Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy International BOX day!

go ahead...reach in her for the dice... you'll scream something all right!

Sir Lawrence in his box

Miss Jenga in her  box... er..mostly

Box? Box?  How 'bout a bucket...

Ms. Stellie's Favorite BOX of ALL!

well... a frame is a form of a box right?  Hee. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Repost from Brian's Blog The Change

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!

You all know I don’t usually like repeating myself, but this is so darn urgent and sad that it is totally worth repeating, and I will repeat it often until we’re able to help these two precious souls.
I’m speaking of course of Lil Em and Sapphire. You can see the original post HERE, although I am going to repeat it below.
Please Help Lil Em and SapphireThey have been waiting and waiting, in the horrible South Carolina heat.  We’ve had a couple of contacts, but nothing has worked out.  So please, please, please share and share and share.  We’ve simply got to help these two gorgeous gals.
Here is the original text for those of you that missed it:

We are Lil Em and Sapphire and we were adopted from a rescue group in South Carolina four years ago.  Our owner says she wants to make a lifestyle change and that does not include having kitties anymore.  Guess we were really not REAL members of this family. *Stacy's edit-makes you sick doesn't it? It's sad to me that many humans have animals as mere accessories so when the decor changes it's 'out with the old' as if the beloved sentient beings are no more than accent pillows!*

Our foster had a vet check us out when the rescue received us back and it was ascertained little Sapphire has an enlarged kidney!  What does that mean?  No one seems to know.  She has no outward signs of any problem and uses the litter box and eats and drinks like a normal kitty.  Me, Lil Em checked out fine.  The vet told us to put Sapphire down, however I am  so attached to my sister.  You see, we’ve been together since the womb.
We know it is nearly impossible to find us a home, given the fact that one of us may be sick.  But we are counting on Brian to do his magic and find just one loving individual out there in the blogosphere who would be willing to put their heart and love out there to keep me and Sapphire together.  I’m afraid our only other option is to put Sapphire to sleep if we are not adopted together given her potential diagnosis.
We are currently loving in a garage in South Carolina where the heat index is very hot, with fans blowing.  We have no other place to go.  We have been with other kitties with no problem whatsoever and even a large chocolate lab who we thought was kinda neat.
Please, will you be that person to open your heart and home to keep me and Sapphire together and help us not to have to make that awful decision for Sapphire???  Please help us get our prayer answered.
If you can help, please let Brian know at brianfrum (at) gmail (dot) com.

Please tell everyone you know and you have permission to copy and paste and cross post

Tuesday Tickler

Since That Woman is a HUGE SNG fan
she found this hilarious. 

                                       'starkist date... whatever...'  LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Musing

THIS of course, is ridiculous

Cats are quite perfect no matter their age, condition or attitude.

Humans on the other hand,


 let's just say

life is more challenging for them.

>author note: good thing That Woman wasn't home when she saw this or we'd all have her slobber over all our faces right now! *shudders*

Ms. Stella

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Scenes

 Girls hard at work on this lovely Sunday morning.
I love the rich dark brown velvet of the Morning Cloak butterfly. 
Certainly not as showy as a Tiger Swallow Tail, but quietly elegant none-the-less.
Notice the notch missing from the left wing? 
Looks like a bird beak was there to me. 

Upon closer inspection, the right wing has a mirror notch
 Yup; most likey bird attack (and miss!)
 Butterflies are pretty tough given their appearance to us.
The seem so delicate and fragile as they flit & flip by on there way to who-knows-where
But the incredible distance they travel such as the Monarch on its migration for thousands of miles is pretty friggin incredible for a insect with such a tiny brain.  

Next visitor is one of my favorites

are you talking to me?

Don't mind me, I'm shopping for breakfast
I am NOT the lizard you're looking for
Leave now and no one gets hurt!

Don't worry Mr. Lizard; your tail is safe for another day;
Ms. Stella is pre-occupied 

Happy Sunday kitties!

Friday, June 24, 2011

FFFFFfffffttT! ffft fft fft!

Oh HaI!
I CANt's Say PSSTtt on a countA My brokeD OFf FanG so IT comEs OUt fffffTT 


These went out today for Spitty

(This one has birdz insidez)

And Mr. Brian
(who is the most bestest guy for bloggin for the lost kitties)
(This one has catz insidez)

sHE Is hApPY To bE clEANinG
sHE Is wEIRd!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wednesday Wowie!

First off; my gorgeous self.  
I'm being 'lit' by the reflection from the sliding glass door.  
Do I know how to pose or what? 

Heya; gota sec? 

