Monday, July 30, 2012

Driving Miss Stellie Parts 1 & 2

so you see gentle readers, I'm not prevaricating too awfully much.   Cod love her!

That Woman

Road to Perdition

So there I was, resting CONELESS, wth my footie up and my Ornj cabana boy waiting for my next order; when alla sudden That Woman appears! 

MS: What?

         Why aren't you at work?

          What are you doing with that PTU?

          I'm not going with you! 
          The Gurl always takes me! 
         Leave me alone!

TW:  Well somekitty has definately worked all the narcotics out of her system.  Sheesh! Hold still, I'm taking you today!  I drive safer than The Gurl anyhow, for pity's sake why are you whining soo much!  You're getting Ollie all worked up!   *Ollie! Get down from there, you can't open the PTU, go play with Clyde for pity's sake! * Honestly you TWO!!! 

**********leaves house with screaming carrier************************

By the time Ms. Stella is returned she is cast free and the ride home goes something like this:

OMC she's gonna kill us both
I think I saw Cod just now!  SLOW DOWN WOMAN!!!

Oh Seriously Stella, I'm doing the speed limit.  We are nearly home.

Yeaaah, well that number was a  3  NOT 8!  I'm handy'catted now, I get special treatment~!
Just look at my little footie!!!!   AAAAAAAAHhhhhhh I'm gonna cry!

Oh Holy Cod! well at least when I meet my maker I won't be wearing that blasted cone! 
You did burn it didn't you???

Uh, well, about that Ms. Stell... 


Well, you heard the technician, you have to wear it just for today till where they took the stitches out gets a scab.

HA! You gotta catch me first Woman, I'm phoning Ollie right now, as soon as we are in the door he will jump on your head and I can make a break for it! 


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Torbie Tattoo Thursday

 Stellie and Disco sitting in a tree....   D.I.S.S.  I.  N.   ME!  *gasp*
Stellie & S?  Who could that be???

And the Color of the Day is???

Check back later to see how we modified it!!!

And did you catch the stink eye!  That Ms. Stellie has some squint!!!

in other news:

...keep eyes closed, don't look at her, don't look at her, find my happy place...

Miss Jenga:'s on MY bed, what is it doing on MY bed? Get it off, get it off, get it off!!! ...


Monday, July 23, 2012

Soon Ms. Stellie!

 Here she is resting comfortably in  her house (no doubt dreaming of Mr. D & Mr. S).  She stirs occasionally to whapp any meandering marauding Mancats but other than that; she's just restin up and Wednesday she will visit Dr. again for another look at her healing foot.

Jan from Jans Funny Farm created the graphics for Ms. Stella's auction blog.  I am just so totally overwhelmed at the outpouring of support

Miss Marg is posting all the items for auction.  If you have somethin' layin around you'd like to donate to Ms. Stellie please contact Marg.

We'll keep you posted when the site goes live and the items have been added.  

Please feel free to grab the graphic above & add to your site if you've a mind to.  

Love and pink bandages
Ms. Stella O'Houligan 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunday Spice (and a teaspoon of sugar)

So, Saturday morning Stellie made another trip to the Vet to get her bandage removed!  The dreaded pink polka-dotted thing!  As a treat for the ride there I removed her lampshade.  We had the following could be overheard in the car.

MS: Why pray, am I in this horrid contraption again?
TW:  Now Ms. Stella I thought you would be so pleased to have the lampshade removed.
MS: I don't believe that was the answer to the question I asked...
TW:  Well there's no use calling the neighborhood and for COD sake stop yelling, the person in the car next to us is staring!
MS:  You know we've been at this far too long for you to expect different behavior.  You know what they call that?  Neurotic...  YOU are neuroitc.
TW:  Well if I am so are YOU!  I should strap your carrier to the hood of the car and folks would race to get out of our way thinking we were an emergency vehicle! Aren't you the least bit happy given your cast comes off today???
MS: Are we there yet?

*********************finally there; Ms. Stella is whisked away for cast removal**************
meantime: here's the VetCenter Cats: 

 pawsome Cat tree no?
 Mr. Forrest (who is crosseyed)

Monster Baby snoozes between treats
And this handsome lad is Lucky. 
He is completely deaf but I can tell you he KNOWS where the treat jar is and makes his demands known!
Isn't he just lovely!

