Monday, February 20, 2012

KLounge Visit Part Three

Hiya KitKats!  Ms. Stella here.
I was perusing some more photos The Gurl took of the KLoungers and found this lovely specimen!
Here he is on his Daddy's desk doing the paperweight thing.
Here he is appearing to be enamoured of The Gurl

He's obviously giving lessons to somecat about the propery rollover
technique of 'Round Cat in Square Hole'

annnnnnd down!  Nicely done!

Love this one!  He's a BIG boy!

Here he is in the penthouse suite!  Oh-La-LA!

And I'm sure his most comfy place is right here in Dad's arms!

And who is THIS charmer?

note the bi-colored whiskers! How rakish! 

Felix wondering how droll the humans attempt at putting a
ginger cat in a cheddar cheese box

Ooo- clean up on in the dairy case!

That's all for today guys.  I'm tired & need to nap on this chilly day.


  1. Stella, I really think you would have had such good time meeting these kitties IN HE FUR if SOMEBODY had actually allowed you to go with them. Great photos and great commentary.

  2. Sooooo, Miss Stella, you think I'm handsome? Well, there's enough Mancat here to go around! Spitty, sorry old buddy, but Sylvester is in da howse!

  3. OMC - Those pictures are so adorable.

  4. Yeah, yeah Sylvester's a hunky guy and all, but Spitty is a *King*. Don't forget THAT!

    Plus, Ms. Stella, you is like a Rose amongst all these ManCats. Your sweet little sleepy smile and delectable toes is irresistible!

  5. fantastic photos! Thank you for sharing! We are still soooooooo jealous that you got to hang out with the Katnip gang!!

  6. Sylvester is very handsome! It's fun seeing the Horde through your eyes although we wish we were seeing them through OUR eyes!

  7. Ha! We think Sylvester and Felix are a couple of flirts!!

  8. Your Person tooks some great shots of two if the cutest katnippers! Thanks for sharing Ms Stella!


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