Sunday, September 29, 2013

Well this can't be good

Apparently the red yarn ball is on time out.

 I should have named him Waldo! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Snoozin over the hump

Various methods used;
The Enigma

The Wedge

The Ambivalent Purrito
(note one paw grabbing woobie while other paw is tucked safely away)

The Flip & Fold 

What are some of your favorite ways to snoozie cruz over the humpday? 

Monday, September 23, 2013

An Award for HRH Ms. Stella O'Houligan

*boots off the Ornj Mutant* 

I will have you know that *I*; Ms. Stella O'Houligan received an award from FLYNN

It's the "opposites attract' award!  I'm not exactly sure what that means but I'll take it since the mutant has been gobbling up all the screen time lately. 

Isn't it prettyful?  

Well anyhow, there's instructions for something as prestigious as this but unfortunately That Woman had just gotten home and sat down having some kind of alcoholic beverage by the time she got to MY duties for her she was pretty well half in the bag (and since that only takes like half a beer you can imagine  how my evening went)

So thank you very much Flynn for my award!  I appreciate it and you can tell by my lips I'm purrin up a storm right here thinkin of you across the pond.  Now all I need is a windswept coastline and a gentle breeze...

Holy cod That Woman is typing utter twaddle! Please forgive my human Sir Flynn; I really must get her to stop watching QI and thinking she has any brain cells left at all. 


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Mancat Monday!

Ollie would like to share some stuff!
We were asked to try out some cat toys and catnip from The Natural Pet Company.

Well I will let Ollie tell how much he loves this stuff.  
Since he's our youngest cat he was certainly more than stimulated by the toys in particular. 

His favorite is the wand toy.  Right off after he was left with it he did chew two of the tail feathers off 
but he just adores this thing!

He will go find it and drag it over to me or drag it off and play with it himself as the third video shows (at the end) 

The above vid was right after we got our supplies out.  I kept them locked up until I knew I'd have time to video.   Miss Jack, Scraps & Ms. Stella all love the catnip without a doubt, they just aren't as animated as our Ollie so you get to see more of him.  

I'm so sorry for that video.  I thought the camera was off at first. 
There was The Cat Pack of toys. 
What's really fun is the little balls with ribbons on them?  He sorta likes to horde them.  Ms. Stella whapped him silly one night & took off with one.  I heard her later playing with it in the bedroom by herself.  It was hilarious!  They have little bells inside.  

What?  All the toyz are belong to me.  

That little mousie in the bottom right is another of Ms. Stella's favorite.  Ollie doesn't seem to mind that one.  Ms. Stella sorta perches on then 'starts her Harley' as we call it but kick starting it with her hind leg.  

Someday I need footage of that. 

So I say all thumbs way up for these toys and nip!  The best bit is that it's all available thru Amazon.  
If you are a prime member the shipping is waived. 
I will say that we were given the toys & catnip at no cost and to give a review on but I have no problem doing that since all the kitties here seem totally smitten with their new stuff!  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I beg your pardon?

Don't you have work to do?
I suggest you get to it, My cat treats don't magically appear from the store you know.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How did Ollie Celebrate

His Viceroyship of Alcatraz bestowed uopn him by none other King Spitty himself?

By sleeping with the fishes of course!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

A Caturday in the park

Ollie: "Lookie Scraps!  Dis my 'Regal' pose!  

*viewer note Scrappie's expression: "I don't like you therefore I refuse to accept your reality in my reality..."*

Ms. Stella can be heard off camera to the right commenting to Ollie:

"Was that the one you were practicing the other night?" 

Ollie:  "Stellie!  Dat wasn't my fault!  Dere was a giant beast with sharp pointy fangs and ..." 

Ms. Stella still off camera:  
"Giant beast? I heard from Ole Tomcat (The Spitty doppelganger) that it was a baby possum sniffin the tip of yer tail when you was lookin at mothra, then when you did see it finally it smiled at you and  Ole Tomcat said you totally freaked and that's when you fell in the pool backwards and he laughed so hard he nearly snorted the toona juice he was enjoyin!"

