Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunday Spice (and a teaspoon of sugar)

So, Saturday morning Stellie made another trip to the Vet to get her bandage removed!  The dreaded pink polka-dotted thing!  As a treat for the ride there I removed her lampshade.  We had the following could be overheard in the car.

MS: Why pray, am I in this horrid contraption again?
TW:  Now Ms. Stella I thought you would be so pleased to have the lampshade removed.
MS: I don't believe that was the answer to the question I asked...
TW:  Well there's no use calling the neighborhood and for COD sake stop yelling, the person in the car next to us is staring!
MS:  You know we've been at this far too long for you to expect different behavior.  You know what they call that?  Neurotic...  YOU are neuroitc.
TW:  Well if I am so are YOU!  I should strap your carrier to the hood of the car and folks would race to get out of our way thinking we were an emergency vehicle! Aren't you the least bit happy given your cast comes off today???
MS: Are we there yet?

*********************finally there; Ms. Stella is whisked away for cast removal**************
meantime: here's the VetCenter Cats: 

 pawsome Cat tree no?
 Mr. Forrest (who is crosseyed)

Monster Baby snoozes between treats
And this handsome lad is Lucky. 
He is completely deaf but I can tell you he KNOWS where the treat jar is and makes his demands known!
Isn't he just lovely!

*********************I hear cursing...Cods preserve us, I hear loud cursing!***************

Out comes Ms. Stella

Oh dear. 

Oh dear, dear, dear.  


You LIED to me!?!

um.. Ms. Stella I can assure you I had NO idea!!  They said they were taking it off today I SWEAR!

Oh they did take it off!  Then I had a lazer thingy and then they PUT IT BACK ON!!! 

And did I mention? 


What kind of person lies to a person in PAIN? IN SICKNESS, while they are SUFFERING? 
You are fifty shades of EBIL Woman!  

Ms. Stella I'm sooo sorry, I didn't know, they told me on the phon....

I can't even look at you!


 Ms. Stella let me make it up to you?  
I'll stop at McD's on the way home & get you a sausage thingy.  
You like the sausage, remember?

 Ms. Stella stop staring at me like that, you KNOW you don't REALLY have lazer vision. 

Just get me home, I need a proper bath.  I don't want your feeble food offering.  I'll settle for having the cone off the rest of the afternoon. 

I can do that.  Would you like me to get the magic marker out again?  

Don't talk to me.  I didn't say you could talk to me. 
I expect you to take all of Sunday morning and devote it visiting all my REAL furriends on the CB.  

I can do that Ms. Stell.  What time shall I wake you?

when you feed me of course you daft git! 

(here's the teaspoon of sugar for Trish & Quill) 
Clyde say's 


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha! I KNOW I should not laff at a fellow creature's suff'rings, but that second picture of the return trip should be on the cover of "Cat Fancy" or "Fancy Cat" or whatever the hell it is (I wouldn't know since "fancy" and "Spitty" have never been uttered in the same sentence). I hope you gotted your sausage. And maybe another bucket of KFC. A girl needs her strength, you know.

  2. Miss Stella, it just brings tears to our eyes that you are suffering so. If you need anudder human to scream at and punish, let us know and we'll send our Mommy right over!

  3. Oh, we're so sorry...but we were laughing too. We know it's awful and all...and what's up with the PINK, again? But oh...Really, it was quite funny.

    Ms. Stella, you know we're continuing to send purrs for a speedy least you got the cone of shame off for a while!

  4. I am so sorry you had another ordeal Miss Stella. I hope the pink thing gets to leave really soon. Purrs sweetie.

  5. LOL You are a great photostory teller :) Ugh, I do not like pink either! poor baby!!

  6. Somekitty call the ASPCA! Call the President! Call the MARINES!!! Ms. Stella is bein' torchured by the Ebil Vet, and That Woman. The indignity! The horribleness! The humor.

    Srsly, Mommy's Mom had that laser treatment on her hurty foot (!!!) and it's helping a ton.

    Mommy wants to nibble that chinny-chin-chin...

  7. Stella, we will purr had for the next visit to be the final one. Really, this has gone on long enough. We really hope She went out and got your sausage thing after dropping you off with the Gurl and Clyde.

  8. We are so terribly sorry for laughing while you're *suffering*, Stella. We really are but, *sniff*, we just can't stop and now tears are streaming down our faces. Oh Cod...please forgive us!

  9. Such fury! Did they say why you still needed the bandage of doom?

  10. +Ms Stella, we have been reading up on your horrendous ordeal :O Being tortured bu the Vet AND your Mom!!! Oh dear! That is just wrong!!
    We purr and purr your paw gets better soon. We know you will have a special use for that paw when it is better and we want to see pics!! heh,heh,heh !!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  11. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Dearest Miss Stella,
    Well you did kinda need a new bandage, cos the old one was getting just a tad grubby... perhaps Mom, could draw little love hearts on this new one?

    Oh and as for your Mom's protestations that she knew nothing about the pink bandage? I think that was a total set-up.

    Just sayin
    Ambassador Schonheit

  12. Holy Cod, again! Poor Ms Stella.

    And hey there little pal!!


  13. Dearest Ms Stella,
    Peoples Lie! Yous knows bright pink is not all that bad. It matches Spitty's bed. And yous has a whole lot of guilt yous can loads on your people.
    That Clyde is a cutie, has yous hissed at him yet?

  14. Miss Stella we admire how you are being so restrained in making your valid protests about your treatment. You are the doyenne of self control, we would use very bad language indeed.

    Pink is awful.

    Oliver, Gerry & Mungo

  15. Oh poor kitty! You can yell at our Pet Survunt Mummy Cat too. We're purring for you.

  16. Oh dear Miss Stella we are speechless.


  17. Stella, we are very happy that you are keeping your (feisty!!) spirits up. As long as you remain in charge (and it is clear that you are in charge!)your recovery time will go by in the blink of an eye ;)
    Can we say you make us laugh? You make us laugh!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  18. Ms Stella, my hero..I admit that I too, well, sorta laffed and my mom..she was rollin'. I'll punish her I promise.



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