Monday, July 27, 2009

Long Beach Quilt Festival 2009 or "Rockin the Purple Carpet"


(my dog tags)

I would like to say THANK YOU to Karey & her fabulous band of fantastic femme's who worked so tirelessly to make the Long Beach Festival such a HUGE success! You gals ROCKED!

I nearly fainted with joy when I walked through the big open doors to see my own work staring me (literally) right back in the face! My Cheetah quilt was about as front & center as you could get. It was part of the 'West Coast Wonders II' exhibit and was flanked by one stunning piece of art after another! I was truly verklempt! So much for the mascara! After composing myself; my friend Julie snapped this pic. What a momentous occasion for this virtually unknown quilter from Orange, CA.

My Journal Quilt was there as well representing the water element: "Flamingo Walk"

My Edges Piece 'Silence'

My buddy Julie and her Edges piece:

That's all cut work, velvet. She did all that by hand!

Do you Moo too??? Here's some 'moos' I collected, can you 'guess who's moo' by the art?

I had one for Jamie Fingal but now can't find it :(

I will tell you that went I went over to Make it University & Judy Coates Perez was sitting there in her darling groovy yellow apron, I immediately went right over & said "There SHE IS!!!" Where is that lovely flip thing with your art on it??" She was gracious enough to actually act like she knew who the heck I was & what in the heck I was talking about! (Ok, I posted on her blog when she first showed it off, but really, I didn't expect her to actually remember)LOL. That's a classy gal right there!

As I kept walking I hear a voice shout out "You WIN!" and I stood there because A.) I was wearing my Tiara and B.) I'm nosey & want to see who won and what it is! This adorable little gal sitting there calls me over & gives me an ATC she's made. She says it's because of my Tiara. I'm so thrilled I don't even realize who I'm talking to! It's MELANIE TESTA!!!! I'm standing there like a big doof and MELANIE TESTA is giving me one of her ATC's!!! Just when I thought I couldn't be anymore verklemt than I was all ready between the Cheetah, Ms. Perez & being filmed by Bonnie McCaffrey (ok, more on that later!) Here it is; I will treasure it always!!! Thank YOU!!! so much Melanie!

I pinned it on my dress & wore it proudly the rest of the day!!!

Speaking of running into folks! A gal I've been friends with online for awhile now was going to be at Festival & we exchanged cell numbers so we could 'meet in person'. I was so thrilled to see her & we hung out for a good while chatting & laughing & even walking the vendor isles a bit. SO much FUN!!! I was sad when I had to leave her but it was such a great highlight of my day!!! Here we are, me & my buddie Lynn Douglass

We're standing in front of my Detours piece "Noah's Raven".

Here's a shot of me & Cynthia Catlin; she's in charge of exhibitions for Quilts on the Wall: Fiber Artists. Many of you may not know, I'm currently President of this group (2 years) and Cynthia is the past president & now Exhibitions Chair. There are over seventy members in this group. She works incredibly hard on our exhibits for Quilts on the Wall! Thank you to Susan Willen for taking this picture of us!

Here's some shots of my 'Combat Tiara for the Dangerously Fabulous!" Though there was no official 'parade of Tiara's' this year, I made one anyway just in case.

What I shared at the QA/SAQA reception: Still a WIP but getting closer Sarah!

What we bought! Julie & Cindy & I had a blast at the 'Hand Dyed' shop as usual!

That brilliant Red is one piece that has browns on either side & that gorgeous red strip right down the middle. It's amazing!

These yummy pieces were from Anansi village.

Now about Bonnie!

When we first got to Festival; Julie & I were standing at the Detours exhibit. I noticed a gal standing in front of my 'Noah's Raven' with a video recorder. She asked me if I'd like to be on film & say a few words. Being up for anything and feelin so groovy from my Cheetah high I was all excited to do it... Till I realized, I had to stand there and SAY SOMETHING on CAMERA! She asked me to say some words about the raven & my tiara, I kid you not, I stood there said 'what?'. I was so nervous I couldn't figure out what to do considering I couldn't really look at either thing while I was trying to describe it! I thought about ripping the Tiara off my head but the fear of having all my hair standing upright and askew on camera would be worse. If there was any useful footage of my fumblings I'll be amazed! I felt so dumb & my voice had tremours from being nervous! I mean, here's me who could get up & sing in front of crowds (and has) but without a script? or something to focus on? I was totally lost!