*********************I hear cursing...Cods preserve us, I hear loud cursing!***************

Out comes Ms. Stella

Oh dear. 

Oh dear, dear, dear.  


You LIED to me!?!

um.. Ms. Stella I can assure you I had NO idea!!  They said they were taking it off today I SWEAR!

Oh they did take it off!  Then I had a lazer thingy and then they PUT IT BACK ON!!! 

And did I mention? 


What kind of person lies to a person in PAIN? IN SICKNESS, while they are SUFFERING? 
You are fifty shades of EBIL Woman!  

Ms. Stella I'm sooo sorry, I didn't know, they told me on the phon....

I can't even look at you!


 Ms. Stella let me make it up to you?  
I'll stop at McD's on the way home & get you a sausage thingy.  
You like the sausage, remember?

 Ms. Stella stop staring at me like that, you KNOW you don't REALLY have lazer vision. 

Just get me home, I need a proper bath.  I don't want your feeble food offering.  I'll settle for having the cone off the rest of the afternoon. 

I can do that.  Would you like me to get the magic marker out again?  

Don't talk to me.  I didn't say you could talk to me. 
I expect you to take all of Sunday morning and devote it visiting all my REAL furriends on the CB.  

I can do that Ms. Stell.  What time shall I wake you?

when you feed me of course you daft git! 

(here's the teaspoon of sugar for Trish & Quill) 
Clyde say's 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ms. Stellietude

Funny Story: 
Earlier Ms. Stella  was sitting near the back door gazing longingly outside  when Ollie sauntered up and sat next to her (well, I say next to her but really there was at least 10 inches between them)  Anyhow, that apparently was too close for Ms. Stellie's comfort so she got up to leave.  When she stands up at first the footie thing just bugs her so much she ends up flinging her whole paw like its got water on it; you know how they do?  Guess who was sitting just a mite too close when said flinging was flung?  Yup, whapped poor Ollie right in the nose.  

It was funny as hell! 

I bet she did it on purpose.  With all that padding on her foot she probably got some power behind it too cos it was quite a while before poor Ollie would sit next to her again this evening.  (all the while furtively tossing looks at her out of corner of his eye)
Ms. Stella found her woobie but sadly couldn't do muffins.  That danged pink thing just kept getting in the way.  

I'd much rather watch a sleeping cat than just about anything else. 

Came back from my walk this evening to find Ms. Stellie in my chair.  Guess she deserves it poor thing.  I can go sit on the couch.  

She gets her wrapper off tomorrow at 10am. The collar has to stay on for a bit longer.

Auction Update: Ms. Marg has graciously agreed to help me with the auction.  We are waiting to see if we can host it on the Furriends of the CatBlogosphere blog.  I'm so overwhelmed at the moment I can't tell you what a Godsend Ms. Marg is for stepping up to help out.  I'll keep ya posted!

P.S.  I'm happy to report that my 'His & Hers' sinks finally have a 'His'.  heehee.  Clyde spends a lot of time in this sink.  He prefers it sans towel.  All that other crap stuff has been safely moved to closed cabinets.  He is so darling and tonight he was out for just a bit while the big cats were sunning on the patio.  He got to come play on the big cat tree & chased 'Da Bird' toy like a  maniac  till he finally collapsed panting!  SO cute! He & Ollie were playing with a toy under the door with each other till Ollie got bored & wandered off.  Baby steps.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stink Eye Extraodinaire

MS: really?  this is creative as you get? you are truly pathetic.

                       Now Ms. Stella, there's no call to be rude.  I can't do the whole thing black cuz you won't hold still  get a new one tomorrow.  and if you're not careful I'll have them do pink again!

I heard that!  Don't think I didn't!  Where's my medicine Nurse Ratchet?  I need my woobie too.  And don't let that Ornj Menace in here again, he just lays around mooning.

right away Your Majesty, will you hold still Your Majesty? I thought not Your Majesty...

You say that but I'm not deaf,  I can hear the sarCATsum in your voice.

I don't know whatever you mean Ms Stellie *smiling sweetly*.  You get your rest now.  I'll check in on you later.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ms. Stellie Home...again

YOU did this to ME AGAIN???

                                                                                             Miss Stella it was necessary, I'm so sorry.

You will be more than sorry, WHAT? Why is the sun in my eyes?  What don't you want me to see?