That Woman came home from her trip with 5 extra CatNip Quilts.  
She is offering them at a discounted rate of $25.00 each (free shipping in U.S.) to 'get them outta my sewing room'.

Here they are all ready packaged (click to biggify for details) : *note my cute face on the lable!


*the infamous 'kitties in the sewing room' fabric*

She said she will personalize them if you like; just send a quick comment. 
The PayPal button is up on the right; 
Thank YOU!
*please note my freckly lips and broken off fang-o-nator.  Is that bad a## or what?*

Monday, June 20, 2011

Two fer Toosday

1.)   MMmmmmmmS. Jenga shares a quiet moment 

2. Best Naughty Kitty fabric evar! We dedicates this to Ms. Nellie
the Cat From Hell and all meezers & naughty kitties everywheres!

SHE is slowly finding her feets & should be back to regular postedings soon. 

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I am NOT lost!

Even though That Woman has been so occupied that she's let MY blog just go to rot and ruin for seben-elebinty squillion years I am making her take dictation right this minute while she has two seconds between ninety other things she claims she needs to be doing right now.  First off; you might like to see a photo of me in case you forgot what I look like it's been sooooo long... 

Gods I'm cute!

Next, I am making do a quick post about what's going on even though she's *dog* tired and still not done with 'Senior Week' and final Graduation ceremonies of Our Gurl. Here is the two of them at The Gurl's Baccalaureate ceremony last Sunday. 

The 'formal' commencement is Thursday night.  

That Woman also attempted to sneak in her birthday on the 13th but we know it was her day & I gave her many headbutts that morning while she was still in bed! Something I NEVER do; so I'm sure she felt extra special.  

I must tell you though the day was saddened by the news that the beloved Miss Queen Cinnamon the Disapproving-est Bunn of all time had to go over the bridge. 
Our love, purrs and tears go out to her minions NBB & Shaz. 

Also; That Woman has been culling all the 'old paper' photos to make a special present for The Gurl.  She has found some real gems.. Like this for instance :
 Or this one; Here Ellen is holding 'Big Lu' the day this orphan arrived.   
'Big Lu' didn't start out so big!  She followed That Gurl everywhere.  

These are making That Woman get all gushy. "OH FER COD'S SAKE, get over yourself ya old woman!     And now it's eight pm and she has to get back to 'real work'. 

More later my dear, dear friends!  
The light at the end of the tunnel is not just filled with teeth and claws!  
Ms. Stella O'Houligan

PeeeeSS: That Woman here:  I want to thank everyone for their kind wishes and healing purrs!  My ears are almost all better now!  Thank you so much!


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Some Me Time

That Woman is home today.  Her ears haz an infection.  So while she waits for her medicine to make her sleepy she sat outside with me.  I thought I would show her how to protect her ears from any nasties. 

Friday, June 03, 2011

Some BIG kitties

The Exotic Feline Breeding Compound is
a place where Big Cats are exchanged from all over the worlds zoo's to assist in
keeping the DNA diversified by using inter-zoo breeding.  It's AWESOME!
The main benefit for the cats and  humanity is that the gene pool won't become so  diluted that we start losing the traits necessary for their survival.  Sadly, right now the Cheetah population was being so inbred that the animals immune systems were in danger of being compromised.   With the inter zoo breeding programs; this disaster has been temporarily averted. 

The best news for me & El was that we got to visit (as anyone can!) the compound and see these glorious, indescribably beautiful and mysterious C.A.T.S.!
Here I am entering Mecca!
I encourage you to biggify the photos for extra ooooooh's.

I will start with the stars of the day! The wondrous Snow Leopards
 This is Zack

Zack likes to chase Annie his lover.  Here is where he 'put the sneak' on her and lept out,
she is NOT climbing those rocks dear friends. She is airborne!   They were a bit below us so you can't appreciate how high she actually was!  It was loud when she bounced up and off the wall to her right. 

A lovely couple shot.  Look how big the end of his tail is!!

Their paws are the most magnificent things! So giant!

As for a TUMMY shot???
ya; I nearly died.  And look at those FEETS~!!!!

This little guy was next to them; he is a fisher cat.  His name is Frizbee :)  It was near feeding time; we checked back & sure enough; they tossed (in his bowl) several halves of big fish!  He was so cute when one of the fishies got kinda stuck in one of his fangs, he was pawing like mad to get it off!

Next up is Thumper, the Canadian Lynx.
more giant snow paws! It's said that their feets are so sensitive they can feel the tiniest vibrations of meeses under the snow. That combo with those ears and you've got a great varmint hunter!

