Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stink Eye Extraodinaire

MS: really?  this is creative as you get? you are truly pathetic.

                       Now Ms. Stella, there's no call to be rude.  I can't do the whole thing black cuz you won't hold still  get a new one tomorrow.  and if you're not careful I'll have them do pink again!

I heard that!  Don't think I didn't!  Where's my medicine Nurse Ratchet?  I need my woobie too.  And don't let that Ornj Menace in here again, he just lays around mooning.

right away Your Majesty, will you hold still Your Majesty? I thought not Your Majesty...

You say that but I'm not deaf,  I can hear the sarCATsum in your voice.

I don't know whatever you mean Ms Stellie *smiling sweetly*.  You get your rest now.  I'll check in on you later.


  1. Oh Miss Stella, that's a wonderful stink eye. Gold medal performance.

    We are pleased your toe surgery went well and we hope you recover quickly.

    Oliver, Mungo & Gerry

  2. Me thinks you are getting better because you are sounding sassy cat like. he he Glad to hear it.

  3. Purrring purring to you!

  4. Polka Dots! How, um, fashion forward.

    Igor here: Mith Thtellie, I've a nith thpare toe around here thomewhere...

  5. Purrs sweetie, you can whap her when your paw feels better.

  6. Oh, Stella, we sympathize. But have to say, these blog posts at your expense are very entertaining.

  7. Miss Stella, we do hope you are not suffering terribly. We is revvin our motors fur you. Kisses from Mommy. xoxo

  8. Miss Stella
    We hope you're feeling better.
    We know today was Vet day, right?
    Hope that went well.


  9. Miss Stella, you sure are being a good patient! ;)

  10. Hello Sweet (?--well, we'll let that stand for now!) girl! Hope your bandage check went well today. Try and be nice to your Mommy--I think she's suffering more than you! XOXOXO

  11. Anonymous3:27 AM

    Dear Miss Stella,

    The words...

    "Insult to injury" and..

    "We are not amused"

    ...come to mind.

    Ambassador Schonheit

  12. Dearest Ms Stella,
    Mes thinks yous should milk it for all its worth. Ask for special treats too!


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