Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy International BOX day!

go ahead...reach in her for the dice... you'll scream something all right!

Sir Lawrence in his box

Miss Jenga in her  box... er..mostly

Box? Box?  How 'bout a bucket...

Ms. Stellie's Favorite BOX of ALL!

well... a frame is a form of a box right?  Hee. 


  1. LOL! We wouldn't reach in that box for anything, thanks. :-P

    The pic of Sir Lawrence in his basket is absolutely priceless--so funny!

  2. I agree with Fuzzy Tales, I was just going to say that Sir Lawrence's and the very last one are my absolute faves!!!
    Sir Lawrence's is hilarious and the last one is just too precious!

  3. Ha..Ha..I like The hanging butt style : )
    Happy Box Day !

  4. Happy IBD everyone, those boxes are so cool! Hey, the catnip quilt was a after the July 4th holiday!!!

  5. OMC!! Picture #2 is award-worthy for sure! (But see? That's why I don't go into boxes--that box is trying to EAT him for sure!

    Make sure you come to visit me today--I think you'll recognize what's in my post :-)

  6. Ms. Stella those game boxes are very nice for hiding in. I saw your quilts at Spitty and wanted to say hi.

  7. Theese ones are good ones! Enjoyed your IBD pictures!


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