                                           now Miss Stellie just calm down.  They had to wrap your footie this time so you have a bandage. 

A wha? what? bandage?  where? *turns;sees thru lampshade, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKK! It's p...p...PINK?   Are you pulling my paw?  Seriously?  OH I am SO  gonna barf all over you, this plastic thing and everything! I DEMAND you paint it black the second  we get home... NO, in the CAR,  I refuse to be carried from the car to the house where just anycat could see and laffs!  This is unacceptable! How could you??? (Sir Spitty will NEVER let me live this down, and you know what human?  I blame YOU for this!)

                                                            Miss Stellie I can assure you I had nothing to do with it.  Besides, I think it's sweet they made it pink coz you're a girl kitty. What is your problem?

girl kitty?  GIRL KITTY?  Honey I ain't a been a girl kitty for like 7 lives ago what kinda drugs are YOU on? 

                                   speaking of drugs... we have a whole new batch for you so you won't be in pain.  I'll be sure and give you a dose as swoon as we are home. Don't fret about the bandage, they will be changing it Friday.  I'm getting you your favorite snack for tonight! 

Excuse me?  Did you say Friday?  I'm a cat, what do I know from Friday?  Besides, when you're ready to put the new one on just knock lightly on the door so I can prepare.  

                                                                         um, well,  I'm not exactly putting it on for you.

Well let me know when Dr. comes so I can be ready anyhow... I like him better than you  anyway.

                                                          oh you'll have plenty of time to get ready on the way there

 On the way there??? Did I miss something?

                                                    weeelll, no, not exactly, um no. See we have to go there for Dr. to change your bandage.   

I am never speaking to you again. 



                                                          Miss Stellie? 
                                                           *sigh* oh alright my love, don't speak to me then.  I'll just have to log your blog entry without your input.  I just hope I can get it right.  

Note to friends:  I'm collecting items that I will offer to auction in addition to my own artwork and CatNip quilts and CatNip birds.   All proceeds go to help defray Ms. Stellie's Dr. bills.  If you have something you'd like to donate  just email me a photo of the item, and what you would like the starting bid to be.  I will get more organized this week & should have everything up shortly.  
Thank you to all who've been posting such kind and thoughtful comments.  I have appreciated that more than words can express. 


Ms. Stella Update

 Ms. Stella is out of surgery minus what was left of her middle toe. 
Dr. said they did lazer treatment on her toe (no idea what that means) and there was no bone infection.
Her footie is wrapped and she can come home tonight by 6pm. 

I am so relieved the surgery is over and she can come home.  She will require more trips to the vet for bandage changes but I'm happier with that than thinking she has to wait ten days before she gets seen again only to find if something else is wrong.  She goes back this Friday.

I know she's a tough ol kitty but I do worry. 

I may be holding an art auction to help defray the costs that have just hit the $1000 mark but right now I'm a bit overwhelmed and just want her home.   Will update more this eve. if possible but certianly by tomorrow She will most certainly have something to say Cod love her!

It's so comforting to read your kind words during all this, I don't feel so alone.  

Clyde is still in bathroom confinement. He is simply a darling little bruiser of a mancat and I can't wait to post more about him and his story.  Ollie knows there's another cat here but has no idea it's meant really to torment be a buddy for him.   Ollie has been acting out since he doesn't have Ms. Stella's firm paw giving him a whap every now and again.  I'm sure he misses his brother and since he has no one to roughhouse with he's pretty frustrated; that's why we decided (after months of deliberation) to get him a buddy.  Clyde was adopted from an event at Petco. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NOT good news!

Ms. Stellie went in for stitches removal today...

Not only didn't they remove them

They informed us that the bone was still protruding through her foot.

She is back home resting and will go in tomorrow morning to be operated on...again...

My poor, poor darling Queen. 

There will truly be Hell to Pay

before this is over.
**edit after talking w/Dr.  He will now need to remove her whole toe. there will be further costs. She may need to remain crated and/or have daily foot bandage changes.  Right now I'm saying every HBO word I know (to myself).  My heart breaks knowing what lies ahead for Ms. Stella but... we'll get thru somehow.**

Monday, July 16, 2012

Spotting Ms. Stellie

zzzzzmmmPPHH WHA? 
 Ms. Stella proves there is nowhere comfy with the lampshade on; here she tries to see if it will disengage itself and return to the lamp that her head is resting on. 
She can hardly imagine how light bulbs can stand it. 

