Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Scenes

 Girls hard at work on this lovely Sunday morning.
I love the rich dark brown velvet of the Morning Cloak butterfly. 
Certainly not as showy as a Tiger Swallow Tail, but quietly elegant none-the-less.
Notice the notch missing from the left wing? 
Looks like a bird beak was there to me. 

Upon closer inspection, the right wing has a mirror notch
 Yup; most likey bird attack (and miss!)
 Butterflies are pretty tough given their appearance to us.
The seem so delicate and fragile as they flit & flip by on there way to who-knows-where
But the incredible distance they travel such as the Monarch on its migration for thousands of miles is pretty friggin incredible for a insect with such a tiny brain.  

Next visitor is one of my favorites

are you talking to me?

Don't mind me, I'm shopping for breakfast
I am NOT the lizard you're looking for
Leave now and no one gets hurt!

Don't worry Mr. Lizard; your tail is safe for another day;
Ms. Stella is pre-occupied 

Happy Sunday kitties!


  1. We Cats are trying to think of a pithy comment to make about Humans traveling and THEIR tiny brains, but we're just too tired. Stella's tummy did however perk us up!

  2. LOL @ "I'm not the lizard you're looking for."

    If you say so, Obi Wan! :-D

    Purssonally, both the lizard and the butterfly look very tasty to us! Heh heh.

  3. What a beautiful and Peaceful blog. Was that yours Ms Stella?

    Love and purrs sweet Sister.

  4. Everything was serene until the lizard! We got excited because we wanted to play with it and mommy got the eebie jeebies! Ms. Stella's cute tummy helped things calm down though!

  5. We love butterflies and that one is so pretty...wing notches and all! And Mr. Lizard, consider yourself lucky that Stella decided to take a bath when you came by.

  6. Mommy agree with you, Tummy is the best thing you should looking for..Cause It's so cute : )

  7. perfect post of beauty,humor and peace :)


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