It was fun and when it's all over, she thanked me and was so nice & she left with Julie to talk about Julies piece in Edges. Then someone came up to me and asked 'So, did Bonnie McCaffrey interview you?' did I realize! OMG!!! THAT was BONNIE MCCAFFREY!!! SHUT UP!!! Well, it was a total geek out moment I can assure you! No idea, as I said, if any of the footage will wind up on the vidcasts of the show but ya; I'll be watchin! And later the next day; I looked up her site & watched nearly all her vidcasts & was blown away by not only the artists she's interviewed, but all the lovely quilts she's captured! Thank you Bonnie for showing those of us who can't go to Houston, or England those fantastic quilts!!!

So, that's my story... (not all of it; but there are somethings that have to stay under wraps just yet)

Still floatin' on cloud 10!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paw It Forward Presents !

Ms. Stella O'Houligan says "I got presents?" Loco Coco say's "Heeeyyyy, datz for all of us!" (Loco she's not!) Stellie say's "I'M the LEADER, I'LL inspect this to make sure it's safe for you blondie!"

"HEY GUYS!! We have GRASS!!! Get the biped over here to make it!"

"Hummm; catnip ball should go to our newest 'tenant'; she could sure use extra love being parted from her family after 6 years"

Jenga says "Why Thank you Ms. O'Houligan, how positively civil of you!"

Jenga says, "And don't worry about the extra loves, the biped's got that covered!"

All this love & cuddlez from our friends at Furrydance. The card was even personalized with a secret braille message from them. Our hooman squealed at that... little does she know... The alliance is strong. Our hooman said she's making something extra special for the Furrycat dancers and Disco NoFurNo too! She can't disclose here but we've all tested them; & now we will get some too! Rock On~'Nip out!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have many blogs I read daily on my Google Reader. (if you don't use this feature, you should) I fell in love with this one as it combines two of my favorite things; beads and cats. Her post today made me smile a lot!!! I recently sent her a tiny gift 'just cuz' I love that Tortie Isabella & her sister Angel. Imagine my delight when she posted this today.

Many, many thanks Sharla. You totally made my day!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Long Beach Quilt Festival 2009

I am proud to be a part of two exceptional art quilt groups that will have special exhibits at this years Long Beach Quilt Festival.

The first is with my Cutloose group and our exhibit is titled 'Edges'. Here is my piece: I interpreted the theme to mean the 'edges of tranquility'.

The second group is Quilts on the Wall: Fiber Artists and our exhibit is titled 'Detours'. Here is the postcard for the show featuring my fellow Cutlooser Cindy Cooksey's fabulous quilt on the front! (visit her site here)!

My interpretation of Detours was found in 'Noah's Raven':

My Journal Quilt will be there as well: Flamingo Walk

And in West Coast Wonders; I'm totally stoked to announce my Cheetah quilt will be there honoring the work at the San Diego Wild Animal Park and Cheetah breeding program.

Come on down & check out all the great and wonderful Quilts!

Days are as follows:

Friday, July 24th, thru Sunday July 26th at the Long Beach Convention Center.
See you there!


I was awarded this by Nathalie

The associated rules are to name seven things you like
And to nominate seven other blogs for the award, thus spreading the love.

1. Laughter
2. Rain/Sunshine
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4. Backyard flowers
5. Animals
6. Birds
7. Chocolate Donuts

7 Blogs to give awards to! (I could only narrow to 9!)

here goes:

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Paw it Forward?~ Count us in!

My cat Stella (that's her in her second favorite box) had heard about this Paw it Forward thing going on in the Cat Blogosphere and after she visited Furrydance she decided we needed to be in on the fun too! BTW: Furrydance is where they have the most handsome Devon Rex Mancats (even when one is doing his impression of a Scottish fold)!

So now it’s our turn to have fun pawing it forward to the next animal lover blogger. We’ll send something fun to the first one who posts a comment here saying that they wanna participate in Paw It Forward. In turn, to keep the spirit of Paw it Forward going, you must then post about this on your blog, link to us, and then send something to the first one who signs up to play along with you!

Them's da rules. There’re no cost restraints, BUT don’t go crazy! The little something you send can be something you made, bought, were given or found. Maybe something unique from where you live? And, remember that kindness doesn’t have to involve money; there’re a lot of ways to help others every single day, everywhere you go. Keep the fun going and let us know if you wanna Paw It Forward!!!