Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Snoopervising - Holiday style

ha! Can you see me in the bowl?  
I was looking outside at THIS!

That woman feeds her sometimes and we callz her Miss Hissy Face - today TW got a bit too close and got some deep claw marks in her hand.  tsk tsk...

I'm standing guard at the tree- keepin the riff raff out

Ms. O'Houligan, on the other paw; prefers the ambush approach

it was very messy last night and when it was all done the giant sucky thing came out (and she brought the vaccum cleaner too!)  

I think we're ready for Sandy Paws!  



  1. All so pretty! Mom likes those reindeer - did TW make them?

    Watch out for the claw scratches. Mom has been on antibiotics for 10 days for a love bite I gave her in the hand.

  2. I bet Sandy Paws is going to love hanging out with you

  3. It's looking festive around your house! I'm not so sure about that Hissy Face girl, though... she does not sound very festive!

  4. ollie...we bee reddy for de dood in red two...well, boomer & dai$y iz any way coz werd on de streetz iz tuna iz gettin.... BURD SEED !!! ☺

  5. I can't wait for Santa Paws either!

  6. I see you in the bowl Ollie. Miss Hissy Face doesn't look very friendly. I think she is giving you a hard look.

  7. That'll teach TW to feed strange cats. Hope nothing damages her feeding hand - for you.

  8. Miss Hissy Face scratched your Mom? We hope she got it good and cleaned up. She must have been really frightened to scratch the hand that feeds her.

  9. Whoa, that must be one big bowl Ollie, you looks furry tiny!

    We hopes MIss Hissy Face doesn't scratch you human again - it must have hurt. Besides if she's naughty Santa Paws won't bring her a prezzie!

    Just 9 more sleeps!
    Sasha. Sami & Saku

  10. Miss Hissy Face lives up to that name! Things are looking pretty festive at your house. :)

  11. Miss Hissy Face looks like she hasn't missed too many meals. Too bad she got your Mommy. Hope it doesn't get infected.

    Pee Ess - your house looks great!

  12. Miss you babies. As always Ms Stellie, you are our hero.

  13. MOL Miss Hissy Face!!!


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