And the goon who thinks he has camoflague

I love how that one branch looks like his tail!

Best cat tree ever, I especially love watching him come down backwards.

I bet in his mind he's Tom Cruise

Ms. Jenga got a new shirt (one that fits better) and comes out infrequently with me to get some fresh airs & check her peemail

my little lima bean

She wanted to stay out the other day & sun in her chair on the patio that's right up against the slider.  

somewhat later we looked up from the movie to see this

Miss Jenga: "guys... guys... what's up? guys?" 

She waits there till I go out and carry her back in the house to her room.
spoiled much?
you betcha!  Every day is treasured

Here she is inspecting my newest quilt top.

out of courtesy we cut the tag off that said 'pup club'. 
The clothing for cats they had were three items & they were all horrific.
I just wanted a comfy, soft tshirt for her.  Her owies are all gone but as long as there is bare skin
I don't trust her to leave it alone. 
She doesn't eat a lot but still drinking water and using her box.
day by day

And as for Ms. Stella
Well, there is a bit of a mystery going on.
She wandered out on the patio the other day looking for her woobie and
it's gone
She turned right around and came in to give me a piece of her mind,
I had no idea it was missing!
Apparently the gardners thought they would do us a good turn & when they cleaned up all the tree branches we trimmed they cleaned up the patio as well.

Ms Stella:  "I can't even look at you!"

so that's it for now.
We do visit everyone but with all this activity around the house & new
daily care giving tasks for Missy J, we don't let That Woman have much
leisure time.  And if she is permitted to sit

well, you get the idea...



  1. NO! Not the woobie! Though, we do love Jenga's new shirt.

  2. Miss Jenga looks quite fetching in her shirt. of course Oliver is a very handsome man cat, whether on laps or in trees. And we are so sorry about Stellie's woobie. Quite sad.

  3. Oh Stellie, not your woobie. Please, no. I don't blame you for giving the furred shoulder even though I know it was not her fault. Still we only have our mom's to blame so let's get started here. BLAME!

    You look gawjuss Miss Jenga in your perfect-color-for-you shirt. Sending my love and mom's too, straight at'cha.


  4. Oh dear COD! Your Wobbie is gone?!!!

    Hope you're feeling better Miss Jenga!! Still purring for you.


  5. That is one spiffy shirt that Ms. J is sporting...even if it was meant for a ::whispering:: woofie!

  6. Miss Jenga looks much happier in her new shirt and we LOVE the picture of her sitting at the door--MOL!! Ms. Stella, darling girl, I know I am showing my horrible ignorance and memory, but . . . what's a woobie?

    Love and purrs to all XOXOXOXO

  7. Thanks for the updates! Miss Jenga looks good and we is very sorry to hear bout Miss Stella's woobie. What is this world coming to? ::whisper:: "Gardeners, that clean up......"

  8. I'm glad to see Miss Jenga still so spirited! I know ALL about gardeners ruining things for us cats. That is why it took so long for me to have a fresh catnip stash.

  9. guys...tell yur mom itz a & oh kay if her doez knot blog ore visit everee day...we all noe her haz stuff ta due N de health oh de "on a purrsonal note" kittehz is FAR mor important....all oh uz bloggin buddieez willl bee heer when ewe getta chance ta chillax thisa way...

    N jenga...if ya iz tired oh nutri cal, ree mind yur mom GNC makes de same thing, chicken flavored..N her mite wanna ask yur vet if itz ok ta take an appetite stimulant couple oh times a week...

    we has hurd baby food werks well for finicky times...just stay way frum de ones with de onion N de other bad stuffz...

    az all ways...de blessings oh st francis two ewe

    meowloz ta de crew !! XOXO

  10. Hugs to everyone, y'all are looking darn good!

  11. Wes been visiting, but usually at night and in bed, so not too many comments has been sent. But tonight Mommy promised me wes would visit and we was so furry happy to sees a post by yous!
    Kisses to evferry body -especially Ms Jenga and Ms Stella!

    1. Oh Yes! A head butt for yous Stella!

  12. Ms Stella my HERO! You are going to ululate (sp?) until Spitty comes home again? Man, that will be AWESOME!


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