Friday, February 17, 2012

KLounge Visit Part Two

Here are some shots That Gurl took.   There are quite a few photos so they will be spread over the next couple days for your viewing pleasure. 

This charming, wonderful fellow you will recogonize is Rupert.  He was their constant guide and companion throughout their visit.  If it weren't for his kind instructions they really would have been lost...

oh,excuse me... That was That Woman bestowing smooches, NOT me, Ms. Stella...

Here he is calling their attention to Sweet Pea
it must be said looks
 like a whipped cream dream floating in her hammic
Lovely Girl! 
Let's see what happened then:

That Woman & The Gurl: "Hi Sweetness!  It's lovely to meet you."

SP:  "Oh Hai! Lovely to meet you too. 
Listen, skooch  a bit closer would you? Ok, that's good. I just want to give you some friendly advice. 

 Theres a rather obnoxious tortie-meezer around here who you shouldn't go making friends with really.  Truly, I think she's just out of sorts as she's gotten a bit lately, but she won't ever admit it!  She just takes out her petty ebils on ONLY me!  And I mean really?  Here I am (cue harp music) just minding my own business trying to keep the peace in the Lounge and what do I get for my efforts?  So Missie Torked Tubby Mezzer can just be hissy all over the place?  Really, it's so very un-ladylike. I only warn you for your own good.  Just be careful. OH, and let's just keep this convo between us shall we?  No need getting my Mom  upset by reminding her of her 'ebil stepchild'."

May Ling: "WHA?  HEY!  I HEARDS THAT!!  I'm SO gonna tell... MOOOOM, that flea infested overstuffed, self important feather pillow is talking smack about me again! Slandering my name to our guests!!!  Well, I gotz somefin ta say ta that ya ebil cream puff!


*Mom Trish in Background yelling: "You Drama Queens Knock it OFF or they'll be no treats for either of you!!"

ML: "Ha!  I tole her!  Now I'm gonna take my frusrations out on dis scratchie thing.  *sigh*  wow it's high up here, I better lie down, I don't want to have an accident."

Sweet Pea was heard to mutter: "accident?  you'd just bounce..."


Oh goodness, we'd better let those two be. 
Let's move on and check out the darling Miss Gracie. 

Here is Rupert giving kisses

Melts That Woman's  heart into velvety grey puddles

Well, that's it for now kitties

I gotta go beat The Mutants

Ms. Stella  


  1. heh. Ms Stella, I think you need to come over and give the TWO ebil sisters a going-over...that'll learn 'em!

    xx The Mommy

  2. ok I have been out of the loop because I was out of town for four days and the week before was preparing to leave. Is this your house or somewhere else? It almost looks like Kitty City!

  3. We're so jealous that you got to visit the Lounge! We can't wait to see The Gurl's other photos too!

  4. Wow - you were really lucky to get to visit Trish atg the Lounge. You will be the envy of the entire blogosphere.

  5. I would love love love to see the Lounge and meet Monkat Trish and her hubby and I have to say, more importantly, all of the kittehs. I have loved them a long long time.

    (some one up there IS overhanging the scratchie thingy. Um...well, she is)

    Rupert is so handsome and so perfect. I have admired him from afar and I know my sisfur did.


  6. Wow, you got to meet the Lounge Kats! We are so jealous!!

  7. Oh PLEASE, say it isn't so! My Fangy Grayce kissing Ru Paul??? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  8. Well, that's done it fur sure. Mom's in luf wif Rupert now, too! Great pics!

  9. What fun for us all to be in on your visit to the K Lounge, and to get a visitor's angle on the dynamics round there! May Ling, you are definitely a softig kitteh!

  10. Love the shots and the conversations! Me thinks Mai Ling is very cuddly! And Rupert! I would love to gives him smoochies!

  11. How totally cool to go visit there and see the kitties of the lounge in person!!!


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