Monday, July 09, 2012

Driving Miss Stellie

Where the HELL have you been?
                                                                                                                   i'm sorry Ms. Stellie

They stole my furrs
                                                                                                         i know Ms. Stellie, 

It's Hot
                                                                                                     we're almost there Ms. Stellie

I hate this plastic thing

                                                                                                  it's for your own good Ms. Stellie

Are we home yet?

                                                                                             i'm hurrying as fast as I can Ms. Stellie

You drive to slow!

                                                                                                    i've missed you too Ms. Stellie

Slow down! (it's not like there's a seat belt in here ya know!)

                                                                                                    ok, we're here love

 Later On...

~~~~~~~after she's settled, new litterbox (and a 5 minute pee) , water, wet fudz & pain meds~~~~~~~~~

I demand..*gulp* haa a           aaay, yer choking me
Oh for Cod's sake, hold still~

 I better  not findez dis on my blog
i don't know what you are saying, no hablamos el gato

I'm toeless too?? HOLY COD Woman what did you let them DO to ME??? (do i have a pillow to put it under, don't i get like a whole salmon or something?)
I'm terribly sorry my love, they had to remove the toe that was not working anymore and stitch the hole so your bone will be back inside your furs where it's supposed to be.  

What? I don't understand you, no hablamos la human moron!   OH MY POOR FEETS!!! someone will pay for this!
uh, yes Ms. Stellie, someone already is, let's not go into that. Get some rest now.  We'll be right outside if you need us. 

What? You're leaving me alone now?
yes Ms. Stell, you need your rest.  Doctor said. 

 I don't remember hearing that part, are you sure? *yawn* well, 
i guess.  Leave my bell please.

Ms. Stella, you don't have a bell, we'll be in to check on you in a couple hours.  We love you lots



  1. Ms. Stella, we are SO HAPPY you are home! What in COD'S name did you do to your toe whilst That Woman peacefully slumbered? More importantly, which digit will you use to flip her The Bird? You make sure you get every last shred of pampering you can wring out of this.
    We are Purring like crazypants for your poor lil' paw to be back in thwapping action SOON.

  2. Disco said he wishes he could come and hold your paw...the one without the booboo of course, and then you could take that cat burka off and he would keep you distracted so you didn't lick your hurty paw...

    Ps: He said you could be the next Star Trek kitty with that special paw!

  3. You have had an ordeal, Stellie. But thank goodness for vets being able to fix bad boo boos like you had. Purring for fast healing for you.

  4. Gosh we are lost! Whatever happened to Ms. Stella?!! We are glad you are now back hoome and healing well. We need to get caught up to see what happened to you poor girl! Remember to ...
    Milk it baby! Milk it! And keep those insults hurled at That Woman coming! YOU GO GIRL!! :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  5. Oh, we're so glad you're home! But your poor paw...we're so sorry that was needed. Purrs that it heals quickly.

    No disrespect intended, Ms. Stella, but the way this post was written cracked us up--it was brilliant and so funny. One of the best posts we've read, ever, on any blog.

  6. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Oh Ms. Stella,
    I are so relieved that you are home and are gonna be OK. Yer toe looks kool. When you feelz bester, You can tell the story of how you lost yer toe whilest you wuz kicking the collective butts of a herd of wild zombies, saving the life of That Woman and The Gurl whilest they wuz snoozin'. Dontcha worry too much about yer furz. Myne all came back just fine when it was shaved away. Yers will too.

    PS - I told my Mom to tell That Woman to lick the topz of yer head for me....I thinked I better telz you in case she actually duz it ... I don't wantcha to think she's loony.

    Dog slobber and tail wags,
    The Riley

  7. Oh sweet girl, I sure am glad you are home and I am so sorry they had to take your toe. Smooch and hugs to you.

  8. Glad you're home and now you can start to heal. Whatever you did, though..geez...don't do it again. Hugs

  9. Whew, what an ordeal. We are so glad you are home and we are purrin that you heal quickly and have no more hurties.

    Pee Ess - milk it fur all it's worth!

  10. We're glad you are home Ms. Stella! We're surprised you were able to make a G-rated post after all you went through but we're very thankful you are home and hope your foot gets well soon!

  11. Ms Stella, my revered hero, thank COD you are home! You look wonderful despite that awful invasion of your beautiful kissable pawsie. Don't you ever worry about that! And that plastic thing..pish pish NO mind whatever to it.

    And the advice you got to milk this for all it's worth..yes. Do it. Be waited on day and night, night and day.

    And Fuzzy Tales said the same thing I am going to say..this was the funniest blog bar none I have ever read..not that I was LAFFING you understand. I was just ..well...repeating, yeah, that's the ticket, I was just repeating what Fuzzy Tales said.

    Love you bunches and more dearest girl. Kissies and snuggles.

  12. Oh Ms. Stella! Your poor toe! We hope you milk this one for all it's worth.

  13. Dear Ms Stella,
    Me thinks yous should make sure yous gets all yous can out of this horrible ordeal (and disfigurement) that yous can! Me thinks yous should limp and look pained every time your Mommy looks at yous! And not be stoic (like my hairy slobbery sister Bob)

  14. Stella, how are you this morning, my love?

  15. SO Happy you are HOME!
    (heehee, mommy did a great story)

  16. I´m so happy you´re home!!!!!!!!!

  17. DARLING! My Human goes on the fritz for a few days and doesn't help me visit as she is contractually obligated to do, and LOOK what happens!!! OMC! It's an outrage!!

    You poor, poor poor girl!!! I hope you make them PAY AND PAY AND PAY for this--YES you should get an entire salmon! AND an entire tuna! AND a full spread of hors d'oeuvres and a plush new bed and anything else you could possibly want.

    And, and, and: Oh no! The cone of shame! Please tell me you do not have to wear it for long! You know darling, you now have a standing invitation to come up here and rest your little headie AND your wounded paw on my floofy tummy and I swear I will not bite you!!!

    XOXOXOXOXO (P.S. The Human is much better but things are still not quite "resolved", so to speak)


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