Monday, February 13, 2012

On Second Thought

maybe it's good we didn't go with That Woman & The Gurl!

That Woman say's she's got some funny videos of these guys (Emus) taking a bath too.
PLUS a very funny one of a giant pig gettin' a bellie rub.

She'll be posting the photos of the visit with Katnip Lounge soon after they sort thru some
300 images. Good Cod they are nuts!

That Woman said that Gracie was the one she wanted to snuggle into her bag & bring home. SUCH a giant lover kittie!

gotta run, the mutants are out!
(I knew we shoulda sent the mutants to Arizona, I would have LOVED to seen a vid of the Emus eating meeting them!)


Ms. Stella

Most of you who read this blog prolly already know there is an auction going on for Miss Teri & Coco over here:
I've donated a CatNip Quilt.
It's #22 I think. 



  1. Holy SHIRT! We are sooooo glad your peeps didn't bring one of THOSE to visit! Although, we wonder if they taste like chikkun...

    pee ess: Mommy LOVED the eggesess! They are almost all gone already.

  2. I am so glad you had your visit, or your mom, I mean. xoxoxox

  3. Oh! Emu! Wes had Emu! It tastes great! Since wes moved to the country, wes don't gets emu even though there is a whole bunch of them around here. Weird.
    Me can't wait to see the pictures of your Mom's trip!
    PS Happy Valentines Day from Kozmo and me!


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