Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mr. Chewy Delivers The Goods~


I know their tagline is that they deliver Pet Happiness but really?
What they really deliver is Pet Owner Happiness

We were honored to receive a gift certificate to try their services. 
I was a bit hesitant at first given that they aren't offering a 'product' to review.  But holy cats! 
What they do offer is a huge selection of pet food, treats, litter, etc! 

And they aren't kidding when they tell you that if you spend $49 -(really?  Like my monthly PetCo trips aren't at least double that!) -they pay the shipping.  Sweet!

I ordered the Royal Canin SO for bladder health.  Miss Jenga refuses wet food and so I thought I'd try the RC as opposed to the Hill's brand I get at my vets (why? well, my vet doesn't always have the size I need, when I need it prompting me to make more than one trip to them when my errand list for my cats is already quite long) 
So, I chose the RC.  I got an email right away from their extremely nice and courteous staff letting me know I need a prescription for this food. 

I balked.  

Then I kept reading All they asked for was my Vet's name and phone number and/or email.  THEY would do the calling to get the information and fill the order! 

And they DID! 
  The email from my vet saying they would authorize the purchase came well after the email from Mr. Chewy saying the order was filled & being shipped!!!  

I am amazed.  And thrilled.  And I  whole heartedly recommend you try them!  

Yes they gave me a coupon to try them out but DUDES  they totally delivered on every item in record time (two days) and I didn't have to lift a finger!

I will be using them again! 



  1. We love Mr. Chewy too. WE epecially like the free delivery with a $49.00 order since the dry dog food is heavy. And the kitty litter too. Have a great day.

  2. I has heard good things about Mr. Chewy too.

  3. AND--Scouty LOVED the shrimp treats, oh yes he did! One sitting and they were GONE.

  4. Yes, everyone who has used them raves about their service! Oh...tell Stella Disco loves his love letters!

  5. Wowwie! Zowwie! This Mr Chewy sounds like such a great company!
    It is so cool that they called your vet too!

  6. We got a chance to order with Mr. Chewy and we were very impressed! We're gonna order again!!


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