*viewer note Miss Scrappie oblivious reverie: "ooohhhhh,  lookie; dragonflies..."*
Ollie: "WHAT? That's a lie!  None of youz guys was there & so you don't know nuffing"

Ms. Stella: "You callin me a liar boy?  You get yerself over ta here and you tells me what then really happened and I might consider not shipping you 
off to the Cirque Du Soliel for their water show"

*viewer note Miss Scrappie: "who is that ornj cat over there?.."

Ollie: "Well, here I am, so what?"
Ms. Stella: "Um, not quite Mr. Marblehead, come over here, I don't want Scraps listening in and trying to peddle her 'woo-woo' nonsense on me."

Ollie: "Oh fine... here; (flops down hard on the grass) happy now?"
Ms. Stella: "That's better.  You know Ollie?"
Ollie: "What Ms. Stellie?"
Ms. Stella: "I'm feeling all woozy." 
Ollie: "Really Ms. Stellie, you want me to get you Mom?"
Ms. Stella:  "As a matter of fact, I just feel like something's stuck in my throat." 
Ollie: "Oh my gosh, Are you ok? What can I do?"
Ms. Stella: "I could really use a sip of water..."
Ollie: "she can be so mean..." 

Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, September 06, 2013


decided to go for a midnight swim

since *I* was in the house at that proper hour for treats ...
 sadly I was not there to film what must have been incredibily hilarious
Ollie:  "shut up!"
note from That Woman:  So, I'm calling him and calling him.  Finally I see his head a the backdoor; I open the door (seeing as how it's still 80 degrees at midnight the a/c was on)  I open the door and he's just sitting there, so I open the screen (ours has a cat door in it that's open but he still hadn't moved)... I go to pet him as he looked up and meowed at me, that's when I felt that he was wet.  And not just just damp, but *I just feel into someone's pool* sopping, dripping wet! 
I laughed all the way into the bathroom where I carried him (so now we are both sopping) and got him mostly dried off.  He had the decency not to get on the bed till he was good and dry.  Poor thing, I felt so bad  for him. 

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Carpet Cleaning Day

So after many, many moons of kids, teens, and now just me & the cat clan...
A friend gifted me a carpet cleaning for my living room & hall area.

The really GREAT news is that I am apparently on the committee to free all the lizards that have been entrapped in my house for who knows how long!

I am not kitten you when I say that so far I have found THREE 7 inchers (still living ) right UNDER my own rocking chair!

When I went to move another chair that is next to my oriental desk, under Ms. Stella's woobie ON TOP OF THE CHAIR was a darling little 6incher all curled up.  I must admit that when I gently cupped my hands around him he seemed rather perturbed at me.  After all, it is rather dusk and only now that it's cooled off a bit am I ready to get all this furniture moved out of the living room so that at 9am they can really get this carpet clean!  I would love to have it ripped out and have tile or fake wood put in but it's not my house after all.

So, I will let you know if and when I find more of The Ozman's toys lounging around.  The Ozman himself is unavailable for comment & won't be going outside till tomorrow morning when they show up.

Here's the Ozman now fleeing for his life now that the giant noisy is over. 

I can only guess he's thinking 'what in the hell-o kitty is she thinkin puttin all my stuffs out here?' 
'HEY!  COOL, now I don't gotta hide alla my lizardos in da house cos all this stuff is outside the house'

Ms. Scrapps is next to leave the sealed safe room

Ollie: "I bet I can haz lotta lizardos hidin in all dis stuff out here and them lizardos won't even know it when she takes 'em all back inside' (Smedley laugh)

Miss Jack Miss Jack Miss Jack... (that's how I call her; she didn't wanna come out) 

Ms. Stella checks out the new area rug.  She likes it, in fact, between her & Ollie that one corner is never vacant!
almost back to normal.  You can see the styro blocks under the furniture to prevent rust

something else for the Ozman to play with

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend! 
(It's Labor Day here in the States and we get to celebrate work by playing all day)