Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Holy Cats! Advice needed!

Oh Kitties!

We haz a question!

Last night, Elliott came out from behind the couch (near the giant cat tree) dragging his hind leg!  He yowled & hissed!  We immediately ran to him (so did Ollie- so cute!) and I picked him up very gently, when I got him to my lap I had a hand under his chest/rib cage & one hand under his back legs when I heard a 'pop'. 

Both El & I heard it.  It was like when we each do our stretches and our hips will on occassion make that popping noise. 

He stopped hissing and yowling right off after the pop and I continued to massage his leg (and just slobber all over him in general).  I put him down and watched him, he walked fine, a really minor gimp but after an hour he was fine & running through the house after his brother!  I put a stop to that!  I immediately went and laid the big cat tree on it's side so the boyz wouldn't go crazypants and start running up it again like they do at night.  (They weren't happy about this at all but since we had a cardboard box in the living room (it was a small one only 10" high) they seemed happy enough. 

Only thing I can figure is that he was coming off the cat tree & somehow landed badly or struck the small table that is 2 feet from the cat tree on the way down.  By the end of the night he seemed fine but of course I was still quite worried.  I went online & looked up 'hip dislocation' and found a plethera of sad stories of surgeries costing thousands all the way down to 'just keep them quiet in a cage for 6 to 8 weeks and see how they do'. 

Holy cod! 

He is being kept (with his brother) in The Gurls room all day today and since I won't see him until later my worry level is around an 8.  (which is good given that my first instinct was to run off the to 24hr ER place which would have been realllllly pre-mature given his degree of recovery within minutes)  He seems fine.  I am just concerned, I've never had this happen to a cat before.  No idea if it's common (like for us humans) or drastic (like in goggies).

So, I would totally appreciate any advice.  

That Woman  


  1. We can't be of any help really, except to feel that if he seems to be OK, the less intervention and testing the better. And then "hold thumbs".

  2. Oh scary that is. I don't think he will need to go to the vet but I sure would write down the date time and symptoms and observations and either call the Vet with that list or wait till he needs to go for another reason.

    I would have been a basket case.

  3. I have had no experience with that either. But in my case, and for my own piece of mind, I'd at least call my own vet just to see what they think.

  4. Holy cod! We haf no idea, but are sending lots of purrs. xoxo

  5. Never heard of it, but kittens seems pretty flexible. Purring he is fine.

  6. Well, our mom is a big worrier. If this happened to one of us, she probably would take us to the vet just to check it out. But we would prefer that she just watched us and see how we did before taking us to the vet. We sure hope Elliot is okay.

  7. Yikes, that sounds scary. I don't have any advice, but I'd maybe check with the vet. It's probably a good sign that he is acting OK, but cats are notoriously good at hiding pain, so... it's hard to say.

  8. Shaggy was hiding one day behind the couch, the place he goes when ever he feels yuccky. That's how we know, because he never goes there otherwise. He had a big abcess that formed on one of his haunches. It was determined that Scout probably bit him on the butt and it got infected. Look for anything like that, Shaggy was really tender.
    Just observe him. If you need to go to your vet just to ease your mind I think it's worth it, especially if it might be a recurring problem and not just an accident.

  9. Oh noes...Coco says that sounds familiar...but she didn't get better. I'd just watch him for now but it might be the kneecap like with Coco...if it is, he will carry the leg tucked up from time to time when the kneecap is out of place and when it pops back in place, he will use it normally. Your vet can feel of it and give you a good idea if that's what it is.


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