Friday, July 06, 2012

CATurday Day Four Stay-CAT-ion

Wherein we witness the elusive Ms. Stella.  She gets the first go, eyes closed in rapture.  
Lookit that speedy invisatongue!  

Oliver gives it a taste.  Likewise his invisatongue is lickity spit!

 Last but not least, That Scrappy Cat
Hers has a slower tongue but she prefers the leftover bits of tuna
I hadta resqueeze some juice out for her coz in the two seconds Ollie had the plate the polka-dots were nearly gone and the can was being nosed off the edge of the counter!

Miss Jack & Missy Jenga were snoozin, 

and you know what they say! 

This Caturday kitty love letter was brought to you by 
That Woman



  1. What a wonderful start to my Saturday..seeing all of you. xox

  2. Oh, yummy. Sometimes our Mom will make a little EXTRA juice by adding water to the can and resqueezing. With 5 kitties, you might haft do that one day!

  3. Dang, our mom is on staycation and we haven't gotten any tuna juice. We are so deprived!!


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