Sunday, December 28, 2014

Friday, December 26, 2014

Ms. Stella's Secret Paws!

Well kitties let me tell you!

Our Secret Paws arrived all the way from the land of the Hobbits!  
YES!  That's right~~  New Zealand!!  Wowie!  We were so furry excited to open it but That Woman made ME wait!  HA! I think NOT!   I was able to pilfer out something and let me tell you, it was delish!!! 
*note from That Woman, yes she did, and it was one (of two) bags of Temptations Salmon and I quickly stashed the other one away for Christmas Day)

(the picture of innocence)

When That Woman let us have the rest of the box (that she stashed away cos it had a cool design on it) we found a buddie!  That makes noise! 
I was enjoying my 'lil friend all by my lonesome when what to my wondering eyes should appear? 
But a GIANT Ornj Goon and his snooping nose, Oh Dear! 

We also got this marvellous card! 
Ollie say's "Best card ever!" I may even have That Woman take one of her grey markers and make that kitty more resembling of moi and then of course it will be a Masterpiece! 
We love our stuff and we are furry grateful to you all!
Merry Catmas and Best Fishes for the New Year! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ms. Stellie and the footie foot

As of late, this sight is nightly.  She will sit on my footstool and meyowl at me and start pawing at me even after she's had treats.  I can only think she either wants more treats or just some rubs.  After giving her lots of both she will finally settle and lie down to sleep there.  Bossy much?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Snoopervising - Holiday style

ha! Can you see me in the bowl?  
I was looking outside at THIS!

That woman feeds her sometimes and we callz her Miss Hissy Face - today TW got a bit too close and got some deep claw marks in her hand.  tsk tsk...

I'm standing guard at the tree- keepin the riff raff out

Ms. O'Houligan, on the other paw; prefers the ambush approach

it was very messy last night and when it was all done the giant sucky thing came out (and she brought the vaccum cleaner too!)  

I think we're ready for Sandy Paws!  


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Secret Santa!

I got a box all the way from New Zealand!   Can you kitteh beelieve that? That Woman wont let us open it yet but we just had to show the box!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We've been scarce but things are settling down a bit. Love and Best Fishes out to alla our furriends!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Hey Stellie... can I hang out with you in here?

Hey Ollie... go get your own hidey hole!

That woman has been moving her whole studio into her big bed room on accounta The Gurl is moving back in for a bit.  TWis whining about the process but really it's her own fault. If she hadn't already rented TGurls room she wouldn't have this problem.

Since she's been moving stuff she decided to do a housewide purge.  Shes been raiding all our favourite spots (and our pee mail stations) and is cleaning them with industrial cleaners that even remove things like "dead body" smell.  (now I ask you- is that any way to behave? How delectible would THAT smell be?)

Since I'm so old she's been giving me extra treats and giving us all extra love ( including Miss Jack who has become a lap cat since the kittens moved away). 

So we endure yet another change...le mew

Onward brave warriors...

Ms Stella O Houligan

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Catchin' up!

Lots happening over here and we are sorry we been hidin out.
Miss Jack here givin the squint
She's been so much loveyer now that the kittens are gone.   
here's a random shot that made That Woman laugh.  Ms. Pigeon says "I don't care how many plastic 'bird displacers' up here, I still fit!"

Ms. Stella has been enjoying the belly up time

sound asleep.  How do I love thee?

And lastly, the kittens
quite obviously very happy and relaxed in their new home.  TW gets to go visitng over Thanksgiving sometime to slobber all over them.


OH, and we got our calendar!  Look how stellar Ms. Stella looks!

And we got our Secret Paws kitties too and we iz SO excited!!!
 We'll be catchin up with comments soon, but please know we do read blogs when we can and we iz keepin up mostly on FB too. 
Ms. Stella O'Houligan
Miss Jack
Miss Scraps

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bring on the K F C!

Oh kittens we miss you so much. Today though, That Woman brought some offerings from the Golden Bucket of Chik Hen...

Omnomnomnomn oommmmmmm

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Today's the DAY!!!

It's been a long journey this.
From May
I came home from Blog Paws so enthused and instantly signed up to be a foster mom
Six kittens materialized the very next day

Two were painfully lost and I learned so very much (trial by fire) and knew then that I wouldn't be able to do this ever again.  BUT I could do my very best with the ones I had left.

Winston, you were so very small but always full of love and trust

your sister Cosmo was more fearful...

It was love at first cuddle and we knew you were the most special of felines

So inquisitive, open and fearless
You were the leader of the pack

And still a mama's boy

such a giant world to such wee tiny beings

And this face...

 and this motorboat

still sometimes wary

and eventually full immersion to my 'mom lap'
And now with utter JOY I am happy to report that you both will be furrever together
on your way to your new furrever home.  I know they got you all new stuff, A climbing tree, new litter boxes, food dishes, new toys!  You will have so much fun ruling the roost with each other and your new pawrents.   
***reaching for kleenex box now-damn***

I have no other words to give you
no other things to teach you
(Winston, please remember to stay out of plastic bags even though you love them)
(Cosmos- remember to stay open with your heart and give those tiny mews to your new mom who will melt instantly as I do every.single.time.) 

And if ever you need to come back here; my door is always wide open to you.
I love you both so very much.