Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some Random Shots


Ollie, I think she can still see you  

ha! I win!  now to Nap!

Some long legged ones

Ms. Stella peruses the installation for sharks!

Ms. Stella says 'is it still there?   Good grief!"

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What day is it?

We only ask cos it's been a few since That Woman has posted anything of note.  

THIS what she's blaming it on today...
(Eli say's to go back a page, he wasn't stopped reading Kozmo's latest adventure in China)
*you'll note she's got the force field up to protect the screen from errant paws of doom (and Ms. Stella's annoyance).  

But really she's just been under the weather since Furrday and is now feeling more alive.  She will return to work tomorrow & WE say it's about time!  Those treats don't buy themselves!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Holy Cats! Advice needed!

Oh Kitties!

We haz a question!

Last night, Elliott came out from behind the couch (near the giant cat tree) dragging his hind leg!  He yowled & hissed!  We immediately ran to him (so did Ollie- so cute!) and I picked him up very gently, when I got him to my lap I had a hand under his chest/rib cage & one hand under his back legs when I heard a 'pop'. 

Both El & I heard it.  It was like when we each do our stretches and our hips will on occassion make that popping noise. 

He stopped hissing and yowling right off after the pop and I continued to massage his leg (and just slobber all over him in general).  I put him down and watched him, he walked fine, a really minor gimp but after an hour he was fine & running through the house after his brother!  I put a stop to that!  I immediately went and laid the big cat tree on it's side so the boyz wouldn't go crazypants and start running up it again like they do at night.  (They weren't happy about this at all but since we had a cardboard box in the living room (it was a small one only 10" high) they seemed happy enough. 

Only thing I can figure is that he was coming off the cat tree & somehow landed badly or struck the small table that is 2 feet from the cat tree on the way down.  By the end of the night he seemed fine but of course I was still quite worried.  I went online & looked up 'hip dislocation' and found a plethera of sad stories of surgeries costing thousands all the way down to 'just keep them quiet in a cage for 6 to 8 weeks and see how they do'. 

Holy cod! 

He is being kept (with his brother) in The Gurls room all day today and since I won't see him until later my worry level is around an 8.  (which is good given that my first instinct was to run off the to 24hr ER place which would have been realllllly pre-mature given his degree of recovery within minutes)  He seems fine.  I am just concerned, I've never had this happen to a cat before.  No idea if it's common (like for us humans) or drastic (like in goggies).

So, I would totally appreciate any advice.  

That Woman  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

That Woman: yes... i nommed the foot with the tiny dot

and surprisingly, all my facial parts are in the same place!

Monday, February 20, 2012

KLounge Visit Final Entry

Baby say's "me ♪♫*¨*&.¸¸ ¸¸.my*¨shadow*♫♪   "

'boop' the nose and it will be the last thing you ever do

Salem: "you don't expect me to get that do you?"
Is there anything cuter that a tuxie???


I just love that tail flip!

Beuuoooootiful Quiet Lion!

A good time (and treats) was had by all!
Thanks Trish & Scott for your gracious hospitality.
We  had a fun time & are glad you liked your 'happy chicken' eggs!
We liked the cinnamon rolls & fudge!  It was a long 5 hours home but we had plenty of sugar!

KLounge Visit Part Three

Hiya KitKats!  Ms. Stella here.
I was perusing some more photos The Gurl took of the KLoungers and found this lovely specimen!
Here he is on his Daddy's desk doing the paperweight thing.
Here he is appearing to be enamoured of The Gurl

He's obviously giving lessons to somecat about the propery rollover
technique of 'Round Cat in Square Hole'

annnnnnd down!  Nicely done!

Love this one!  He's a BIG boy!

Here he is in the penthouse suite!  Oh-La-LA!

And I'm sure his most comfy place is right here in Dad's arms!

And who is THIS charmer?

note the bi-colored whiskers! How rakish! 

Felix wondering how droll the humans attempt at putting a
ginger cat in a cheddar cheese box

Ooo- clean up on in the dairy case!

That's all for today guys.  I'm tired & need to nap on this chilly day.

Friday, February 17, 2012

KLounge Visit Part Two

Here are some shots That Gurl took.   There are quite a few photos so they will be spread over the next couple days for your viewing pleasure. 

