Friday, July 20, 2012

Ms. Stellietude

Funny Story: 
Earlier Ms. Stella  was sitting near the back door gazing longingly outside  when Ollie sauntered up and sat next to her (well, I say next to her but really there was at least 10 inches between them)  Anyhow, that apparently was too close for Ms. Stellie's comfort so she got up to leave.  When she stands up at first the footie thing just bugs her so much she ends up flinging her whole paw like its got water on it; you know how they do?  Guess who was sitting just a mite too close when said flinging was flung?  Yup, whapped poor Ollie right in the nose.  

It was funny as hell! 

I bet she did it on purpose.  With all that padding on her foot she probably got some power behind it too cos it was quite a while before poor Ollie would sit next to her again this evening.  (all the while furtively tossing looks at her out of corner of his eye)
Ms. Stella found her woobie but sadly couldn't do muffins.  That danged pink thing just kept getting in the way.  

I'd much rather watch a sleeping cat than just about anything else. 

Came back from my walk this evening to find Ms. Stellie in my chair.  Guess she deserves it poor thing.  I can go sit on the couch.  

She gets her wrapper off tomorrow at 10am. The collar has to stay on for a bit longer.

Auction Update: Ms. Marg has graciously agreed to help me with the auction.  We are waiting to see if we can host it on the Furriends of the CatBlogosphere blog.  I'm so overwhelmed at the moment I can't tell you what a Godsend Ms. Marg is for stepping up to help out.  I'll keep ya posted!

P.S.  I'm happy to report that my 'His & Hers' sinks finally have a 'His'.  heehee.  Clyde spends a lot of time in this sink.  He prefers it sans towel.  All that other crap stuff has been safely moved to closed cabinets.  He is so darling and tonight he was out for just a bit while the big cats were sunning on the patio.  He got to come play on the big cat tree & chased 'Da Bird' toy like a  maniac  till he finally collapsed panting!  SO cute! He & Ollie were playing with a toy under the door with each other till Ollie got bored & wandered off.  Baby steps.


  1. So good to see you movin about, Miss Stella!

  2. Anonymous3:33 AM

    Dear Miss Stella,

    I would say that you can pretty much sit, lie, lounge; wherever you darn well please. Personally I would milk this situation for all it is worth.

    Ambassador Schonheit

  3. Purrs Miss Stella, we've been thinking of you.

  4. Ms Stella..I am anxiously following your progress. I am also grateful to Marg for handling the auction. xoxox

  5. Miss Stella - I'm with you sweetie - milk this for all it's worth.

  6. Stella, you need a little club for after the wrapper comes off. Maybe That Woman could decorate it with sparkles and fringe, and when you whap Ollie with it it would be so pretty! heh heh.

    Mommy wants to abduct Clyde.

  7. MS Stella!!! I´m here, purring to you ever! Sweetie funny kitteh!

  8. Oh my gosh, I'm dying at the cast whap! Poor Ollie! But oh my gosh, too funny!
    Looks like the little lady is doing ok? Getting around anyway?
    Clyde is adorable! That look on his face seems to be saying enough with the camera, pet me!

  9. Dearest Stella,
    Me is just too sad for words seeing yous in the hood. Me thinks yous should has a funeral for your toe. And beware of the new baby! but then again, he may keep Ollie from bugging yous!

  10. Miss Stella
    You just keep on using that paw like a club, you'll get your point across.


  11. Miss Stella, we bet you are counting the minutes until you get that thing off!

  12. Hey, Ms Stella. Nice to know that even a heavy nasty foot wrap can have its uses.

  13. We're purring for Miss Stella to have a quick and successful recuperation.

    Marg is so wonderful for offering to help with your auction. She helped Truffle when she had surgery back in January. We'll see what we can find.


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