He had just turned around here to look at us.  He had been staring under the crack of the door waiting for his foodz!  These incredibly shy creatures are a boon to animal photographers when they are in the wild.  You can see why they are so sought after. 

A big cat many confuse with the Lynx is this lovely Bobcat.  Note the much smaller paws; stubbed tail; light sand color.  Dontcha just wanna give chin skritches to her??? So lovely.

This beauty is an Ocelot.  Check out those muscular legs!  He didn't just walk, he would swagger! I adore their faces and look~!

Pink TONGUE!!!  squeeee 

This sly devil is the Clouded Leopard.  He had an odd coloring; note how dark his marks are from his front shoulders up; but from there back he was considerably lighter.  I wondered if he had to be shaved or something and his fur hadn't quite come back in all the way.  

The lovely Serval.  Note the false eye patches on the back of the ears. I love the dark stripes right down the nape!

Zen kitty says 'Inner peace......'

Caracal.  Poor thing wore a path with pacing near the food depot.

This kitty reminded me of one of mine.  MeYowling nonstop for the noms.

The Pallas Cat. Think of the nastiest Persian Cat you've ever known, now times that by 10!  These lovely balls of fur hissed at everything and everyone.  I laughed out loud and they they hissed right at me!  Poor things.  They must be rather secretive (well, more so than most cats I guess) because their giant enclosures were full of boxes to hide in.  

Onto the big cats.  This is an Amur Leopard. 
There are only 1200 IN THE WORLD.  These lovely beings hail from Siberia, Russia. 
There are maybe 300 in the wild.  The rest are in captivity. 
This big male was housed next to this female.

She was VERY interested in him; staring and pacing.  The park ranger said they do play together thru the cages.  When he shows more interest in her, they will snoopervise a 'joined visitation' and if all goes well they are hoping to mate them. 
They said that Big Cats are just as picky as most other animals when it comes to this.  
Right now, he was a bit stand offish of her.   
I will say that we did observe them play batting each other, he would then saunter away from her; and bare his fangs (playfully) and then he would make this noise.  I nearly peed laughing so hard.  Here's this giant cat; big ol teeth and would kill you as soon as look at you and then he opens his giant maw and what comes out? 
'nnnrrrrrrrrrrk'.  I'm so not kidding; you had to listen pretty hard to hear it too.  I had to leave the viewing area I was laughing so hard. (I didn't want to embarrass him)

Next up is another Leopard.  Presumably this one is from Africa.  His TAIL is as big around as my ARM! 
He was awesome! 

First we were incognito... Hiding behind the wind screen.
Then; he laid down and graciously gave us this shot. 
Please make bigger to really enjoy this magnificence.  

 I swear to you on my first born that when this gaze falls upon  you directly looking you in the eye; you know... beyond all doubt that you are the bottom of the food chain. They are that intense. Leopards  are considered the smallest of the Big Cats.  They can carry carcass' in their jaws 30 feet straight up a tree! 

There was a woman pushing a stroller; her 2 year old daughter was in it.  Whenever the child moved; that laser eye was on her!  It was chilling (and exciting). 

Next up is my personal favorite.  The Puma, or Mountain Lion or Cougar (depending on where you live).  I love this shot;  I can imagine him thinking

'Just bring the noms slaves'

'Whatever!'  Now THIS is the back of disrespect!
I can respect that.

And last but not ever the least...

The Black Panther.
Panthers are a variant of the Leopard.  You can tell when viewing their coats you can see the black on black rosettes.  But seriously, with that profile I was not looking at his glorious coat.  I was looking at the massive head and jaws. Isn't his profile just magnificent?
And look!  One wild crazy white whisker!  LOL.

Seriously dude; how can you still be so intimidating with that? 
Well, because you can.  In this shot his tail looks very foreshortened.  I apologize for that, it's really quite long.  But he was anxious awaiting food and didn't stay still very long. 

These are just some of the 300 photos we have.  Since we downloaded them all as 'raw' files it takes longer to edit them all.  I hope you enjoy these and in the coming day's I'll get more up. 

We are so happy to be home and Miss Jenga was so upset with our absence she's lost all the furs under her chin and it's just raw and scabby.  I've had to keep her locked in her room and try to keep her from irritating it more. 

Miss Jack has taken to peeing on the corner of the fridge in her irritation and Ms. Stella you all ready heard from with her super secret food stash.  Miss Scraps is just so happy we are home she drools and purrs so hard just when you glance at her.  Even with the TLC that they receive in our absence they simply don't like things out of their routine.  Who says cat's aren't social.  Well, at lease the Cattus domesticus is social.  I think these Big Ones would feel differently.

Happy Friday!