 Here she tries the bookcase in the craft room hoping beyond hope that the infernal plastic will dismount her and return to it's own herd.  No such luck apparently.
Well, this sucks!

Ms. Stellie plotting my penance for commitment of such atrocities to Herself and by extension all CAT kind.

She never did fully appreciate the lamp jokes.  With any luck at all, today her cone may be removed along with her stitches.  We will post the update.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monday Mancats with Ollie AND...

CLYDE! (coming soon!)
we are taking things very slowly and right now Clyde is dominating the bathroom.  When he's done there in a week or so he may move to the bedroom. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sunday report

Ms. Stella is approaching critical mass as the 'plastic thing' is still on and will remain so for another 3 days.  None of our conversations are re-printable at this time. (at least her side isn't) 

MS: *from the next room* I HEARD THAT!!  are you blogging in there?  Are you writing stuff on MY blog about ME without MY knowledge?

TW: lalalala-lala-la-la-la *whistle, whistle* la-la-la-laaaaaaaaaaa!

BUT, did that stop her from sneaking out to the backyard?  NO!  While my attention was diverted in the bathroom with a story I will share soon... SHE, with her cone on, managed to slide the invisible forcefield over, and then use her good paw to open the screen door~!  She is simply encourageable!!!  (obviously her guard was bought off with any number of tempations!)

As luck would have it she had only made it to the shady area she loves in the afternoons and was lying peacefully in the long, cool grass.  So I had to be the nasty warden and haul herself back inside and THIS time the door stayed locked~!

She rewarded me by continually banging her cone into the slider door as a way of 'knocking' I suppose and when I would tell her to stop she would only turn and mournfully yowl at me. Oh Stellie.   Soon my love. 


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A short outing

In which we find Ms. Stellie being allowed to roam the house for the evening.  

Rest assured her guard was ever watchful that nothing untoward should befall Her. 

Ms. Stellie:  The heat is making me all fainty.  I think I'll just lie here in the sun (since you won't let me out) 
Yes my love, you cannot go outside with the owie foot still prone to infection and with  your cone on.

 You're looking at my poor footie again aren't you?
Yes Miss Stellie, I need to examine it to make sure it's not dirty or getting infected.
You COULD let ME look at it ya know!
 You could take off the cone so I coulds getz a good look (and a good cleaning) at it
Ms. Stellie, the Dr. did in fact say we could take the cone off provided you didn't go after your footie.  You may recall earlier today when we found you had gotten the cone off yourself you instantly were worrying your sore and it was bleeding.  I had to put the cone back on and secure it better.
If by 'secure it better' you mean choking the life out of me you succeeded!  

In this heat with this thing on it's just making me all sick and woozy... hold my paw. 
As you wish Ms. Stellie

Look at my naked leg, I look like some  grooming job gone hideously wrong!  In what fashion year were 'reverse legwarmers' ever a good look?   Honestly, how could you have let them do this to me?  You are supposed to be looking after my welfare.

Ms. Stellie, Dr. was rather more concerned that you be comfortable during the  surgical procedure. They took absolutely the best care possible of you and were quite sad to see you leave.  Dr. said you were the most well behaved and affectionate cat and he was quite enamored of you. 

Well of course he said that, you hadn't paid him yet! 

*gasp* Ms. Stella O'Houligan! You take that back! Dr. Horn does love you very much.  He said so. 

Whatever, and take that Ornj Menace with you, he follows me everywhere & I don't like it... much. 

Ollie is being protective of you, you know he is counting the days to when you are well so you two can play together again.  You know very well the other hissy bitc...girls don't like him.

Ollie: Um... Ms. Stellie?

 What?  I hear something, Damn the reception in this thing is just wrong! Ollie? Is that you? 
You're behind me again aren't you? 

 Um, yes Miss Stellie, just making sure you are ok on the table Miss Stellie.  That Woman is coming to get you down Miss Stellie.  Did you want to whap me Miss Stellie, you know, to take out your frustration I mean?    I'm right here. 

*sigh* No, not now.  Maybe later when I have more strength. 

Alright Miss Stellie, here She comes.  I'll see you tomorrow then.  Goodnight Miss Stellie. 

*ssmmpff  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*