Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lucky 13!

Ollie: "I win the interwebs!!! I entered Miss Nellies 'finish the sentence' game (so what if I entered every single time?) and I was THE CHOSEN ONE!"

Miss Jack: "Oh Cod, the'll be no livin with him now!"

Miss Scraps:  "What? Seriously?  Like there was livin with him before?"

Ollie: "That's right ladies and this here certificat says you gotta know now that I AM the King of alla you!  And I gots this way coolio crown too!"  
        *looks at mom* "is it still on my head? it's on my head right?" 

Mom: "Yes Ol it's on your head ya big Ornj goof. But I don't think it gives you license to be mean or lord it over the girls." 

Ollie: "They just gotta be nice to be now no matter how much lice I got, or whatever.  And I'm a Viceroy too; King Spitty says so.  Now I just need a Lord to waive over them. Must be some kinda stick or something.Wonder if I can get that on amazon?  

Thanks Miss Nellie! If you was here I'd kiss you!