Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wednesday Wowie!

First off; my gorgeous self.  
I'm being 'lit' by the reflection from the sliding glass door.  
Do I know how to pose or what? 

Heya; gota sec? 

That Woman came home from her trip with 5 extra CatNip Quilts.  
She is offering them at a discounted rate of $25.00 each (free shipping in U.S.) to 'get them outta my sewing room'.

Here they are all ready packaged (click to biggify for details) : *note my cute face on the lable!


*the infamous 'kitties in the sewing room' fabric*

She said she will personalize them if you like; just send a quick comment. 
The PayPal button is up on the right; 
Thank YOU!
*please note my freckly lips and broken off fang-o-nator.  Is that bad a## or what?*


  1. 1st: Ms. Stella is gorgeous!

    2nd: I love the catnip quilts so much that I'm sad I no longer have any kitties who could enjoy them. What an amazing item!

  2. Bad A$$ indeed! We'd be trembling in our boots, if we wore boots.

    pee ess: freckly lips are sexay!

  3. I finally made the Human order me a quilt! I chose the first one (the birdie pattern). So, my Human is not the Sharpest Crayon in the Box, and she hopes she did the Paypal right (it's an echeck so it might take a couple days to get there); also, she put a different mailing address in the message part. Well, we hope you got everything! If not let her know!

    I love your teefs, Ms. Stella.

  4. I'm gonna have Dad order a cat one, now! You can put Brian on it if you like!

  5. I love your catnip quilts what a great idea! I bet my babies would love one. Saddly though I cannot afford one but maybe sometime soon! Thank you for sharring.


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