Thursday, February 16, 2012

KLounge Visit Part One

Well okay, so this actually took place after the visit given that the humanoids had exchanged cat gifts.  And what wondrous gifts they are!  I will tell you about my favorite toy soon!

KLounge Mom & Dad,   Tricia & Scott surprised my humans with a what appears to be some sort of Chinese cat puzzle box! 

Here I am checking it out.

There's treats in there
I know there are
And my one middle extra long claw of doom was able to deftly and surgically remove them and thus ended my fun with the box.  
It was refilled by the humans and the fuzzy toyz were inserted back into it as well.  And THEN!!

The mutants came

And the games (for us) had begun

I have already explained how dim these two bulbs are and you will see in the following photos.  The conversation happened roughly exactly they way I have written it down here. 

Ollie feels that if he pushes the entire thing around the floor with his face; treats will magically just fall into his mouth...   That woman tried to get a video of me rolling on the floor meowing my fool head off but she is soooooo slow!
Ms. Stella = 1
That Woman = 0

Ollie:  "OOoohhhh,  Hey ELI!!! You can putz your whole armz in dere!!!"

Eli: "'What? There's armz in dere?"

Eli: "OLLIEEEEE!! Push it over to my foots!!!"
Oliver: "Wait,                  what?"

Eli:  "Aa-HA!, WICKED NINJA skillz it's mine! It's MIN...    oh darn, dropped it"

Ms. Stella: "Kitties, I won't repeat the Eli's comments here, they are not fit for bb kitteh earlings"
That Woman: "Well for once Ms. Stella I agree with you, Eli was rather...annoyed."

Oliver: "A.l.m.o.s.t. got...."

Ollie:  "Poor Eli, he got skunked for treats but he got the fuzball out.  It only appears to have cost him several hours of frustration...and his ears."

Ollie:  "I'm eggsas  exxas  pooped!

More tomorrow with photos of the glorious Lounge Cats!
Stay tuned!

Ms. Stella


  1. ha ha ha! We are so happy Mommy gave that EBIL thing AWAY. Enjoy it...if you can!

  2. How entertaining ......... for you, Stella.

  3. We gots one of doz puzzle boxes too and we don't see why Teri always snickers when we are trying to retrieve boys are just juvenile delinquents, hahameow!

  4. The Admiral loved loved loved her puzzle box! I have pictures of her with both arms stuck in there AND fer face. Then, she fll asleep. :-)))

    OH NOES! I am going to have a hard time with this word verification thing. It's the pits. Two times..better than 3.

  5. Wowwie! Was they dropped on their heads as kittens?

  6. We got one of those puzzles too...and our mom got the idea of putting treats in it from the Lounge Kats' mom! Oh it is evil!!!

  7. We dunno but we think there's some Lounge cats sighing with relief that you have that thing now!

  8. Looks like everyone had fun with the puzzle thing anyway, whether tehy got it or not, MOL

  9. That thing should be outlawed! We don't our Mommy bringin us one of those! We is glad you are enjoyin the show, Ms. Stella. xoxo

  10. Jenna and Sissy9:26 PM

    Our human thinks you are the most gorgeous orange kitties! Looks like that is very hard work--we hope our human doesn't come up with one of those things!

  11. Wow - a great time consumer. I wonder if the oldies could figure it out or just sleep on top of it.

  12. Hello! Nice to meetcha! Visiting from the Katnip Lounge. You are a bunch of good looking cats, but that evil box!!!!! Stay clear of it, don't be bribed by treats!

  13. I have that game and I love it!

    so glad you had a great visit, what fun! Would love to meet Trish and the Lounge one day!

  14. Yay, Trish from Katnip Lounge sent us. What fun!


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