Friday, February 03, 2012

Can U Keeps A Secret?

We are very excited. (well, the Royal WE are not excited, but the plebian slaves are excited)  Next week around Thoughtful Thursday, That Woman and The Gurl are making a 4 hour drive to see their Great, Great Grandma and mom in Arizona!!!  Great, Great Gram is 92!   She still Bingo's every friday at the Casino's and enjoys her grandchildren & great grandchildren (and great, great grandchildren) for holidays.

That Woman & The Gurl couldn't make it at Christmastime so they are going now. Mom Milli is, well, she's still young enough it's not polite to say exactly...  Milli is excited too owing to the fact that she has a new rescue goggie name Bijou.  She has cats too and Emu's and all kinds of animals on her ranch.  I love it when they come home with alla different smells!  It takes my poor nose days to recover from alla sniffing.

 whaddaya mean "am I packed?"

But do you know what that means? (Other than the fact that we will all be spoiled rotten by our petsitter)?   Once there they will only be a hop, skip and a jump to the Katnip Lounge!   That's right!  They haz planned to rendezvous secretly and make a donation of two ornj kitties stop to say Hi to the Lounge servants.  They are fairly giggly about this whole adventure.   Even though they will be cheating on alla us, personally I'm happy to have That Woman out from under my four feet.

So we'll be layin off the blog and visiting this week while they gets ready and when they come back (if we let them in...)  That Woman will have plenty to transcribe from my notes as to all the going's on around here whilst they were out philandering! 

Loves & rubs & purrs to alla you! 
C U Soon!
Ms. Stella O'Houligan


  1. Oh sweet Hero of mine..I so wish I could go see the Lounge Cats too. Tell Mom Trish about me please and that I have my own bloggie now. xoxoxox

    I love you sweet Hero so be good and careful while they are gone. Are all of you going to a hotel or is someone coming to take care "wait on" you all? <3

  2. OMC! Most pawsome news ever! Your mom is very lucky, my mom says she's jealous, and so am I, I want to check out that catio!!!

  3. WOW - what a great adventure you are going to have. Can't think of anything more fun than going to the Lounge.

  4. Stella, this could work in your favor....if you know what I mean. MOL!

  5. Wowies kazowies! What an exciting trippie that will be! Oh, Stella, I don't think you can get rid of those orinj brothers that easily!

    Wishing your Mom and gurl a safe and awesome trip. Maybe the Lounge cats will send some nice smelly stuff back with them (like valerian or sumthing).

  6. heh heh. We can't WAIT!

  7. OH MY COD!! What a grand adventure! And it includes a Grandma and the Katnippers!
    We will miss yous next week

  8. That's SOOOOOO a-citing. What a great trip and then the BONUS visit to the Lounge! My Human's got a little bit of jealous. Tell them to give a special pat to The Baby and some nice pets to Salem, okay?

    You kids have fun b=now while they're gone. Will you be having a house-trashing?

  9. How great you are gonna meet the Loungers!

  10. Wow, that's pawsome! Anyone gonna stowaway in a suitcase?

  11. That sounds like incredible fun and good times!Tell your hooman to have a wonderful trip and to remember to sniff a lot of cat nip :p know to enhance the natural high of the trip! :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo


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