This charming, wonderful fellow you will recogonize is Rupert.  He was their constant guide and companion throughout their visit.  If it weren't for his kind instructions they really would have been lost...

oh,excuse me... That was That Woman bestowing smooches, NOT me, Ms. Stella...

Here he is calling their attention to Sweet Pea
it must be said looks
 like a whipped cream dream floating in her hammic
Lovely Girl! 
Let's see what happened then:

That Woman & The Gurl: "Hi Sweetness!  It's lovely to meet you."

SP:  "Oh Hai! Lovely to meet you too. 
Listen, skooch  a bit closer would you? Ok, that's good. I just want to give you some friendly advice. 

 Theres a rather obnoxious tortie-meezer around here who you shouldn't go making friends with really.  Truly, I think she's just out of sorts as she's gotten a bit lately, but she won't ever admit it!  She just takes out her petty ebils on ONLY me!  And I mean really?  Here I am (cue harp music) just minding my own business trying to keep the peace in the Lounge and what do I get for my efforts?  So Missie Torked Tubby Mezzer can just be hissy all over the place?  Really, it's so very un-ladylike. I only warn you for your own good.  Just be careful. OH, and let's just keep this convo between us shall we?  No need getting my Mom  upset by reminding her of her 'ebil stepchild'."

May Ling: "WHA?  HEY!  I HEARDS THAT!!  I'm SO gonna tell... MOOOOM, that flea infested overstuffed, self important feather pillow is talking smack about me again! Slandering my name to our guests!!!  Well, I gotz somefin ta say ta that ya ebil cream puff!


*Mom Trish in Background yelling: "You Drama Queens Knock it OFF or they'll be no treats for either of you!!"

ML: "Ha!  I tole her!  Now I'm gonna take my frusrations out on dis scratchie thing.  *sigh*  wow it's high up here, I better lie down, I don't want to have an accident."

Sweet Pea was heard to mutter: "accident?  you'd just bounce..."


Oh goodness, we'd better let those two be. 
Let's move on and check out the darling Miss Gracie. 

Here is Rupert giving kisses

Melts That Woman's  heart into velvety grey puddles

Well, that's it for now kitties

I gotta go beat The Mutants

Ms. Stella  

Thursday, February 16, 2012

KLounge Visit Part One

Well okay, so this actually took place after the visit given that the humanoids had exchanged cat gifts.  And what wondrous gifts they are!  I will tell you about my favorite toy soon!

KLounge Mom & Dad,   Tricia & Scott surprised my humans with a what appears to be some sort of Chinese cat puzzle box! 

Here I am checking it out.

There's treats in there
I know there are
And my one middle extra long claw of doom was able to deftly and surgically remove them and thus ended my fun with the box.  
It was refilled by the humans and the fuzzy toyz were inserted back into it as well.  And THEN!!

The mutants came

And the games (for us) had begun

I have already explained how dim these two bulbs are and you will see in the following photos.  The conversation happened roughly exactly they way I have written it down here. 

Ollie feels that if he pushes the entire thing around the floor with his face; treats will magically just fall into his mouth...   That woman tried to get a video of me rolling on the floor meowing my fool head off but she is soooooo slow!
Ms. Stella = 1
That Woman = 0

Ollie:  "OOoohhhh,  Hey ELI!!! You can putz your whole armz in dere!!!"

Eli: "'What? There's armz in dere?"

Eli: "OLLIEEEEE!! Push it over to my foots!!!"
Oliver: "Wait,                  what?"

Eli:  "Aa-HA!, WICKED NINJA skillz it's mine! It's MIN...    oh darn, dropped it"

Ms. Stella: "Kitties, I won't repeat the Eli's comments here, they are not fit for bb kitteh earlings"
That Woman: "Well for once Ms. Stella I agree with you, Eli was rather...annoyed."

Oliver: "A.l.m.o.s.t. got...."

Ollie:  "Poor Eli, he got skunked for treats but he got the fuzball out.  It only appears to have cost him several hours of frustration...and his ears."

Ollie:  "I'm eggsas  exxas  pooped!

More tomorrow with photos of the glorious Lounge Cats!
Stay tuned!

Ms. Stella