Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paw It Forward Presents !

Ms. Stella O'Houligan says "I got presents?" Loco Coco say's "Heeeyyyy, datz for all of us!" (Loco she's not!) Stellie say's "I'M the LEADER, I'LL inspect this to make sure it's safe for you blondie!"

"HEY GUYS!! We have GRASS!!! Get the biped over here to make it!"

"Hummm; catnip ball should go to our newest 'tenant'; she could sure use extra love being parted from her family after 6 years"

Jenga says "Why Thank you Ms. O'Houligan, how positively civil of you!"

Jenga says, "And don't worry about the extra loves, the biped's got that covered!"

All this love & cuddlez from our friends at Furrydance. The card was even personalized with a secret braille message from them. Our hooman squealed at that... little does she know... The alliance is strong. Our hooman said she's making something extra special for the Furrycat dancers and Disco NoFurNo too! She can't disclose here but we've all tested them; & now we will get some too! Rock On~'Nip out!


  1. What great presents you got! You all look like you're having a great time inspecting your loot! And of course the love and cuddlez were the best!

  2. We're glad the kitties all shared in the fun...let us know about the catnip jawbreaker...we never had one before but we love those little "chinese finger trap" kinda toys and grass...well, what's not to like! We are already sniffin the air for a hint of nip in the mailbox?

    Can you read cat braille? I think we said something like "the best gifts are one's you'd buy yourself but give away for others to enjoy..."

  3. Finally! Another person who as much of a cat-a-holic as I am !

  4. Ms. Teri,
    Jenga here; I love the chinese finger trap toy the best too. Biped says the grass is only 1 1/2 inches tall; she says patience is a virtue; I humor her. We cat tribe are all about patience. That's just good hunting skill that is.

    tx again! Makes me feel special to be included at Stella's house.


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